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What’s On My Bedside Table | Rebecca Kedgley

Author: Lauren Coleman

Just a quick intro from me to welcome Rebecca from Roses and Rolltops back to the fold. This time we’re in the bedroom…

I’m loving this new series talking about what’s on our bedside tables. I don’t know about you but I always love looking to see what others have on theirs. A little snippet into personal lives.

Our bedsides are just the Ikea Hemnes range that we changed the knobs on to pretty them up a little. We were thinking about getting something antique but I love their simplicity. I was so excited to find these copper angle-poise style lamps at just £30 each from Dunelm of all places. It sparked the copper theme in our bedroom and goes so well with white and grey, colours that I wanted to use in here to keep it calm and relaxing.

I framed a favourite photo of Ben and I in a White Company frame, a treat to myself for the new bedroom. It was taken in the Bahamas last February and the sky had just turned pink. The White Company is a bit of a running theme in here actually with my favourite ever hand cream in the pump bottle, that they’ve now discontinued sob. I even tried Bicester village to hunt it down and got lucky once but fear it has now all but sold out. It smells so heavenly and I’m very particular about scent, especially at bedtime. And it’s non greasy. I hate moisturiser if it’s too thick or greasy, leaving marks on the sheets and taking ages to sink in. This one though leaves a soft silky sheen without being too heavy. I’ll need to find a replacement soon or try one of their new scents. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

I also like to rotate candles, again nothing with a too powerful scent for next to the bed. I like Figuier or Feuille de Lavande by Diptyque and save the woodier, heady scents for downstairs. Sometimes I’ll cut a posy of fresh flowers from the garden to sit in a little jam jar to pretty it up in spring and summer. Ben of course couldn’t care less about flowers or candles next to his side of the bed. His side comprises of a plain thin copper frame from TK Maxx with another beachy photo in and a matching lamp.

The sheets and pillows in here are from The White Company with a cute Pom Pom trim with a grey cotton herringbone throw from Hammam and Home. The plan was to keep this room very white but we ended up sneaking some grey in and unintentionally, some bare wood too. We wanted to paint the floor boards white {and use grey on the walls to stop it looking too clinical and white} but after sanding back the original boards, realised it would probably be a mistake to cover them up and it would be very hard to undo it later on. So the bare floors stuck but by this time the walls were already painted grey, Farrow & Ball Blackened. It was the lightest grey I could find for this room, all the others looked too brown with the light in here. It can occasionally look slightly blue but mainly a pretty kind of grey. We had a little battle over whether the fireplace should be left as black or painted white, I won in the end as it looked so much fresher. Black would have stuck out too much. I love now how it all seems to work, even with the Feather and Black Headboard that was chosen to match our old taupe bedroom.

We wanted as much storage as possible {me, too many clothes?! Never…} so built in some wardrobes using a timber frame, plasterboard and wooden doors that we painted in the same colour as the walls to make it feel bigger, using eggshell for the wood. The big original sash window lets in lots of sunlight and we wanted to keep it as light as possible so used Ikea white cotton curtains.

I was trying to think of a favourite item in here but it’s between the cute as a button Loaf chair and cushion in the corner, the little copper mirror collection above it and the scaffold board that Ben turned into jewellery hooks. I’ve also got a bit of a thing about baskets and plants at the moment so wanted to feature those in here.

I love how it’s a sanctuary amongst the rest of the house that’s still rather chaotic filled with boxes and building work!

  • Eleanor Bowmer Print
  • Oliver Bonas Mirror
  • Folli Ella Basket
  • Jo Malone Fragrance
  • White Company Avignon Bed Collection
  • Anthropologie Frame
  • Diptique Candle
  • White Company Fine Wood Frame
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22 thoughts on “What’s On My Bedside Table | Rebecca Kedgley

  1. Thanks so much. And did you just change the handles? We’ve been searching for the perfect affordable bedside tables since forever and these will look perfect xx

  2. Love the fact you haven’t painted the chest of drawers in your room , I’m a bit of a purist with wooden furniture and love the natural grain , something about the touch and earthy feels .

    Just lovely x

  3. I know this is slightly off topic but I am having a bed quandary, we are getting a super king bed and originally I was thinking to just get a divan and get some old louvred shutters and using them as a headboard but I also really like upholstered headboards a LA your bedroom and I just don’t know which to go for. Ideally we wanted to spend the main chunk of our budget on the mattress so if you have any advise on this OT would be great

    1. Sorry to geg in, but Emma if you’re after a good mattress then I can’t recommend Hypnos enough!

      They are SO worth the money. x

    2. I love the look of shutters as headboards but not sure how comfy they’d be? Mattress wise I’ve just reviewed a Drift mattress which has a 100 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. So it could be worth trying out? It’s so hard to choose mattresses as it’s such a personal decision, firm or soft, memory foam or spring etc. I guess just try out as many as you can xx

  4. Oh Rebecca can I come and live in your house? Either that or pleasure assure me that it’s not always this perfect?

    My bedside table is a mess of discarded jewellery, half read books, pocket junk and nail files… the Diptyque candle and delicate trinkets are lurking under it all somewhere!

    1. Glad it’s just not me! Also contains a load of receipts, random cards, strange currency etc etc. I need to up my bedside table game…

    2. Hi Karen, ahh thank you. I’m a ‘tidy the top dressing’ kind of girl, the insides of my cupboards and wardrobes are CHAOS! But as long as I can’t see it, it doesn’t bother me! xx

  5. Looks lovely Rebecca!
    On hand cream options have you tried Crabtree and Evelyn? I love their handcreams as they are non-greasy but really moisturising (on my skin anyway!) and they do lots of different ‘flavours’ so you could find one with a non-offensive smell for bedtime.
    Also on the candles, have you tried Geodesis candles? They are gorgeous and cheaper than Diptyque.

  6. If you are after a new White Company moisturiser, try the ‘Seychelles’ range. I have been to the Seychelles and it really does smell like it! As I see you are going there soon, you might want to get some as a memory of your holiday.

  7. Love Love Love this! So simple and yet perfect! I have a quick question – We too have an upholstered headboard and a divan bed in our bedroom. I HATE the divan and fabric showing on the bottom. What do you use to disguise yours??

    Thanks again for sharing. I had been considering the Hemnes but avoiding the trip to Ikea. I think seeing this today is a sign – JUST GO!

    1. Hi Mel,

      Have you tried a valance sheet? You can buy them from John Lewis, The White Company, Next etc. They sit underneath the mattress and hide the divan base.

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