The last few weeks I’ve been hunting down paraphernalia to go on the walls of our dining room. My only prerequisite was that it couldn’t be a bog standard picture frame. After creating multitudes of gallery walls I’ve got heaps of them about and to be honest I was getting a bit bored of plain black rectangles.

As far as wall decor goes our archives on RMS proved to be a great source of inspiration. Feast your eyes on all these ideas and I’ll end with my plan for the space. I apologise if like me, you got lost in a whole plethora of gorgeousness as I didn’t realise just how many homes we have in our archives.


Top marks go to Hayley Stuart for her ingenious use of wooden spoons on her kitchen wall.


For the ultimate in hunting lodge chic then you can’t go wrong with a pair of antlers. Rebecca has several pairs around her home and has this magnificent set in her snug room.

Curiosity Wall

In our old house I started a wall of curios down an awkward chimney breast in the spare room. I never reached the bottom but liked collecting various treasures to put in place.

Macrame Hanging

In Lisa’s kitchen the macrame hanging adds a glam boho edge to a scandi styled room.

Print Block Shelf

The vintage print block shelf in Katie’s living room is perfect for a slim space and can be dressed with any amount of mini trinkets. Equally it looks just as beautiful with just a few pieces to really show off the intricacies of the cubbies.

Quirky Shelving

Charlotte is the queen of a quirky display and this adds so much personality to her ex-council house (I know, we couldn’t believe it either) with picture ledges and unconventional shelving.


The planter in my snug is propped on a picture ledge against the wall but would look equally good nailed on. Image by WE ARE // THE CLARKES.

Word Garland

Hanging a garland of some description is a sweet way to bring in personality to the space. Over at Allison’s house the letter banner is perfect to fill a large space.

Poster Hanger

In our spare room I’ve used the Desenio Poster Hanger as an inexpensive way to hang artwork. I toyed with this idea for the dining room too but as I have a hanging bus blind in there too I decided against it.

I love the prints Charlene has hanging in hers in the living room too. The palm print is on my wish-list.


Over at Kate’s House, this super sweet pennant from Darwin & Grey hangs in the bedroom. The round hooks are such a whimsical touch too. Personally I’ve got my eye on the Yorkshire banner for my pad.


On one wall in our dining room I’ve replicated a similar set-up to my hall with various hooks to hang bits and pieces from. {Image by Little Beanies}.


I dithered over buying the neon sign in our bedroom but I’m so glad I did. It looks cute on a plain wall but with a vibrant wallpaper behind it could look epic.


Propped against a wall, Rebecca’s shutters are absolutely stunning and turn a blank wall into a focal point.

Scaffold Board

Also at Rebecca’s, we love how an old reclaimed scaffold boards has been brought back to life as a jewellery hanger. Perfect for a slim space in need of extra storage.

In the end I remembered I have a rabbit plate I bought from H&M many moons ago that used to hang over the sofa in our old house so I’m thinking of creating a wall of plates. I’ve got my eye on this vodka one from Rockett St George which I think would really work with the bar tray I have set up.
Sofa with wall of plates and vintage pictures

So that’s your lot. What do you put on your walls? Any other ideas you’d like to share?