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The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Author: Lauren Coleman

Where can you buy white pumpkins? I think I first typed that phrase in to Google about five years ago after seeing piles of little white baby boos on stateside Instagram feeds. I found it so difficult to find a UK supplier that in the past I resorted to painting mini orange gourds with a coat of white paint and last year I even grew my own. They need a LOT of water if anyone gets tempted to do the same next year.

Lumina, baby boo, cotton candy, casper, albino pumpkin, ghost pumpkin are all varieties of white pumpkin or perhaps you favour one of the beautiful green or yellow gourds. Maybe classic orange is right up your street. Either way the purpose of this post is to create a thread of sources for UK decorative pumpkins.

Farm Shop

This year is the first time I haven’t had to go out of my way to buy a little white pumpkin. I was at a nearby farm shop (Farndon Fields, if anyone is in the Market Harborough area) having brunch last week and in their display of pumpkins and gourds sat one, lone, teeny white pumpkin. 49p later it was sat on my kitchen shelf next to a hydrangea. What can I say, I’m an autumn instagram cliche.

Pumpkin Patch

Last year Charlotte, Mabel and our friends Lisa and Louis visited Wasperton Farm in Barford, near Warwick where there was an abundance of gourds, squash and pumpkins in every shade under the sun. I’ve read on their Facebook page that they’re moving to a new site but if you’re in the West Midlands and are in the market for more stylish take on your average halloween decor then it’s worth stopping by.
If you’re elsewhere in the country then check out the Pumpkin Patch listing to find one in your local area.


Years gone by I’ve bought mini orange pumpkins from my local florists. They’re generally more expensive than farms and supermarkets but are often beautifully displayed and really good quality too.


I’ve also bought green and yellow striped specimens from Aldi in the past. The supermarkets have upped their game in the squash stakes so I’d probably say this should be your first of port of call if you’re looking for a quirkier pumpkin as well as the regular orange variety.

If you didn’t realise you needed a pumpkin in your life then take a look at Lisa’s inspiration post from last year with heaps of ways to display autumn’s favourite vegetable.

Have you seen any decorative pumpkins in your neck of the woods? Do share where to buy and what produce you’ve been getting your hands on.



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12 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin Hunt

  1. Lidl……the one near me had mini orange/yellow and orange/green and orange last year and I *think* they had some white ones too, but I’m sure it was after Halloween…..I mean I know a pumpkin isn’t just for Halloween, but by the time I had seen them I think I was all pumpkined out….!
    I can’t WAIT to go and get my pumpkin stash….!

    1. Lidl are always so good for this kind of stuff. When I was in Italy at the start of last month they had loads of gourds in their Lidls!
      Hopefully they’ll get white ones in before Halloween this year! x

      1. I’ve just popped into my local Lidl and although they didn’t have many little pumpkins/gourds they had one big white one!
        It wasn’t quite pretty enough, but it gives me hope that they will have more in in the next few weeks!

          1. No it was a bit……blemished/warty!
            I quite like a warty pumpkin for carving, but didn’t want a warty, white one….!

  2. My local Tesco had a limited quantity of white pumpkins last year. I’m a sucker for all the varieties – it’s probably just as well they’re not always easy to come by or I’d spend far too much on seasonal decor!

    1. Agree Tracy. I was in a florist at the weekend and the little tiny white ones for £2. You’d need five, at least 😉

    1. I reckon you’re going to have to go to France Lisa. I narrowly escaped injury several years ago in a forest in France. The nature that falls from their trees seems far larger than it does in the UK!

  3. I’m lucky enough to have an allotment at the end of my road. I only grew standard orange pumpkins this year but next year I am definitely going to grow lots of different varieties like Baby Boo and Gourds. I love the Polar bear large white pumpkins and the mini hooligan pumpkins!
    I haven’t seen any in the shops and you have to buy the seeds for the baby boo pumpkins online from the states.

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