The Breton Top
The Breton Top
Breton Am I French Yet Top from ASOS
The Parka
The Parka
Noisy May Parka Coat from ASOS
The Ballet Flat
The Ballet Flat
Lightening studded ballet flat shoes from ASOS
The Fine Knit
The Fine Knit
Fine knit layering cardigan from T by Alexander Wang at The Outnet
The Trench
The Trench
Kooples wool Trench coat with leather detail
The Winter Floral
The Winter Floral
Topshop Woodland print bib dress
The Camisole
The Camisole
Jigsaw lace modal vest in plum and pale grey
The Dress
The Dress
Topshop grey rib dress with long sleeves
The Suede Boot
The Suede Boot
Tulsi Vegan suede boot at Free People - Lambert by Matisse Coconuts
The Henley Top
The Henley Top
Free People Henley top in taupe

Winter Essentials…And Black Friday Bargains?

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting through pretty much everything I own. I wouldn’t go as far to say I have completely Marie-Kondo’d my life, neither am I ever going to be the owner of a “capsule wardrobe” but I did manage to remove an entire bin-bag full of un-worn clothing from my wardrobe, a smaller bag of lingerie and several pairs of shoes.

We also took another 6 or 7 bags of various items from the loft which were supposed to go “to the charity shop” actually to the designated recycling/clothing banks in the village next to ours. I still have some way to go (my large walk-in cupboard full of books, magazines and beauty products will need an entire weekend dedicated to it’s transformation) but there is no denying I’m feeling much….lighter. I can actually see each item that was once buried in a crumpled pile as it’s now hung neatly in my tidy closet. And I want to wear every single piece. The only problem is….I actually chucked quite a few necessary key pieces away, I was surprised at how tatty and worn some things had become, especially knitwear and tops. The majority I’ve now had for at least 3 winters – this would be my forth, and wearing cardigans and jumpers through the latter stages of pregnancy and then around a newborn means they are stretched and faded from multiple wash cycles and as a result are all rather tired looking.

As a result I compiled myself a list of essential replacements. And then the list kind of grew a bit…you know, just to lovely things I want rather than ahem, need. Some of the stuff listed below I have already invested in, others I’m hoping for some amazing Black Friday discounts tomorrow because my plastic has taken such a severe bashing. Do let me know what you’ve purchased recently, what you feel is a winter “essential” and what you have your eye on in preparation for the imminent sales in the comments box below.

Also, apologies for the sea of grey, it’s my favourite admittedly but it’s been difficult to purchase anything in brighter hues this season, has anyone else found this to be the case?!

The Breton Top {ASOS £16.00}

This is what Becky and I say to each other most days “Am I French yet”? not least because of our vast consumption of croissants and penchant for Chanel lipsticks. I love this cute striped top from ASOS, I have it poised in my virtual basket ready for tomorrow.

The Parka {Noisy May £75.00}

I bought a Parka from Zara last Autumn so I can’t really warrant another one…..but I love the pale khaki fishtail style of this design by Noisy May. I’ve told myself I will consider it ONLY if it’s discounted massively. I didn’t promise though. Because every time I think about it I truly believe it should be mine.

The Ballet Flat {ASOS £28.00}

If there are any of these left as you read you might want to put these studded “lightening” flats from ASOS straight in your basket – an excellent copy of a certain YSL design and a favourite with the fashion bloggers of instagram. They sold out within hours apparently so they have very recently bought them back into stock – I would take bets on these NOT being included in the Black Friday reduction madness.

The Fine Knit Cardigan {T By Alexander Wang £89.71}

This fine knit cardigan by Alexander Wang was one of those “not sure I can justify the price” pieces. I love the brand, I have a long sleeved maxi and a couple of T-shirts that I have worn to death and still look brand new, but almost a hundred quid…..for a cardigan?. The Outnet is awesome, some of my most asked-about fashion is designer garb I’ve found at a steal from there. And actually, if you look at the price points of places such as All Saints and Whistles, this was in line with that. At least that’s how I justified it to myself anyway. I actually like to wear it with the buttons done up over a vest top as a kind of slouchy sweater.

The Trench Coat {The Kooples £495.00}

I know, spendy spendy…..but it’s so beautiful. And I managed to persuade my long suffering husband to buy it me as an early Christmas gift (well, due to the price it will be my ONLY Christmas gift) and I plan on wearing it for years. The leather detailing on this Kooples wool trench is very chic and I actually have it in yes you guessed it, grey. I could only find the image of the black on the website but they definitely have alternative colours in store.

The Winter Floral {Topshop £48.00}

I really get my wear out of a floral frock in winter, perfect for festive parties and for just when you want to feel well, not so drab I guess. I have quite a collection from Reformation but I have to say, this Topshop Woodland print bib-front style is excellent quality and hangs really well. It is fairly sheer though – so I would recommend a black slip or thick tights underneath to protect your modesty.

The Lace Camisole {Jigsaw £20.00}

For dressing up I’m generally a skinny jeans, blazer and camisole type of girl and this modal vest from Jigsaw is understated yet pretty with it’s delicate lace edging. There are lots of colours to choose from and for the princely sum of twenty pounds you can probably treat yourself to more than one….

The Throw-On-Wear-Anywhere Dress {Topshop £26.00}

In winter I like a simple long sleeved dress to wear with black opaques and ankle boots, this ribbed Topshop number skims rather than clings and can be dressed up with layering necklaces and a leather jacket.

The Suede Boot {Free People £78.00}

I take no responsibility for the recommendation of these leg-lengthening cowgirl-esque super comfortable beauties. After my specific boots feature last month a lady called Lynsey left a note in the comments section saying I needed them. She was right. I did. And now I have them in both the saddle shade and the black……the Vegan Tulsi Tassel Boot is available at Free People.

The Henley Top {Free People £68.00}

After perusing the Free People site and seeing all the wonderful things this Blue Moon Henley in particular caught my eye. I love the laid-back bit tucked in/rest hanging out type vibe (I’ll admit to struggling with this on a whole actually – anyone else feel it takes bloody ages to get the so called casual “look” of this right?!) and the good news is, even though I have it in taupe, a gorgeous Indigo shade and a rich aubergine hue is also available.

Happy shopping folks!

P.S If you missed it last week, Adam shared some great pieces for men too!

  • ASOS Striped Tee
  • We The Free Blue Moon Henley
  • Studded Ballet Flats
  • Woodland Floral Print Dress
  • Trenchcoat-style wool coat
  • Modal Lace Trim Vest
  • Knitted cardigan
  • Noisy May Miss Parka
  • Vegan Tulsi Boot
  • Long Sleeved Ribbed Tunic Dress
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19 thoughts on “Winter Essentials…And Black Friday Bargains?

  1. Ooooh, I do like them boots! The only trouble is I’m yet to find a single pair of ankle boots that will suit my sausage legs. I’ve been shopping for ankle boots for the past three seasons always concluding that they’re not for me. I think I always struggle with the whole chunky ankle bit but with the cut out at the front I might give these a go – would you say the fabric feels ok? Some of the reviews seem to suggest it feels a bit cheap…

    1. Hi Kat, I always go for a dip front as I have short legs so they lengthen them – definitely worth a go. I would say the fabric feels fine for the price – I haven’t noticed it to be any cheaper than any other suede pieces I own anyway x

  2. Oh wow, I love the Parka AND the boots AND I have a shopping basket full of stuff at Zara!!!!! … and I’ve not bought a single Christmas present yet!

    Yikes! *steps away from the laptop!!!

    1. Emma Yay!!!! Finding stuff for other folks to buy is even marginally more fun than buying stuff for myself 🙂 x

  3. My best recent fashion finds are these jumpsuit dresses from Zara. They’re genius. I love wearing dresses and short styles suit me better but crawling around after my 9 month old little explorer means I need something that covers my my backside as I’m bent over approximately 90% of most days. The dress at the front, shorts at the back style works a treat. Teamed with black tights these are my idea of winter wardrobe perfection.

    1. Laura how clever! How did I not know about this item?! Lolly and I were only saying yesterday we can’t believe how much your clothes get trashed from crawling around on the floor…..I think we may need these jumpsuit/dress hybrids! x

    2. Laura I totally kept meaning to say how fab you looked in this at the weekend & what a fabulous approach to maintaining fun mum and fashionista status. Simply brilliant! Xxx

  4. RMW you guys are such enablers 🙂 that trainer post last week resulted in a pair of knitted Converse and now I am sure I *need* that topshop dress in my life…

  5. THESE BOOTS!!!! Omg they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for for the last three months!! So in love, thank you so much for posting these ???

    1. Hannah I saw what you said on instagram and it made my day – I too have been looking for boots like these now my River Island pair are basically so battered they are embarrassing to wear (!) it’s really thanks to reader Lynsey who recommended them a few weeks back, she’s helped so many ladies on their quest for tassels!

      1. They were just TOO good to keep to myself. These are my favourite boots. ? Instantly dress up an outfit but comfortable enough to wear all day long.

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