One of my favourite pieces of furniture is my “beauty trolley” from Cox & Cox. I love the industrial style and general aesthetic, not to mention the fact it’s very easy to locate any one of my 158 nude-y pink lipsticks and all my make-up looks pretty. It probably won’t surprise many of you to know that as well as being my favourite it is also the least practical when it comes to Madame Mabel. She likes to try and haul herself up on it despite my best efforts of prevention, every morning my cosmetics collection takes some kind of nose dive onto the floor and as well as the state of the carpet, I am also concerned about the safety aspect. A one year old doesn’t understand the sharp edges that are associated with metal, or that not everything is designed as a small person climbing frame.

I have no choice but to move my beloved beauty trolley into the loft until Mabel is old enough for it not to be a potential hazard. The makes me very sad indeed. And I could do with some suggestions on what I could purchase to put in its place.

Ideally I want a mini dressing table, I’m open to suggestions in terms of style and also perhaps putting various bits and bobs together to “create” a kind of dressing table-esque something or other. Ikea do a shelf with draws – I’m thinking perhaps I could use something like this, perhaps with additional floating shelving above?

The only actual *small* dressing table I’ve discovered is this oak veneer number from I quite like the design, I’m just not a fan of the veneer. Does anyone know if you can paint veneer?! It would look much better in grey……

I’m looking for something 80cm in length and no more than 40cm in depth to fit comfortably in the space available, I’ve spied lots of lovely pieces on Pinterest only to be disappointed that they are a) not available anymore b) are not available in the UK

Perhaps I need to think completely outside of the box and um…..make something? (Ahem. Says the least crafty/DIY inclined person ever.)

Do you have a teeny dressing table or small space solution? Any ideas or products you could recommend?