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Win A {Super Stylish} Digital Radio

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I have never owned a proper fancy digital radio and it was one of the items on my wish list for my spare-bedroom-transformed-into-a-home-office (coming soon!). I hadn’t really had a butchers at what was on offer and then the folks from View Quest offered to send me one of their “Hepburn” models for review. Lucky me.

The radio is very lovely to look at, retro styling with a generous helping of leatherette – the Hepburn retails at £129.99 and I have to say you do get what you pay for, super impressive sound quality as well as a sexy interior accessory. The radio’s bluetooth speaker features DAB and DAB+ so you can listen to your favourite digital stations in the UK or across Europe (depending on regional coverage). If you do not have digital coverage simply switch to FM radio. If you want to access your own music library on your smart device you can do so via Bluetooth connectivity or the 3.5mm aux input to connect any other audio device. Cool eh?

As well as sending me a freebie View Quest are also offering a Hepburn to one of you gorgeous folk, in the colour of your choice. I have the brown version but there are 11 shades to choose from so you can be as matchy matchy as you please or inject a bold hue into an otherwise neutral backdrop (the red is amazing but I am also very fond of the bubblegum pink…)

To win I thought we could have some Friday fun and share our favourite “guilty pleasure” tune. View Quest will then pick their favourite and send you your prize direct, an early Christmas present if you will. When you’ve got a minute have a peek at all of the functionality of the Hepburn radio on the View Quest website and leave us your song choice in the comments box below! Shall I begin? I have been quite partial to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” as one of my tracks to work out to, it puts me in the right mood to tackle one of Tracy Anderson’s dance routines. In fact, I might even buy her latest album. (Shhhh, don’t tell my husband.)

Good luck everyone and happy Friday!

The competition closes at Midnight on the 28th November 2014.

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106 thoughts on “Win A {Super Stylish} Digital Radio

  1. Ok here goes…
    Two of mine currently are:
    Wilson Phillips – Hold on (when i’m ‘Home Alone’ I may sing into hairbrush and dance around our bedroom)

    My other is probably less guilty pleasure more ‘feel good’ Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson – My hubby to be and I will be dancing to this in two weeks at our wedding!!

    Cant wait to see the others and make a playlist of them all!!
    Have a good weekend,

    Clare xx

  2. Good choice Charlotte! My little boy Charles and I often have a good dance around the room to ’99 Red Balloons’ by Nena! Can’t beat a bit of 80s euro pop!

  3. I have too many guilty pleasures when it comes to songs, but top of the list has to Meatloaf ‘I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

    It’s a song that brought me and my now best mate together – that and cheap wine at uni…!

  4. Ooo, super cute. My current favourite song is Sam Smith’s version of Ry X’s Berlin. It stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. It absolutely haunting. I also have a bit of a thing for Shake it Off though too … my kids love to dance round the kitchen to that one.

  5. This is such a stylish radio, I love it. Great that it’s blue tooth too. The guiltiest of my guilty pleasures is probably “It’s all coming back to me now” by Celine Dion. The build up is very dramatic! I have definitely sung along whilst hoovering…maybe a bit of arm waving too….Also a great running song if anyone is on the look out for some new running songs!

  6. I can’t quite believe I’m admitting this in a public arena but in my experience nothing fills the dancefloor faster or gets the party started quicker than… R Kelly – Ignition!!

  7. Wham! Club Tropicana…

    Clare, our first dance was to Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher. It’s a really fun way to start the dancing.

  8. Guilty pleasure is a million and one 80s tunes but the tune I am going to pick is pre-80s “Love is in the air” John Paul Young and then covered by dear old Tom Jones. So cheesy but so ‘grate’ (very sorry, couldn’t help myself!). It was also first dance song at our wedding.

  9. Haha I think my entire music collection is probably a guilty secret! However, going with Charlotte’s workout track suggestion, I was only telling my husband the other day that I love it when a particular track on my running compilation comes on…”Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO – little do other people know that I’m jogging along to the lyrics “there’s passion in my pants”!

    Happy weekend one and all 🙂

  10. My guilty pleasure is George Harrison’s “I Got My Mind Set On You” – not particularly well known or popular, but I love it because it used to play on the radio when I was little, and my abiding memory is of my baby brother dancing to it in the kitchen! Said baby brother is 30 next year but I always think of him whenever I hear it on the radio. Nothing makes me smile more 🙂
    Sophie x

  11. Gosh – too many guilty pleasures to choose from – I think I have a whole playlist of them on Spotify….. My current fave is Maneater by Hall & Oates – always a winner on a Friday night!!

  12. Erm… I might be a bit in love with this radio. Beauts.
    So like everyone else, I recon my entire iPod is bursting with guilty pleasure’s but if I HAD to choose I think it might be McFly’s ‘Star Girl’ – What. A. Tune. I mean “When I fell in love with Uranus….” BOOM – smile on face 🙂

  13. Love the teal!! My guilty pleasure is screaming along to all 8 minutes 28 seconds of Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Obvs accompanied by lots of expressive leaping about.

  14. In keeping with the recent Christmassy posts, I’ll go with a mega cringe worthy Christmas guilty pleasure – Once Upon a Christmas by Geraldine McQueen. Makes the Christmas wrapping so much more fun.

  15. My guilty pleasure has to be Spice Up Your Life by the Spice Girls! It reminds me of good times, silly dance routines and cheers me up no end. X

  16. Go hard or go home, right? “C’est Le Vie” *Bwitched (fight like me dad as well) the amount of double-denim in my wardrobe hit a peak high in 1998 thanks to these little Irish warblers.

  17. I was once told by one of my best friends that I have a middle aged mans taste in music so in that vein, I’m picking Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty.

  18. Well it’s got to be Copacobana here. But I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it! Guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and a spring to my step even on the greyest day.

  19. Oh my goodness! I love it!

    My guilty pleasure is pretty much anything by a boy band. Backstreet Boys, NSync, Westlife, Take That..!! I can’t handle it.

    Love some of the other choices – especially the Celine Dion number!


  20. My guilty pleasure has to be ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler. Not only is it a bloody brilliant song but it reminds me of some of the best Sing-Star wine fuelled nights with by best friends and always gets you on the dance floor at weddings 🙂

  21. My list of guilty pleasures is way too long to count! A fave though would have to be Take That’s ‘Never Forget’. Always used to be played end of the night at my student union. Now it reminds of fun times and makes me feel a little sentimental whenever I hear it! Another used to be LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ until I witnessed my Gran dancing to it at a family gathering…

  22. This radio is beautiful! My guilty pleasure has to be MeatLoaf, every long car journey with my mum growing up, I now know all the words to every hit, but still, bat out of hell is sung loudly in the car, usually to my husbands horror and despair!!

  23. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe! So bad but So good! And always puts a smile on my face as it brings back funny memories from my wedding dance floor!

  24. Loving the radio! Need one in my life ; ))
    My guilty pleasure is the song I would walk 500 miles -the proclaimers – as it reminds me of jumping up and down in a circle with a bunch of randy soldiers in my local nightclub as a student. Such a great song to march around the house to nowadays!!
    “When I wake oop…!!” Xxxxxxx

  25. That is so cute! Right now its def got to be a bit of Mariah, no one can resist singing along to ‘all I want for Christmas is you’!

  26. My guilty pleasure song of choice would have to be World of Our Own by Westlife. My little girl and I have just had a boogie around the living room to it! She is still looking rather confused!!

  27. Definitely ‘lovin’ you’ by Minnie Riperton, I love trying to hit that uber high note. It was on a mix cd that the restaurant I used to work in played on loop and along with the other waitresses we spent many an evening singing this very badly whilst cleaning and using the mops/brushes as pretend Mics! Sure way to make you feel better after a 12 hour shift!

  28. Mine has always been ‘She’s like the Wind’ from Dirty Dancing, performed by Patrick Swayze.

    Turn the radio up, preferably on a lonesome car journey, and belt it out.

    I used to get really into it, much to other drivers on the road’s dismay I’m sure!

  29. I also think my entire music collection is a guilty pleasure, but for me has to be Hanson MmmBop. My dreams of seeing them live came true a few years ago, managed to convince a friend to come with me and spent the whole evening swooning! x

  30. Cheeeeeese Alert! It has to be Toto’s Africa. You’ve gotta love that line where they tried to squeeze the extra syllable of the word Serengeti in!

  31. Guilty pleasure – Glee – Don’t Stop Believin !

    I don’t even watch the show and really on principal they haven’t even spelled it right, but it’s one of those feel good songs that I want to belt out at the top of my voice 😉

    Husband looked surprised when it came up on my iTunes (oops).

  32. Oh, these are great! I’m afraid my guilty pleasure couldn’t get any cheesier, Chesney Hawkes, The One and Only, but I just love it. 🙂 I also used to have a poster of him above my bed from a magazine when I was a lot younger.

  33. I see someone else has selected Bonnie Tyler as their guilty pleasure (I was going to go for Holding Out for a Hero – been known to belt that one out when I think no-one’s around to witness!) so I’m going to plump for Alphabeat – Fascination. It’s cheesy but it’s so upbeat I can’t help having a bop around to it whenever I hear it.

  34. Haha greatly enjoying this post! My guilty pleasure has to be Cotton eyed Joe. I knew my husband was the man I was going to marry when I found this in his music collection at university. He also has a video of me attempting to rather drunkenly dance to this…shameful but I still love it! X

  35. What a lovely prize to win. My guilty pleasure is Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. This song reminds me of being a teenager. Love a bit of Beyond.

  36. Ahh so many good guilty pleasures! I have a very extensive back catalogue of late 90s/early 00s Now albums full of so-bad-they’re-good classics, always great for a game of ‘guess the song’ on a long car journey! However my all time fave has got to be Reach by S Club 7, always guaranteed to put a smile on my face and get everyone on the dancefloor (doing the moves obviously!). The news that they have reunited made my week! x

  37. My Guilty pleasure tune is No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Can’t beat a bit of disco!!

  38. Guilty pleasure song is Andy Williams, I love you baby — sooo old fashioned but cant help smiling and do a cabaret style cancan

  39. Seeing as so many people like the songs I was going to list I don’t feel guilty about it. I might be partial to a bit of Chris de Burgh ! You can’t beat Lady in Red. Has anyone else heard his song Patricia the Stripper..?!

  40. I can’t help myself when I hear a classic Roxette song (“it must’ve been love”, “listen to your heart”….etc) the volume is up and I’m singing as loud as my lungs will allow!

  41. Gotta love a bit of Spice Girls! ‘Stop!’, ‘Say you’ll be there’, ‘Spice up your life’ …the list goes on and on. 😀

  42. Ooh I love the pale blue version, as for my guilty song I may or may not have been singing the ghostbusters theme tune earlier today (and loving it!) I’m also quite partial to a rendition of Frozen’s Let it Go. Can you tell I have kids? *cringe!

  43. Guilty pleasure… Donna Summer – Last Dance
    ‘ooh I need you, by me, beside me to guide me…’
    <3 it and <3 the Teal View Quest Hepburn 🙂 x

  44. My guilty (or not so guilty pleasure), bit of Dolly 9-5. I love a bit of country. Makes me stop mid conversation & dash to the dance floor screaming my head off. Also got to love the Hepburn radio in all it’s beautiful colours. What a great prize.

  45. My guilty pleasure has to be….. Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall – smoooothest voice, face like a melted candle!

  46. Love the 90s tunes. Guilty pleasure would be everybody by backstreet boys. Every time I hear it I have to do the dance . So many funny times dancing round the kitchen.

  47. Brand new guilty pleasure for me – All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. Totally catchy and an uplifting tune to boot! The music video is all kinds of candy-coloured goodness too.

  48. Love the red, it’s such a gorgeous radio! My guilty pleasure would probably have to be Living la vida loca, Ricky Martin version of course, I remember having his CD on my good ol’ CD Player and listening to it non stop aha!

  49. Love the yellow one! And the pale blue. My guilty pleasure is that Santana and Matchbox 20 collaboration from about 10 years ago. Smooth! My super cool muso husband would find this highly embarrassing….! There are probably many more.

  50. Have recently discovered my baby loves to bop along to T.Rex I Love to Boogie. Now we have to play it every morning! 🙂 xx

  51. Oooh, just had a look on the Hepburn website. So many pretty colours. They’re the kitchen aid mixers of the DAB radio world!

    I’m a child of the 80’s/90’s – I have so many guilty pleasures! I’m currently loving a bit of ‘The Look of Love’ by ABC. I’m guilty of adopting an extremely naff voice to do Martin Fry’s talky bit in it. LOVE it, much to the husband’s despair!

  52. Loving the radio.

    My guilty pleasure is Tiffany – I think we’re alone now. I even went along to a dodgy 80’s club night so I could see her perform it live! 🙂

  53. I’d say Happy by Pharrell because it’s the most ridiculously happy (ahem) song in the world. But it would be unjust to call that a guilty pleasure. So Girls Aloud’s version of Jump (For my love). So. Much. Fun.

  54. Loving that Radio! The colours are fab! My guilty pleasure is ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain. I am ashamed (but secretly proud) to say that I know EVERY single word and sing along regularly if I need a cheer up 🙂 x

  55. Absolutely my favourite song at the moment is Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. When i’m walking round town to and from my university classes, even when it’s pouring with rain, the beat just makes me want to start dancing there and then! A bit embarrassing on the bus I must say!

  56. I think I’d have to go for Straight Up by Paula Abdul and Push It by Salt’n’Pepa – and I don’t feel that guilty!!

  57. Oh my goodness! This is terrible, but what I can’t seem to stop singing at the minute is ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen!

    The song just gets stuck in my head and I’ll often dance around the kitchen singing it at the top of my voice to my seven month old sat in her highchair! Eek!

  58. Mine is Kanye West- Slow Jamz. Not so embarrassing at first glance, but terribly embarrassing when I tell people it’s my party piece to rap the extremely fast Twista bit. Because I cannot rap at all and end up just making strange noises and freaking out party guests who don’t know me…

  59. Love the digital radio! Soo many amazing songs mentioned above! My guilty pleasure would have to be louie vega, mambo number 5. Still dance around to this when I hear it. Also Megan Trainer’s new track always has me singing along x

  60. Shh don’t tell anyone but I know all the words to Vanilla Ice, ice ice baby and have been know to break into the running man around the kitchen when it comes on the radio.

  61. I’m a little bit in love with the Peter Andre version of ‘kiss the girl’ from the little mermaid! So cheesy, but good fun to sing along too. My husband loved R Kelly’s ‘bump and grind’, which he wanted for our wedding song – no way!
    However, we both love Take That’s ‘a million love songs’ – perfect for a sing along!

  62. I have to admit my guilty pleasure to howl along to is Whitney Houston’s ‘I have nothing’. A powerful diva anthem sung in a completely unachievable key for mere mortals… no one could hit a note like Whitney but it doesn’t stop me trying!??

  63. Love the radio but would struggle to choose a colour, love them all. My friends cringe at this as it was so overplayed, so I have to keep it a secret from them but I love Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader, I would definitely be doing that if I won!

  64. When I was younger I was obsessed with Cher. It’s all my poor parents would be able to listen to on car journeys (including the 3 dayer to the Italian lakes, sorry dad!). I’m not talking electro auto tuned post-believe era Cher, I’m talking about wig-wearing, cannon-straddling, wearing-nowt-before-Miley-Cyrus-was-even-born Cher.

    To this day I love Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves above all other songs.

    This (rightly) appals anyone I live with.

  65. Total guilty pleasure for me is Dolly Parton. Anything she sings, I’ll sing in an awful country accent! Along with Meat Loaf these were the guilty pleasures of our flat in halls at uni (weird students! God knows what our neighbours thought). Throw a bit of Mariah or Whitney in whilst holding a door frame and belting out sounds only cats can recognise is also a firm favourite.

    Love the radio

    Rachael x

  66. As a child of the 80s most power ballads make it onto my list of guilty pleasures but for the ultimate in ‘feel good/get things done’ songs it’s got to be ‘eye of the tiger’ by Survivor. My little boy is only 12 weeks old but already looking forward to embarrassing him with my musical tastes :).

  67. I like anything cheesy and poppy – I still love Happy even though everyone else seems to be sick of it – but the one I’m most embarrassed about enjoying has to be Mmmbop by Hanson. Oh the shame.

  68. Friggin’ love this radio! Très élégant!

    Guilty pleasure – and one that only goes on when I am taking a solo trip in my car – is Toto, Africa. 80’s classic….

  69. I have been known to play ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables whilst marching around the kitchen waving tea-towels as flags. Bad times. Blame the film, it did something to me….

  70. has to be Saturday night whigfield takes me back to my pre teens when everything was simple. lets face it the dance is awesome lol x

  71. Such a cool radio!

    I don’t feel guilty about this in the slightest, but can (and do) sing all the words to Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” album.

  72. That radio is totally gorgeous and fit for many an interior.

    I have a couple of guilty pleasure songs going on at the moment. My brother was killed suddenly in April so I have my sad song Say Something by A Great Big World when I need an accompaniment to my tears. I then have to follow this is up with something a bit more jolly and usually turn to Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. I love the laughter in it.

    The cat does not agree with either of my choices.

  73. Barenaked Ladies; One Week
    Automatically makes me feel super happy!

    The tan leather radio would make me equally as happy!

  74. Ooh I love ‘Shake it off’ too! Although when I told my husband this a few weeks before our wedding he banned me from choosing any songs for the disco because my music taste is so bad!

    My guilty pleasure is R Kelly – Ignition (remix), my friends and I request it at every club, family party etc and it’s just the best song to dance to!

  75. It’s pretty embarrassing but I’m in love with the radio, so I’ll reveal my ultimate guilty-pleasure tune; Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. I LOVE it. I cry every time I hear it and I’ve already told my parents I want it played at my funeral!

  76. Ahhh, sooo many guilty pleasures!! And it’s worth telling you for the sake of the radio! 🙂
    Anything rock and roll – (especially Buddy Holly), Cotton Eyed Joe, Especially For You (Kylie and Jason!!), even Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard! My mum thinks I’m so uncool!! Ha ha! xx

  77. Love the cream Hepburn! My guilty pleasure has got to be a bit of Julio Inglesias, Moonlight lady has to be favourite! Brings back lovely memories of happy holidays as a child, I challenge anyone not to sing a long x

  78. My guilty pleasure has to be Olivia Newton John, Totally Devoted to You from Grease! Can’t help but try and belt it out in my terrible singing voice when I hear it!

  79. Oooo such a beautiful radio, Emmy and I listen to the radio all day long but it’s a boring old one. This would make us happy!

    My guilty pleasure is Charles and Eddie ‘Would I lie to you?’. I have no idea why I like it but I can’t help but belt it out and throw some diva moves to it. Something about that long swishy hair in the music video…

  80. Mine has to be Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre! Haha! Loved this song since I was 11 when it went to number 1 and still love singing it now! Come on, everyone loves this song don’t they?!

  81. The Hepburn is amazing, like it’s namesake, it has it’s own style. I love the mustard yellow & my cheesy guilty pleasure of choice would have to be from Madonna’s Immaculate Collection, the first album I ever purchased & probably the most played since (although I have graduated from cassette to mp3). Ultimate track, ‘Like a Virgin’ although I had no idea of the meaning until many years later!

  82. Without a doubt – mine has to be Prince and Raspberry Beret!
    Man I love that song.
    And a bottle green Hepburn to play from my iPhone via the wireless function – what a match!

  83. The theme tune from Ghostbusters. Absolutely love it. Bizarre, I know – I really don’t have any kind of rational explanation for why I like it so much. I will admit that if I know I have a really hard day at work coming up, I will sometimes play it in the kitchen as I make my coffee in the morning. No idea what this says about me, pretty sure it’s nothing good…..!

  84. I’ve quite quite a few… all loaded in a special playlist called ‘sing IT’ in no particular order here are a couple of my faves…

    Kelly Clarkson – Circa 2004
    Busted -The whole a present for everyone album!
    Hanson – Mm Bop of course
    and Anastasia – Paid my Dues! That girls got sass!

  85. My guilty pleasure/feel good track has to be Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede. Can’t help but sing along! The red Hepburn would be awesome in our kitchen, and might persuade me to stay in there while my lovely husband cooks (I’m always sneaking off to sit down and he keeps saying forlornly ‘Do you want to keep me company in the kitchen?’!)

  86. My guilty pleasure song is Let’s Get Married by The Proclaimers (in my guilty pleasure film, Sunshine on Leith). We had this playing when I arrived at church and I love it. I’m sure it would sound fab on this beautiful radio too!

  87. Ha ha, what to choose…has to be Easy Lover by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey? Anything by Michael Bolton and NKOTB : )

  88. Sometimes I feel all my songs are guilty pleasures, I always hide when people ask for an iPhone to hook up to a sound system at a party haha! But here’s a good one… Mmmbop by Hanson, how can you not sing along and feel happy to this song? I mean, Mmmbop doesn’t really mean anything! Ps that radio is actually rather nice x

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