Is Black the New White?

Windows, Doors and Extensions: Is Black the New White?

Author: Lisa Soeno

Way back when in 2016, when I first started working for Rock My Style, I was wary of using the colour black in my home. (Wearing it was a different matter: it’s definitely the predominant colour in my wardrobe). But when it came to using black in the home, it felt too bold and stark and in-yer-face. Well I must have picked up a few styling tips from all the beautiful home tours that we’ve featured on the blog since then, ‘cos I’m now a sucker for a beautiful matt black vase or a thin-rimmed black mirror (the Chiltern mirror from The White Company has been in my online shopping basket for EVER), and black accessories have started to pepper themselves around my kitchen and bedroom.

And my boldest design decision ever may be on the horizon, as the next step in my kitchen makeover (the slowest kitchen renovation ev-uh) is going to be replacing the patio doors…and I’m thinking BLACK. So when an email from Westbury Garden Rooms dropped in to my inbox I was all ears, and I spent ages oohing and ahhing over some of the homes Westbury have transformed. Westbury design, plan, manufacture and build THE most beautiful extensions, and they reckon that black is the new white when it comes to windows, doors and extensions.

Westbury Garden Rooms Case Study #1 {Kitchen Extension to an Edwardian Property}

There is nothing not to love about this open-plan kitchen extension. The contrast of the white on the interior part of the doors against the black on the exterior; the matching inky kitchen cabinets; and the way the extension has been framed and given the wow factor by the steps leading out onto the garden.

Westbury Garden Rooms Case Study #2 {Extension to a Period Vicarage}

The two gable ends and the detailing on the joinery for this Westbury project have enhanced the charm of this period property, and the choice of a slate roof with black joinery for the storm damage roof repair was pure genius. One of my worries about going to the dark side was that black patio doors might look odd next to existing white windows, however this is an example of how it can be done beautifully. Again, the interior part of the doors are white, ensuring that the room is light, bright, and airy.

Is Black the New White? The Pros of Dark Painted Extensions, Windows and Doors

– Dark exteriors are striking, stylish and dramatic. They’re such a design statement that you don’t necessarily need any other accessories or finishing touches.
– Dark colours they will hide a multitude of sins, such as strange architectural quirks or the gritty marks that rain can leave behind.
– Dark tones tend to be pretty neutral, so will mesh nicely with whatever’s around them: be it brick, metal or stone, and flowers of all tones will pop against a dark backdrop.
– Similarly, blacks and charcoals look SO good against the greens of a garden. When I painted my garden shed a deep grey it made the grass and shrubs look lush and an even greener green.
– IMHO black windows, doors and extensions look more expensive than white ones. (The white patio doors in my kitchen which need replacing were here when we moved in; they are UPVC and the cheapest of the cheap even you need to consider security screen door price. Thanks for that, new homebuilders. Give me some sleek, luxe-looking doors like the Westbury ones above any day).

Is Black the New White? The Cons of Dark Painted Extensions, Windows and Doors

– Dark-coloured extensions are more likely to fade over time. Well this was one of my worries, but according to Westbury this is no longer always the case. They use specialist paints that have more pigment in them than found in your standard high street paint, which ensures that the depth of colour stands the test of time.

Have you installed black windows and doors, or painted your existing windows and doors black? Or maybe you’ve gone for a black extension? Would you agree that black is the new white?

This post was sponsored by Westbury Garden Rooms, but you know us, we would only talk about things we like.

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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15 thoughts on “Windows, Doors and Extensions: Is Black the New White?

  1. I’m not sure if I am sold on the black. I have seen a few buildings that have gone to the darkside on their exteriors but I find they can really stand out and look quite blocky. I’d love to see something a bit softer than full black.

    1. I think it can look blocky, but when done sympathetically it can be really beautiful. I also reckon you’ve got to go for it and something softer might be wishy-washy?! All a matter of personal taste I suppose 🙂

  2. I really like black extensions! But was always put off by how it would look from the inside. Never thought about just having the interior doors and windows painted white 🤦🏼‍♀️. Looks great.
    It looks particularly beautiful against the red brick. We have a white rough cast on our house and I can’t decide whether black would look awesome of awful against it!

    1. I’m having exactly the same conundrum Naomi! We are hoping to do some renovation work to give us a large kitchen diner space this year, and I’ve fallen in love with crittal doors (naturally, because we can’t afford them. But I’m hoping to find a more financially viable alternative). I love the look of the black steel, but our house is rendered and we were thinking of painting it white when we potentially do some additional work on extending in a couple of years time. The black will work with the colour of the house currently, but I just can’t decide if the contrast is going to be too stark if we go white further down the line…

      This home improvements malarkey is riddled with tough decisions. It’s a nightmare for captain indecisive over here!! x

      1. Another captain indecisive over here too Emma. I change my mind about kitchen tiles on a daily basis … hence slowest ever kitchen renovation x

      2. Emma if you follow my friend @victoriaroadrestoration you installed some ‘frittle’ on some internal doors as they couldn’t afford to have it throughout. Definitely worth a look – I;m sure there is a highlight in her stories about how they did it x

    2. My MIL has a white rough render thing on the outside of her house and recently put in dark grey windows etc (white on inside, dark almost charcoal on the outside) and it looks AMAZING. Totally transformed the house and makes it look so much cleaner (in look, not actual cleanliness!). Definitely consider it Naomi!! Although I think the dark grey is slightly less harsh than the black…

  3. I really love black and always want to add it to my rooms – everything looks a bit wishy washy without it. I have thought of this the other way round, so black on the inside and white on the outside, to fit in more with their surroundings and other houses. Kate from mad about the house often talks about painting interior window frames a dark colour to frame the view outside.

    I think the black looks amazing with period houses and attractive brickwork. But having said that, the photos I see often have attractive planting around, nice gardens or patio and they all add to the appeal. I don’t know how it would look on a more stark building with less plants on a dull winters day. I definitely don’t think it would work well on my 50s council house. We have white upvc and I can’t see that changing. I remember when those dark grey upvc frames became popular and ‘modern’. I quite liked them at first but quickly got over them. I think they’ll look really naff and dated very soon as dark grey everything falls out of favour. I think if you are stuck with a fairly unattractive exterior and upvc windows then white is the safest option.

    1. Dark on the inside and light on the outside: hadn’t thought of this either!

      Yes the type of property definitely plays a part x

  4. We replaced all our white UPVC windows with windows that are black aluminum on the outside and natural wood colour on the inside. They are from a company called Velfac (who I would not recommend) but the windows are beautiful and sleek – I’m sure there is another company that does something similar who don’t have such horrid customer service. The outside black frame look nice against our cream render – in my opinion white UPVC against cream looked a bit “dirty” against cream. Windows are definitely a minefield…

    1. We have coloured outer windows. The Halo heritage range. UVPC but you can’t tell as they are sash flat and wooden joinery corners (what can I say? I’m a fussy moo). We went for F & B French Grey against white render. For the extension, we are going timber framed. It’s an 1830s cottage though so it needs sympathetic updating.

      Personally I think black and grey will look dated in 5-10 years. It’s fine with wooden windows you can paint but extensions are there for a lot longer!

    2. Hi there Bridget

      Your situation sounds similar to mine 😉
      I’m considering window choices right now and love the idea of the flush UPVC windows. Our home is a 1930s ish bungalow with cream render. We were thinking black on the exterior but repainting the masonry more of an off white than the cream. Then we still have the decision as to what to go with on the interior…white or black. Just can’t picture it all. To play safe or not!!
      Please could you post a pic or link to an Instagram account etc if you have one so I can see what you have done?
      Thank you, Jenny xx

  5. Great blog and photographs! I think you’re blog actually demonstrates that black, rather than being the new white, works really well with white. They balance one another out beautifully. And people are less afraid of incorporating black in their homes.

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