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Author: Naomi Liddell

I was ready to leave the house last week with both kids in tow when I stepped out, baby capsule in hand, Ethan tailing behind me, coats on and ready to lock the door… Then I realised I needed to defrost my car. Words cannot describe how much I loathe this task at the best of times, let alone when I was feeling moderately empowered at my ability to get the three of us out the door on time (for once) and I could NOT find the de-icer. 

After a brief internal meltdown and regroup, I vowed that I would get myself all organised and make sure the hall cupboard was winter ready. So I’ve taken inventory of wintery car guff, winter boots, hats, scarves and gloves. Much to my dismay… I found three of my gloves. From three different sets. And I cannot for the love of fig rolls, find the matching glove for any of them. And if you’re anything like me… You wear seasonal clothes to death so you’re only left with bobbly remnants of hats and scarves come the following year. So we’re going shopping friends. I’ve rounded up my current fave winter accessories. Spend, Save, Splurge style. 

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While I am a fan of a winter fedora and wish I could pull off a beret (especially this blush one), I have focused on the old faithful beanie/bobble hat with this edit. Because if we’re talking wrapping up for winter, it’s the best way to keep the ears warm (Granny Anne here). Oh and on my internet travels, I did spot the return of the captain’s cap trend from the 90’s. But I’m not too sure how I feel about that one. 

Spend – Well we have to start off with this Accessorize Rainbow Hat, although I do also like the fluffiness of the pompom on this mustard one. A little more spendy is this Barbour bobble hat, but I absolutely LOVE the hue of grey and the slightly lilac pom-pom. 

Save –  This double pompom number from George at ASDA is cute, I only wish came in more colourways. There’s something quite fun about sporting a couple of bobbles instead of the usual one. And this Matalan cream cable knit with contrasting faux fur bobble is a steal at £6!

Splurge – Hats seem to all fall in and around the same price range… Unless you go cashmere. And If you are going to go cashmere, then this black with multicoloured fleck beanie from Hush is exactly the one you should buy. 

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There’s not a huge variation in glove styles out there. You’re either going for traditionally patterned or plain woollen gloves, or you’re sporting a leather/suede look (faux or real). But here are a few of the pairs I’m considering for myself (to replace the three I can’t match up!)

Spend – If there’s a clothing company renowned for excellent quality outdoorsy products, it’s probably Patagonia. I also love their brand ethos. These grey fingerless mittens are perfect for the dexterity required to plug in children’s car seats (and scroll through Instagram!) and the little side clip means I’m unlikely to encounter the same headache of losing a single glove.

Save – For a fancy looking non-leather option, these grey button gloves from George at ASDA are a nice departure from the typical black. 

Splurge – I do love a black leather glove. But what I don’t love is the fact that they rarely stretch up over my wrist properly, leaving me with a small strip of freezing cold exposed skin. Not with these bad boys from & Other Stories. Ideal for when the freeze comes or you know you’ll be out all day at a Christmas market. Stylish meets practical (and warm).

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Spend – Who doesn’t want to go outside effectively wrapped in a giant colourful fluffy blanket? I own a few Accessorize scarves and the quality is excellent! I’m seriously thinking of adding this one to my collection. 

Save – Sometimes I think budget scarves can be quite easy to spot, but you would never know that this beautiful grey and blush pinstripe Boohoo scarf cost a mere £12. 

Splurge – I couldn’t narrow these two down. This & Other Stories scarf is definitely making it onto my Christmas wish list. If you have a scarf-lover to buy for this Christmas, I think it would be perfect for most complexions. If you really want to push the boat out, however, this classic Jigsaw cashmere herringbone piece would make the perfect luxe gift.

So which winter accessories do you think will make it onto your shopping list? 
Do you have any others I should consider before I checkout my shopping cart(s)? 🙂

Naomi loves daytime baths, learning things and rock music.
(Oh and her kids. She loves them too)
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8 thoughts on “Winter Accessories Edit

  1. My ten year old also has three single gloves floating around the hall at the moment. Really like the leather gloves and the beret. Can’t get on board with the double bobble hat. Just makes me think of… a certain male body part!

    1. Oh god that gave me a good giggle. You know I wouldn’t mind sporting a couple of pompoms, but I’d rather they were a pastel colour.

  2. Investing in a car cover was the best thing I ever did. The mild inconvenience of putting it on at night and then pulling the thing off and shoving it in the boot or a box in the front garden is nothing compared to the pain of defrosting the car every morning.

  3. Oooh I love a good selection of winter warmers!! I have an ancient beanie thing from Reiss, it is fluffy, I think Angora, and super snuggly. The only problem is that it moults all the fluffy stuff into my eyes when I wear it and I spend ages try to fish the little hairs out again. But I love it so I haven’t managed to change it out yet… Maybe this is the year, I’m tempted by your selection and I do love those plain ones with a bright pompom so I shall investigate… I wear scarves all year round, honestly I’m ridiculous, so I have quite a few but I tend to splurge properly on cashmere and silk types. My favourite is an old Liberty silk and wool one at the moment, a lovely dark purple colour. Highly recommend if anyone fancies a proper splurge (ever the enabler sorry!!). As for gloves leather all the way. But they have to be lined properly otherwise the tips of my fingers get cold. I just can’t get on with woollen ones, my fingers just don’t seem to stay warm at all but maybe that’s just me… Again, splurge and use for years and years, seems to help me justify the initial outlay at any rate. Although I know what you mean about the wrist gap. Thanks for all the ideas!!

    On another note what do people do in the rain? As someone who has spent all of my life in this country I should have it sussed by now, but I’m just not an umbrella lover, fighting with the wind and ending up with a damp shoulder in order to have one small enough to easily fit in a handbag. Do you wear a hat? If so what sort? Or a coat with a hood? I’m not really a hooded coat person, or at least haven’t found the right one yet. What to do… All ideas gratefully received!!

    1. Haha Annie… The tiny hairs in the eye thing. So true. And stuck in your lipstick.
      As for rain. I have a beautiful fitted French Connection rain jacket, they don’t sell it anymore, but it had a good hood that goes right down over my forehead.

      Umbrella wise. This guy… The best umbrella that ever existed.

  4. I always struggle with hats, my boys always tell me off for not wearing one and I am starting to think I should invest in one so that I dont look like a hypocrite! Love the Asda one such a barg, will have to grab one next time I am shopping. Thanks for all this info so helpful!!

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