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Why We’re Rooting For The Royal Couple

Author: Lauren Coleman

Kate and Will got married not long after James and I. I was still basking in a post-wedding euphoria and couldn’t get enough of the Royal wedding. We spent the day in the capital celebrating with a bevvy of friends, drinking prosecco at a street party on Columbia Road.

Unless you’ve been living without WiFi access for the last six months, you’ll know Prince Harry will be marrying Meghan Markle this Saturday and I have to say I’m just as excited about the proceedings as I was about his older brother’s. I’ve even gone so far as to buy some bunting to deck out my living room. I’m hosting a brunch for a few close friends and have raided every pound shop in the land for anything with a union flag on it.
Working in the wedding industry the team at Rock My Towers obviously have a vested interest in the Royal nuptials and we’ve been ever so slightly over enthusiastic as all the details have been revealed. (Check out Fern’s recent RMW post if you don’t believe me.) What will she wear? What florals will she choose? Who will walk her down the aisle? And to the last point came the most recent news that Meghan’s dad will no longer be attending the big day. You can say what you like about Meghan (and many people have) but knowing how stressful the week before a wedding can be, I really felt for her reading about her dad’s humiliating paparazzi shot debacle. Most girls have to worry about whether their dress fits, if their roses will be in full bloom or if the weather forecast is looking good. Poor Megs has to deal with her family history splashed about the press, and the knowledge one of loved ones isn’t going to be there on her wedding day.
A couple of weeks before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got hitched I remember being at a work event near Westminster Abbey and staring up in awe at the building. I know I felt nervous before my aisle walk into a room filled with my nearest and dearest but to have to do it under the scrutiny of the world’s media must be absolutely terrifying. Particularly when they’re waiting for you to fail.
I’ve read so many reports which suggest the marriage is doomed from the beginning. Did anyone else read the piece in The Independent citing Professor Nicholas Wolfinger from University of Utah? He claims the odds of divorcing declines for newlyweds in the late twenties and early thirties but then rises again as the age of newlyweds increases to mid-to-late thirties, putting Meghan at prime age to become a divorcee once again. The sad fact is that 50% of marriages do end in divorce and a staggering 67% of second marriages come to an end too. But still the hopeless romantic in me holds on to their fairy tale.
While Kate may have been in our hearts for many years before she got to wear that sapphire ring and a sell-out navy wrap dress, Meghan has seemingly bowled in from nowhere with a chic blow-dry and a penchant for casual wear. I like to believe she genuinely wants to do some good in this world, and she was well on her way to doing this before she met the sixth in line to the throne. Personally, I wouldn’t care if I had a potential hand in Prince Harry’s estimated £28 million fortune, there’s no way you’d get me signing my life away to the Royal family. I mean, have you seen The Crown?!
I, along with the rest of the team will be rooting for the happy couple on Saturday and hope they get their happily ever after.

If you’re married, what’s the most stressful thing that happened before your wedding and how did you deal with it? Are you going to be watching the wedding on Saturday or have you got other plans? If you’re not interested in the Royal family then perhaps you can suggest some vegan sandwich fillings instead. Currently my friend is going to have an empty plate at my celebration brunch….


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28 thoughts on “Why We’re Rooting For The Royal Couple

  1. Houmous with salad is a great vegan sandwich filling 🙂 and not too difficult to arrange either!

  2. I’m rooting for them too. They are just people! And whatever your views on the royals, Harry (and William) seem like such genuinely nice blokes. So I’m happy for him that’s he’s found someone he loves. She is a very beautiful woman and it seems that she is as kind and generous as her future husband. Also can’t wait to see the dress. And the little royals in their wedding clothes. I fee like it’s my mates wedding 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Ha ha Anna! Love your comment about your mates wedding. It’s funny how you can just refer to them as Megs and Harry and everyone knows who they are!

  3. For vegan sandwiches: houmous & veggies (roast, or grated carrot/salad)? Vegan pesto with roast peppers and rocket? Or there are a squillion other suggestions here: https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/lifestyle/food-and-drink/sandwich-and-wrap-fillings

    On the subject of the royal couple I don’t have a huge amount to say, other than that I do feel a bit sorry for the intense scrutiny they are under, and wish them well for their marriage. I agree that it’s pretty awful that people are talking about it being doomed to fail. I won’t be watching though, I’ll be out enjoying the sunshine instead, and might pack a few of those vegan sandwich suggestions into my picnic.

    1. Brilliant link Rebecca. Thanks for that.
      The forecast looks lovely for Saturday. It’s so windy here today! Have a gorgeous picnic.

  4. Oh god I feel like such a Scrooge but I really can’t get that excited about the wedding of two people I don’t know and have never met.

    I do however feel pretty sorry for them, the level of media scrutiny is just RIDICULOUS – even the BBC is acting like some sort of stupid pap reporter getting quotes from “close friends” that knew Meghan at 13. Ugh. I live near Cliveden and have already seen more media presence and people casing the joint. Jeez.

    I also feel slightly sick that this wedding is getting more media attention than what’s happening in Israel/Palestine and the war in Yemen etc etc. I’m not saying it shouldn’t get media attention but it shouldn’t get this much.

    I do hope they enjoy their day, feel like it’s THEIRS, and I wish them all the very best for the future – just like every other couple!

    1. Yes Kate, you’re right about the media coverage. With the new royal baby too, one minute Amber Rudd was being grilled on Windrush in Parliament and then the next she was cut off to go live to the Lindo wing. A very strange set of priorities.

    2. Glad someone else feels the same…its on my sky news feed every day and it’s so not real news. Also as sorry as I feel for her over her dad debacle o really cant take to her. Did you see the BBC engagement interview it seemed so fake. God I’m turning into a miserable old scrooge but I really don’t care. What has happened to me! I used to be a wedding coordinator!

      1. Helen you must have seen it all being a wedding coordinator! You’re entitled to have wedding fatigue!

  5. I am so excited about the Royal Wedding, who doesn’t love a good wedding and with everything going on in the world shouldn’t we all embrace and celebrate a bit of happiness?! We went to London for Wills and Kate’s wedding and it was such an amazing atmosphere, we had the best day! Although we have no plans this year, I am armed with my Harry and Meghan M&S biscuits and my mug and I shall be drinking tea in my PJ’s glued to the TV all morning! X

    1. You enjoy those biscuits Sarah!
      I think we all went to town for Kate and Will’s wedding as most of us got the day off work! There’s nothing like an unexpected public holiday to get the country in a good mood.

  6. I’m looking forward to their wedding – I don’t feel it’s as exciting as William and Kate’s, but a wedding is always lovely and I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing and who’s been invited! Agree that all the coverage of Meghan’s dad has been pretty OTT – especially when it made top billing on the news last night above Israeli /Palestinian conflict and deaths. That did make me feel as though the bbc didn’t quite got the priorities right!
    For my own wedding – I was pretty laid back and we ended up doing things in a bit of a rush – to the point where it was only afterwards I realised that when we had been putting together the orders of service to take to the church it turned out a few of the menus for our wedding breakfast got mixed in… one of my aunties was able to fully anticipate what she would be having to eat in a few hours time as we were saying our vows! Haha! All worked out in the end!!!
    I wish them all the best and hopefully all the stresses of these last few days will disappear for them both once they see each other at the alter.

  7. When Willam and Kate got married, my best friend and I went to Hyde Park at 8am to get a good spot. We were hammered on prosecco by about 10am! It was a fab atmosphere and when the fly past happened, all the planes and choppers once they came up the mall turned and flew over Hyde Park which was amazing especially the red arrows! I’m meeting said friend this Saturday as well but no early morning drinking as she’s got a lovely new-born I’ll be meeting for the first time. How things have changed haha!

    Agree with the comments above about the media coverage. Definitely more important things happening in the world but I do feel for them. Weddings are stressful enough without the world’s media breathing down your neck and second guessing this and that.

    1. The fly past was great wasn’t it Jo? Have a gorgeous time having those newborn snuggles x

  8. I’m so looking forward to the Royal Wedding! I celebrated with friends when William and Kate got married. We had flags, bunting and Pimms. We’re doing the same on Saturday for Harry and Meghan. I’m off to Poundland on my lunch break to stock up on Royal Wedding Paraphernalia! I’m doing a cream tea and the kids will all be dressed up as Prince’s and Princesses.

    Yes I also feel sorry for Meghan. Personally I think her Dad has made a bit of a t*t of himself but hey ho, the show must go on!

  9. Over recent years I’ve really warmed to the royals much more – I loved The Crown! I am a little bit gutted that we fly out to Spain first thing on Saturday and will be travelling along the coast in our campervan by the time the wedding starts! Otherwise I would have been hoping to find a party to go to complete with tiara! I can’t wait to see what Megan’s wearing. I feel for her with her dad, I have a strained relationship with my folks these days and wonder what will happen when the time comes.

    Speaking of which, eeek to the divorce stats – I better hope the boyfriend proposes before too much longer as I’m into my mid thirties by November!

    Avocado also a good option for vegans but yep houmous and roasted veg or grated carrot is a good one. Falafel are nice too. I’m always whipping up houmous type spreads for rice cakes – at the moment it’s tinned white beans, a couple of cooked beetroot, tahini, lemon juice, fresh mint and natural yogurt to loosen.

  10. I was at university in St Andrews when Kate and Will got married. Being the place they met, you can imagine everyone was very much into it! There was a big event put on in the town, and when the fly past happened on the TV, we had a flyover from the local RAF base! Such a surprise and it was an amazing atmosphere.

    This time around, our friends are having a party and we’re all going in fancy dress as the royal wedding party/guests. Very much looking forward to it, and seeing Meghan’s dress!

  11. Growing up being the same age as William and seeing so much of his and Harry’s life in the media, especially with Diana’s death, I really do root for them both and I’m glad they have found happiness. Meghan is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the dress, hair, make up, and the decoration. Who doesn’t love a good wedding?! It doesn’t matter whether you personally know someone to hope that their marriage is a very happy one. There is too much negativity in the world already – give the girl a break on one of the most special moments in her life.

  12. I can’t get over the veiled (and sometimes not so veiled) racism in some of the media coverage of Meghan and Harry’s relationship, it makes me furious. More signs of xenophobia and racism that are shoved under a polite carpet but have absolutely no place in our society and need rooting out.

    They are two people who seem pretty damn committed to each other and to helping others- all the very best to them.

  13. The seem very happy and genuinely in love, and as a fellow divorcee mid 30s bride (all be it celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary) I’m rooting for them too. However I am feeling very bah humbug about the street party happening on my road given that I am working night shifts all weekend!!

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