I can’t get enough of this weather. It feels like a real summer. Waking up knowing you’re guaranteed sunshine for the day is doing wonders for my soul! But with it being so hot it’s important to keep our bodies cool so I’ve put together 15 ways to keep cool in summer.

How to keep cool in a heatwave

1. Stay Hydrated
It’s sounds so obvious but this is a time to really focus on that water intake. When you get dehydrated your body temperature rises so keeping yourself hydrated will naturally keep your body temperature lower. It’s a good excuse to buy a lovely new water bottle. I love these Stay Sixty reusable bottles – they’re made right here in the UK so not only are they eco friendly but they look well cool.

2. Get a cooling towel
Our lovely Lauren is currently 23 weeks pregnant (what… You didn’t know?! You can find out about her journey to motherhood here and if you’re in the same boat check out her latest maternity wear post here). She currently swears but using a wet towel to help keep cool. Placed on certain pressure points you should feel instantly cooler. Submerge your towel (Lauren has this one) in some really cool or icy water then drape over the back of your neck or your forehead.

3. Remember, heat rises
If you have a loft hatch, open it. Heat rises and so you will find your house is cooler because the heat will escape through your loft.

4. Indulge in an ice cream or two
Cold foods will help reduce your body temperature. My top tip is to throw the boxes in your recycling bin that way you will have more room for more ice creams. I have tonnes of Tip Tops in my freezer – they are great for adults and children alike. If you’re wondering what a Tip Top is you might know it as an ice pole (a phrase I’ve learnt since moving to the south east) or maybe you call it a ‘Mr Freeze’. Whatever you call it – its an absolute winner.

5. Keep your feet cool
You don’t need a paddling pool to cool down and with the country trying to save water I’ve seen that certain areas have been advised to avoid filling pools. As an alternative you can grab a bowl, fill it with cold water, put your feet in it and you should feel a cooling sensation immediately. The feet are another of those pressure points that you can use to cool your whole body.

6. Keep your pyjamas on
The temptation to strip it all off when I get into bed is rife but actually some people think that by choosing a light cotton nightie/t-shirt or pyjama set you will actually keep yourself cooler as the cotton will absorb any sweat during the night. This cotton short and vest set is perfect.

7. Be floaty
Keeping your clothing lose and light will help keep you feeling cooler. Something cotton and a bit swishy will help keep air circulating around your limbs – how glam does that sound! Maybe think about replacing your usual office trousers with a simple dress like this from Boden or a pair of culottes like these to keep you cool in summer when you’re in the office.

8. Embrace the BBQ
Your oven will heat up your whole house, or at least make the downstairs way hotter than it needs to be so embrace the bbq and cook outdoors or take advantage of ordering in.

9. Ditch the booze
Only joking – I’d never suggest that on these balmy weekends you don’t have a beer or two but alcohol can cause you to dehydrate quicker so maybe consider a shandy or a spritzer or maybe have water between alcoholic drinks to keep your hydration levels up.

10. Get misty
Spritzing yourself with a mist of water feels lush in the heat and will provide a lovely refreshing, temporary relief. You could get this one from The Body Shop (Who has tried their body yoghurt? Definitely one I fancy trying) – it will be especially cooing with the mint extract or you can create your own by grabbing a spray bottle and filling it with water and keeping it in your fridge.

11. Reduce meal sizes
Not altogether but breaking your food down into smaller more frequent portions rather than having larger meals will help keep you feeling less bloated and therefore cooler.

12. Get your hot water bottle out
So you’ve bought the lush pyjama set mentioned in point 6 but you’re still feeling too hot when you’re in bed. Grab your hot water bottle – it’s probably not hat far away given that 5 week sago it was freezing. Half fill it with water and pop it in the freezer. Take it up to bed with you and your sheets will feel instantly cooler if you pop it in next to you.

13. Open your windows
Obvious I know but really, open as many windows as you can. especially if they’re at opposite ends of your house. The aim is to create a cross breeze so the wind comes in one window with a cool breeze and pushes the warm air in your house out the other. My family bathroom window is directly opposite my landing window and with them both open there is such a cool breeze blowing through the top of the house.

14. Avoid fanning
I mean, I say avoid it but I do love a classic fan. Keep your wrist action minimal to avoid over doing it and I reckon you’ll be ok just don’t fan too rigorously else you risk increasing your body temperate even higher and defeating the object.

15. Spice it up
You might think eating spicy foods is the last thing you’d want to do mid heatwave but actually adding a little bit more paprika to your chilli might serve you well. The spicy foods mean you sweat more which in turns mean you cool down.

So there you have it – follow my 15 steps and you will be as cool as a cucumber. Do you have any to add? How are you coping with the weather?