For some reason, my husband and I have never been ones to indulge in anniversary presents. I have friends who celebrate monthiversaries with their boyfriends marked with some form of gift exchange and a slap-up dinner out. To be honest James and I can’t really recall when we became a couple so found it difficult to define a date before we got married.

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One thing I do know is today we’re celebrating five years of marriage. 1825 days of being Mrs C and 60 months of being a wife.
According to the folks at Hallmark, I should be passing a piece of wood to my husband today. Yes five years is traditionally celebrated by exchanging wooden mementoes and looking at the little round-up of anniversary gifts I found on Not On The High Street I’m starting to wish we did partake in a bit of gift giving.
While we don’t indulge in anniversary presents we do like to celebrate. Last year we went to Southwold for a night by the seaside, and I’ve mentioned our previous jaunts in a romantic break post too. This year we’re very lucky to be in New York on a long awaited trip to the Big Apple.
We also have three traditions we seem to have become accustomed to; one involves buying a Christmas decoration from the getaway location to remind us of that particular year and the second is snapping a selfie of us holding a photo from the year before. Very Pinterest. The third is a hand typed note using the typewriter we used for our wedding guest book.
I do put a whole load of effort into a heartfelt card to mark the occasion. I used to think James and I had a competition on who could get their mitts on the best card and then James reminded me it was just me who entered in to this contest. What can I say, I like a pretty piece of correspondence. This year I commissioned a stunner of a card from Cheryl Rawlings (as you can see above) and I was tickled pink by the results. In previous years I’ve ordered through the plethora of sellers on Etsy and particularly adored the Em Dash Co custom calligraphy and Constellation Co’s ‘You Are’ cards. I think James kind of liked them too.

So how do you lovely lot mark anniversaries? If you’re in a relationship do you just exchange a card and have a night in? Or do you go all out on the romantic celebrations? Any traditions you have to mark another year together?


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Traditional Anniversary Gifts