What Would You Like To See Here In 2015?

Author: Miranda Eason

I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep this short. It’s been (nearly) eleven months since we launched Rock My Style (time really does fly when you’re having fun!) In that time we’ve brought you epic home tours, shopped the online high street to bring you the best edit of the latest trends (and tried not to buy everything ourselves), shared our best beauty, fashion and healthy buys, got our DIY on, gone on holiday and opened up our address books on our return, cooked up a storm and shared our thoughts on everything from juggling motherhood and a career to making friends as an adult.

And you’ve responded by sharing your best advice and favourite buys. We read every single comment and I know we’ve all gotten so much value from the things you’ve told us, whether that’s a brilliant new beauty buy, a book we simply must read, a great money-saving tip, the perfect bolthole for a first family holiday or an anniversary getaway, or simply reassurance that someone else is going through the same stuff we are too. So thank you from all of us!

We’re busy planning for 2015 and we’d love to know what you’d like to see on Rock My Style over the year ahead. What do you want more of? For example we already know you love interiors and home tours so we’re planning more of those for 2015 (and if you’d love your home to appear on Rock My Style do get in touch via the contact form, you’ll find the link at the top right hand side of the site). Is anything we don’t cover that you think we should? As is traditional round here leave a comment below telling us your thoughts.

Big thanks,

Miranda, Charlotte, Lauren, Adam xxx

Born in Yorkshire. Lives in East London. California girl at heart.
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70 thoughts on “What Would You Like To See Here In 2015?

  1. Book club would be a nice idea!
    I read a lot (trying to average a book a week…on book 48!).
    Perhaps one a month here would be nice though, fiction or not wouldn’t bother me!

    Thanks and here’s to a great 2015!

  2. How about basic garden articles on how to make your garden ‘trendy’?! Also, I have 2 dogs (sausage dogs to be precise!) and would love to see other peoples pets and maybe information on new places to walk?

    1. I have two dogs too and walking things would be nice. I get the impression that, as none of the RMS team either have dogs or are really into ‘country pursuits’ its not something that gets onto the list. This isn’t a criticism at all, merely an observation. How about doing things like this as guest posts?

      1. Yep, Jeffrey & Alan! One wirey and one 7 month old full-of-trouble smooth!! My wirey one Jeffrey even has his own blog, has appeared on TV and done some modelling, a celebrity dachshund some might say! 😉

  3. My absolute favourite posts are the makeup/skincare ones and the recommendations of places to go – especially in the UK (for weekends away etc). Would love to see more of that! More clever, healthy recipes – especially good lunch recipes – would be brilliant.

    Like the idea of a book club also. 🙂

    My least favourite are the stationery/decorations/what theme for wrapping presents posts because honestly that’s the sort of thing I just Do Not Have Time For. But if others like those things then I’m very happy to scroll on by!

    Thanks RMS – merry christmas to everyone! 🙂

    1. Oh sorry, I meant to add! I *love* Charlotte’s makeup posts but what would make it even more awesome is if people with different skin tones could test some of the makeup? I’ve tried out a couple of things that Charlotte used but they looked ghastly on me because Charlotte has lovely pale skin and I’m quite tanned with dark hair. I still really love reading Charlotte’s makeup posts anyway and will still go and test the ones she recommends (because some do work!) but it would be fab if there could be some testers/options for people with darker skin tones.

      1. Kate it’s funny you should say this….for a post planned for the new year I’ve asked quite a few of my much darker skinned friends to recommend some lovely bits too x

  4. Book Club please! Also always loved the health and fitness advice. I’m trying to get my act together to start the whole Clean Eating thing in January, so advice on that would be great.

  5. Just keep doing what your doing, although if I had to choose something in particular I would say….loads more interiors and tales of Mabel Rose please, they are my absolute favourites!! x

  6. Maybe like a “hobby of the month” or something to introduce people to different ideas?

    In terms of more of the same though, definitely the healthy posts – they are my favourite along with the general lifestyle ones! To be honest I read all posts, I’m probably in the minority that I don’t really wear make-up but I still like those posts – I also like the Mabel updates even though I don’t have children yet – the cute photos help 😉

    Congratulations on a fab first year guys,

    Katie x

    1. Thanks Katie! I very much like the hobby of the month idea, it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with what you do and it would be great to find out about different things. x

  7. I love Charlotte’s make up posts – more of those please! I also love the fashion and interiors posts too. I really like the book club idea, that would be fab! I quite like the posts that don’t really have a category… the ones where you talk about your thoughts on issues that have popped up in your lives recently, they are always interesting.

    I’ve loved having Rock My Style this year to wean me off my Rock My Wedding addiction now I’m married! Hope to see more of the same in 2015! 🙂

  8. ooh yes, book club please! I like the baby/family posts and general healthy living (clean eating, exercise etc) and the make up & hair posts and tutorials (would love to see a ‘how to do a messy up-do’ tutorial as worn by Charlotte in that picture with Adam a week or so back!). I’m less interested in recipes as I have a lot of cookbooks/get magazine etc, and less interested in travel posts. But generally, fab content, and looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in 2015 🙂

  9. Wow, has it really been that long?!! I remember all that time you spent teasing us before the launch (and my, slightly unhealthy, obsession at trying to figure the name out!!)

    Second the book club idea – although it might just make me sad that I never seem to have time to read! (New Year’s resolution maybe?!)
    Am quite the magpie so LOVE all the ‘pretty’ posts – interior, fashion, wrapping paper (LOVED that one!) Also quite like the occasional career posts as I find it really helpful to hear the paths others took to get where they are.

    Merry Christmas guys!
    Here’s to an flipping awesome 2015 🙂 xxx

    1. It really has Rebecca, this year has whizzed by! Pretty posts, careers and a book club, we’ll see what we can do. Merry Christmas to you too, absolutely, here’s to an awesome 2015! xxx

  10. More healthy meal ideas would be great (I still cook the salmon and courgette dish Adam wrote about a while ago on a weekly basis) and also really like Miranda’s healthy hauls. Home tours are my favourite, especially small spaces. I’ve liked the articles you’ve done for parties at home too – got a 30th for the bf to plan next year so ideas would be great. City break guides are some of my favourites too. I would also like to hear more from a careers perspective – everything from a ‘day in the life’, to ‘how I asked for a payrise’. x

    1. Fourth! but not too focused on being a woman please – I prefer generic things. *tho maternity/career things would be an exception I’d love to see more of

  11. More fitness (especially running), travel and book club features would be very welcoming!! Keep up the good work guys – looking forward to 2015!

  12. Ooooh and I also really like the posts where you talk about an issue which has been affecting one of you recently (like the making friends feature etc).

  13. I love everything! More of the same! Love the makeup and baby stuff reviews and general life the best with the odd healthy haul, weekend getaways are fab also.

  14. I like the book club idea, I love the baby posts and the lovely Mabel updates but now I am expecting I would love some more pregnancy posts. Also career posts particularly women who juggle either family, or starting their own business or any other crazy busy pursuits. I do also love the interior posts so happy to hear more are coming!

  15. We’re currently renovating our whole house so I absolutely love the home tours & interior ideas (my husband does too!!) I’ve done lots of screen shots!
    Also love Charlotte’s make up posts & book recommendations/reviews is a great idea.
    Not so keen on the crafty posts as I wouldn’t have time to make anything.
    Merry Christmas & I look forward to reading the blog in 2015 xx

  16. I really like the book club idea, could we also have a few more simple craft ideas? I really liked the stocking post and would love more simple home crafts.
    I do love the site though, I am forever sneakily checking it on my lunch breaks!!


  17. More of the same please!! I love the makeup and beauty posts and the interiors and all things pretty! I agree that some more garden type posts would definitely be on my list and I like the idea of hobbies too. How about some hair how-tos?? Quick and easy styles or something similar? X

  18. I would like it if some of the features could venture North, places for weekends away for example. also I love the baby stuff but have a toddler myself so would love some toddler content. fashion for little boys would be good too! I love the site and read every day so you’re definitely doing something right.

  19. I am also in support of a book club, or some more book reviews – fiction or non-fiction. I love love love the interiors, DIY, home tours posts but think it would be a great idea to include some more posts on gardens. I’m a complete novice so as well as garden styling some simple “how to” posts to get things growing, best times of year to do things etc would be ace. I don’t really wear makeup unless I’m going out in the evening but still like the recommendations, and would like to see a few more recipes for dinners and easy to prep take to work lunches! I always struggle with lunch.

    PS I’m happy to share my low fat chicken, chickpea and spinach curry recipe 😉

    1. Hi Kitty, I really struggle with lunch too. This is a great suggestion.
      Also I have just started working through some gardening ideas so hopefully we’ll be inspiring you to get green-fingered very soon. x

  20. Packed lunches for me have to be quick and easy to prepare. If they’re too much of a faff I just don’t end up doing them the night before or in the morning. I take salads quite a lot but get bored with them or they don’t fill me up, or I make up a batch of soup and take that but again I get fed up of eating the same thing every day!

    Thanks for the gardening! My garden is just a lawn and a small patio at the moment, I’ve got no borders but would really like to do something with it in 2015! x

  21. Book club is a great idea 🙂

    I too love the make up posts – could we have a guest make up artist to do one every so often on applying various bits and bobs – eye liner on my top lash line is still a mystery to me….

  22. Also I can’t believe it’s been going so long – it seems like only a couple of months ago I got an email in my inbox saying something exciting was coming along 🙂

    Good work ladies and gent!

  23. Yes, book club please! I like the pet idea too. I have a little dog who is often referred to as my substitute baby, like minded crazy dog lady articles are welcome.

    I like the ‘real life’ type posts about relationships and friendships. I would be nice to hear what you have done over the weekend (not just the big trips or boutique stays), sometimes its nice to know someone besides yourself is also happy just do the normal errands, chores or just chill out on the sofa with a good book/film.

  24. Right, 11 months of reading avidly and it’s about time I posted a comment!! Have loved RMS since the start, got particularly hooked from Charlotte’s pregnancy…”all normal maternity clothes make me look like a frump” post!! Haha! Just totally resonated with me as I was going through the exact same thoughts. I now have little 7 month old George in my life so I’ve been following EVERYTHING Mabel related with lots of interest! Love all the fashion, beauty and make up advice (many a time I have been wandering in Boots with an article open…reading comments on products to buy!). Also as my husband and I have just relocated to Suffolk to be closer to my family I have loved anything to do with “life changes”- making friends, career stuff etc etc. And then there are the interiors ( love Lauren’s cottage!) , pretty DIYs, recipes to try, travel recommendations, fitness and health bits. Quite frankly I just love it all and actually think I’m a little bit addicted! Read most posts overnight as i’m awake with little George (the pickle…still not slept for more than 4 hours at once!! Zzzzzzzzz) and it’s just been such a delight to feel so inspired even at 3am!! Anyway, so I haven’t commented for 11 months and now I have waffled on for ages…I’ll shut up now but not before saying thank you all again and a very Merry Christmas and wonderfully Happy 2015 to you all 🙂 Lucette xx

    1. Hi Lucette *waves* I hope this encourages you to keep on commenting 🙂

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback x

  25. Maybe some fashion ideas for curvy ladies or how to adapt trends for different body types. Also love the home tours and decor ideas!

  26. Charlotte, your sister did a break ups part 1 post, but we’re still yet to hear about part 2. My boyfriend left me last month, and like her I thought this was it. Would be lovely to hear how she’s getting on, especially her advice for getting out and meeting people etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love both blogs and check in on both on a twice daily basis, but it would be nice to hear about the more miserable (?! Dont really know how else to put it!) side of things sometimes. also, I know a few of you have ties to Sheffield – i moved to Sheffield with him and now I’m staying here! Recommendations, or advice on how to join the Christmas club that has been mentioned would be greatly appreciated! lots of Christmassy love with sleigh bells ringing! Xxx

  27. I have to admit that I’m slightly obsessed about food, health & fitness, To the point where I think I’ve probably read about or trained every form out there! I’d be more than happy to read more posts on this topic and maybe have somewhere to share ideas & recipes or review fitness products?

    Where I am a complete novice and take huge amounts of inspiration is home and style, so please keep those coming! I also love the girl power in the career section 😉

    Congratulations on your wonderful year and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2015! Xx

  28. Everything! I read and love all posts, and like several other readers I migrated across from RMW once I was married. Love the healthy hauls, home tours (currently renovating our new cottage), make up posts, weekend away posts, recipes, excited by the prospect of a book club… but my current favourites (have been catching up on old posts) are maternity & Mabel-related posts (might have my own little bun in the oven but ssshhhh still early!). I actually really love the diversity of posts – so keep it up team RMS, happy Christmas and best wishes for 2015 xxx

  29. This is also my first comment; even though I have been a fan from day one….I have loved graduating to Rock My Style after getting married in 2013! I would like to see some more ‘real event’ posts (birthdays/naming ceremonies etc.). I don’t know about everyone else, but I love getting friends and family together to celebrate events, and it is always good to have new ideas – especially for big dos such as milestone birthdays!

    Another suggestion is more foodie posts – I love cooking and it would be great to have more recipe recommendations (always good to share tried and tested recipes). More fashion too please – I don’t have much time for shopping (darn work), so your edits are really helpful.

    My final suggestion is more inspiring career posts (possibly guest posts from brilliant women) – and please not just focused on careers in fashion/blogs/crafts – it would be great to get a mix from the sciences, business, and arts.

    Keep up the good work in 2015, and hope you have a fun and relaxing Christmas. x

  30. This is my first comment but have thought RMS was fab from day 1! I have loved the interior, maternity and baby related posts!
    Enjoyed the food related posts, would be good to have some eating out recommendations and reviews in the Midlands! I second idea of career related posts in a mix of areas. Have a lovely Christmas!

  31. Just wanted to say that I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find Rock my Style!!! I got engaged in 2009 and followed Charlotte’s journey from the YAYW forum over to the very start of RMW. I used to pore over the pages religiously during my engagement up until my wedding in 2011 and even months after it had taken place. Such a pleasant surprise to discover this extension to the brand. Love it already ; ) X x

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