Winter Textures & All The Cosy Feels

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I’m one of those people who really likes winter. Aside from the inevitable wind-chapped cheeks and the occasional requirement for some less-than-sexy thermals, I love everything associated with the colder months.

I even like January. There I said it, I hope we can still be friends.

New year, new opportunities, I like to think of my mug of hot chocolate as always half full (mainly with marshmallows) rather than half empty.

Not only do I usually invest in more fashion come the end of November in comparison to Spring and Summer, I also seemingly change up my interior decor to compliment the drop in temperature. When it’s howling winds and rain outside who doesn’t love sitting on the sofa with a luxe cosy throw and your feet up on a knitted pouffe whilst reading a good book? For the record, I also like to be accompanied by one of those tins of posh biscuits from M&S.

One of the first textiles I purchased recently was a beautiful Maroq cushion from Cox & Cox for the new baby’s nursery (you can see the start of it in the header image above). It has such a heavy luxurious woven fabric and even though the grey or the mustard would be more traditionally seasonal shades, I actually went with the rose hue to brighten things up a bit.

I am currently after a blanket or throw for the living room, I’ve settled for a H&M number for now which is ok…..but I can’t help feeling it’s cheap rather than cheerful if I’m honest. I have my eye on a chunky cable knit from M&S or a colour block design with both blush and navy accents.

I am also obsessed with the Avoca wool Herringbone throw and the Folklore Welsh Knit, both from John Lewis. Regarding the latter, the colours wouldn’t work anywhere in my house at all but I’m definitely feeling the Christmassy vibe from it and perhaps a little nostalgia for my Welsh heritage.

On the pouffe front, I’ve had the grey round one from M&S on my wish list forever. Or at least since I saw Lisa had it and wanted to copy. We currently have a rather unattractive bulky IKEA thing that my husband hogs and this is so much more chic. Not to mention the fact it takes up relatively little space in your living room.

I felt like the uncoolest person on the planet when I had no idea what “THE instagram rug” was that the rest of the team were discussing – apparently it’s the Afar Berber from la Redoute. There is currently 40% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY but if I’m honest, I prefer the Nevio Graphic Design.

With a distinct amount of mustard appearing in my list of textile desires, you would think I’d also manage to ignore the fact it doesn’t suit my skin tone at all and taken the plunge with some brown/yellow wardrobe staples. Well, not quite but almost. If I wear a bright lip I can just about get away with the most gorgeous mustard scarf from New Look, with coral stripes AND grey ombre….it’s like all the cosy feels dreams come true for £14.99.

You need one.

I have also purchased a similar but more pastel hued herringbone scarf from ASOS as a gift for a few friends this year.

Do you embrace winter? Have you ever been tempted to change up your textiles to suit the season?

  • La Redoute Nevio Rug
  • La Redoute Berber Rug
  • Cox & Cox block print throw
  • M&S Cable Knit Throw
  • ASOS Herringbone Scarf
  • M&S Pouffe
  • John Lewis Folklore Welsh Knit
  • John Lewis Avoca Herringbone Check Throw
  • New Look Check Print Scarf
  • Cox & Cox Maroq cushion
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15 thoughts on “Winter Textures & All The Cosy Feels

  1. I feel a bit weird knowing that I have THE Instagram rug and have done for over a year – albeit the black one with the white pattern… I also haven’t instagrammed it once… Oops!

  2. I have the Instagram rug too haha! It is such good quality for the price and I have also just invested in another LaRedoute rug the Louka Berber Style which I think I love even more!! x

    1. I’ve never bought anything from La Redoute Sarah – yet lots of the team have and say what good quality the stuff is. I feel a shop coming on! x

          1. Ha ha isn’t there?! I bought my bowls from Denby I had wanted for ages at 50% off in Debenhams today, I never thought I would be so excited about discounted crockery! 🙂

  3. As usual, I want everything you’ve mentioned! But that gorgeous cushion in particular. Should probably also point out that those lovely scarves are even cheaper as Asos has 20% off everything until Tuesday x

  4. Oh I do love being cosy on the couch with a hot drink! And I have a weakness for cable knit things. I also still want that pom pom blanket from M&S, but the dry cleanin puts me off…

    1. I would much rather something I could shove in the washing machine. The pom pom throw from M&S is lovely though Anja, I have a similar design but from Oliver Bonas for Mabel’s room x

    1. Ooooh I will!!!!!!!! We moved away from being 5 mins from a Home Sense so I don’t get to go as often as I used to. It’s great for Christmas decorations too x

  5. I love winter but am such a skint flint… I’m the opposite you and drop my dollar on all things summer (I always have, it paid back when I lived in Australia but now I have a wardrobe of very much loved but very much useless stuff!) I find that good winter items come at a much higher price tag and I can never decide… I wish I could drop the dollar on boots or commit to the right camel wool coat… I basically love love love maxmara for all things winter and I’m sure if I invested in some of those I won’t ever feel “but what if I should have invested in rag and bone or all saints jacket” – the choices are much more complex in winter. And same for home decor stuff…! I just love the Moroccan wedding stuff in Monsoon which I think your lovely Lauren has (or she might have the very sold out M&S Moroccan blanket)

    Please can you come and style me and my home for winter!!!!


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