Excuse my big fat liar pants. I promised we’d have a fashion post each week and then failed at the first hurdle. However today’s post is about clothing storage so it’s kind of fashion related plus interiors too. You see I am really dithering about using one of the bedrooms in my new pad as an open dressing room and could do with gathering a few opinions.

First of all I wanted to say thank you so much for all the comments on my house move. Lolly and I were saying only the other day what a kind and supportive bunch you are and it was very humbling to read through all your responses.
Moving day went really well in the end and dare I say it I actually quite enjoyed it. Although James and I were considering a ‘project’ we actually purchased a beautifully renovated property which is just waiting for us to put our stamp on it. Adam popped by earlier this week to take some before pics which I’ll be sharing in upcoming posts.

Today I wanted to share a sneak peek of one of the bedrooms. For all of you who think we live in beautifully styled homes all the time let me quash the rumour. Yes that’s some Dettol on top of a rickety shelf unit and a duvet cover from 1995 rolled up on top of various packing boxes. Stylish? I think not. However unkempt the space seems now my plan is to turn this room into a super organised and sleek clothes storage place. The bed is staying as we need somewhere for guests to sleep, and we’ll also be adding a bank of drawers across one of the walls to house various jumpers, tops and the like. The wall you you see above is just over two metres from the right hand edge of the door to the fireplace. Hopefully you can also see the room has a pitched roof so the walls either side aren’t tall enough to take on the height of a standard wardrobe. With a window opposite, this wall is the only one which is capable of making any decent hanging space.

As always, Pinterest is to blame. I’ve been curating various photos of impeccably organised closets and walk-in wardrobes and would like to copy. As mentioned the bed will be permanent fixture so it’ll be a multipurpose room functioning as both a bedroom and joint dressing room.


In our old pad, I had a very teeny walk-in wardrobe and James had a free standing rail for all his paraphernalia, therefore the traditional cupboard style wardrobe didn’t feature. In the new house I’m really unsure whether to go for a standard wardrobe or some more elaborate pole and shelf structure. Due to the shape of the room and the position of the roof there isn’t really a way to add in built-ins so we’d have to go for something free-standing.
I was nearly sold on the Ikea Stolmen series but then realised it’s no longer available in the UK. Boo. Then I flitted back to the idea of a wardrobe with doors but feel the odd shape of the room with the angled fireplace might look a bit odd.

I’d love to hear how you store your clobber. Does anyone else have an open solution they can share with me? Is it practical or a nightmare to keep tidy? Do you store your clothes out in the open or firmly behind wardrobe doors? Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.