Out of all of the things I had to avoid whilst I was expecting caffeine was the most difficult. I didn’t cut it out altogether (so many conflicting reports on how much you are supposed to have) but I certainly reduced my intake substantially. Which in a way showed me exactly how much I was consuming in any given 24 hour period i.e. A LOT.

Blame it on the long days, lack of sleep and I guess general habit if you will but these last weeks my coffee intake is verging on the embarrassing. I used to be fairly dedicated to drinking lots of water but that’s gone out of the bloody proverbial window. And then I went and bought my husband a Nespresso machine for his birthday. Brilliant work Charlotte, now you have all of those tempting coloured pods to contend with every day. Evian has never seemed so unappealing.

Coffee isn’t good for you is it, for one it stains your teeth (I have a bleaching kit at the ready, just need to get around to using it, last time I did a fortnight stint my smile was so gleaming my Dad warned me I was beginning to look like Simon Cowell… but that’s a story for another day) yet I still seem unable to resist.

I have tried a few alternatives (green tea with honey has probably been the most successful) but nothing has really served as a replacement. I love the smell of it in the morning. I love stopping off at the services on a long journey and purchasing a large latte with a shot of vanilla to go (so much sugar!) and there’s nothing quite like a piping hot mug in bed on a weekend with a pastry.

Yes of course there are decaffeinated versions, it’s just not the same.

Oh dear.

Have you ever succeeded in going cold turkey on coffee? (or tea, I used to drink more but for some reason it has began to taste odd since I’ve had Mabel)

Do you drink “too much”?

Do you care?!

In the midst of hearing how seemingly everything is bad for you I’m accepting coffee is my one major vice.