What Make-Up Did You Wear For W-day?

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

This is a blatant gathering-of-information feature for me (selfish). But it does mean we get to spend all morning talking about make-up so I figured it’s ok (although possibly more for my benefit than anyone else’s – VERY selfish.) I’ve been tinkering around with a few editorial ideas for Rock My Wedding recently and I would like to put together a few beauty specific posts.

What I would really REALLY like to know is, what make-up did you wear on your wedding day? specific products/brands and names of colours would be especially useful. If you could tell me what made you choose the particular formulations and shades that would be extra helpful. Also if there was anything that didn’t work for you and why…yes I know, LOTS of questions!

Was there anything you wish you had worn but didn’t because you wanted to appear more traditionally “bridal”? I went for quite a neutral lip shade for the “day” and changed it up for a brighter coral in the evening – I wish I’d just worn the colour pop for the entire affair, it suited my colouring significantly better and I felt much more “me”.

The image above features some of my favourite pieces from Chanel for brides, we’re actually giving them away as well as a whole host of other goodies on Rock My Wedding if you are interested or know anyone else that might be.

And if you are not married (I am in no way assuming all of our readership are, 50% of the RMS team isn’t for a start!) then please feel free to contribute any cosmetics advice you fancy. Can’t wait to read your comments!

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55 thoughts on “What Make-Up Did You Wear For W-day?

  1. I had a make up artist but I supplied my own lippy – estee lauder in Dune Rose. I’ve kept the tube with all my other w-day keepsakes. I wore false eyelashes and had quite soft smoky eyes. my day was quite traditional but no way was I doing the natural look!

  2. The wonderful Jenny O did my face for w day, and I am still using the Bare Minerals products she put me on to. Their foundation is incredible!

  3. I used a make up artist. The only product that sticks in my mind is the one that took the longest to settle on. It took me weeks to find a lipstick, I never really wear anything on my lips but for my wedding I wanted to. I didn’t want nude, I didn’t want coral, I got in my head I wanted a classic red but nothing felt right. In the end after much experimentation (it’s lucky my make up artist was a friend) half an hour before the car set off we dashed on Benetinit from Benefit. Lasted all day, provided the hint of red I wanted but I still felt like me

  4. Ooh here goes with my shopping list for the big day – I still use most of the products (although some re-bought)
    Lancôme teint idole 24 hr in 010 (I’m pale)
    Bobbi brown bronzer in golden light
    A bb powder in pale yellow
    Bobbi brown blusher in pale pink (it’s bright pink in the pack!)
    Touche éclat for the dark eye rings tho I’ve since switched to bobbi brown or Lancôme colour correctors/concealer and they’re better.
    Bobbi brown long wear cream eyeshadow in shore I think
    Can’t remember which mascara
    Then best lippy bobbi brown cream in rose petal
    Loved picking make up and totally recommend teint idole – i wear it all the time and someone recently said looks like I don’t wear foundation which was nice!

  5. I went Mac for all products following a trial at their store in Brighton. I did my own makeup on the day after several practices but I didn’t go for anything too tricky. I wanted to go for bright red lips but the lady in the Mac store suggested a neutral shade for the day as I’d be kissing lots of people (this was true!) and then I glammed up with a Matt red for the evening. I was very lucky to have my wedding featured on the fab RMW so you can see the results here: http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/just-like-honey/

  6. Well, here goes!

    As soon as i became engaged I suddenly seemed very aware of how shiny my nose got throughout the day so wanted to find make up to mitigate this. After much searching, I settled on Estée Lauder double wear light which really does stay in place all day – making it a great base for the rest of my make up. I also used Mac blot powder – which I bang on about all the time – but which is a miracle product for anyone who suffers from shine! That was the only product I actually took to the wedding so I could reapply.

    I spent a lot of time at the Bobbi Brown counter when I got engaged – they are so helpful and I find they recommend more natural looks than the ladies at Mac.. From there I got my blusher in Nude Blush – the most beautiful natural peachy colour – and if they ever discontinue it I shall weep. I also bought their shimmer block for highlighting which I was sceptical about but is really great and lasts literally forever. I also got the under eye concealer and colour corrector from there which I don’t use at all now. I kind of got talked in to buying those because I wanted to do a professional job in my face but actually don’t really suffer from dark circles under my eyes so don’t think these were essentials!

    However, I have always rated Mac for eye products and favour a smoky eye as my fancy make up look so Mac is where I went to create my eye look. I used a combination of eye shadows from Mac for said smoky eye – Brule (a nude colour which I used as a base), Copperplate (a lovely smudgy grey colour I put all over), Tempting (the most gorgeous copper shimmery eye shadow that I used on top of some black eye liner to completely line my eyes – this is great for people with green eyes because it really makes your eyes pop) and I used Espresso (a dark rich brown) to create the smokey look by smudging it in to the creases and around the edges.

    My eyelashes are were I let myself down – I genuinely think I forgot to apply more than one coat of mascara in the final rush to get ready! I wish I’d invested more time in to creating lovely long fluffy lashes. And on my lips I used the pink tinted Vaseline. I really didn’t want to go too hard on the lip colour because of the dramatic eyes and I don’t wear lipstick that often so didn’t know whether it would smudge halfway through the ceremony but I’d not have a topping up opportunity before a billion pictures were taken! I probably should have invested more time in researching lip alternatives.

    But all in all I was pretty happy with the results and it all stayed on until I woke up at 4am on top of our bed next to my husband – both of us still in our wedding outfits.. Classy!

  7. I did my own makeup for the day after doing a lot of research (including devouring the Rock My Wedding posts on the subject) and taking a trip to Space NK, although I pretty much knew what I wanted before I walked in the shop. I went for a more polished version of my natural look with a my lips but better lipstick, defined eyes and flushed cheeks (traditionally bridal I guess):
    Primer – Hourglass Veil Mineral
    Foundation – Nars sheer matte
    Concealer – Nars concealer stick
    Highlighter – Nars illuminator in copocabana
    Bronzer – Laura Mercier matte radiance baked (not too orange for my pale skin and only a dusting)
    Blusher – House of Colour powder in some shade of Pink and Natural collection in a lighter brighter shade of pink
    Eye Primer – Nars smudge proof eye primer
    Eye shadow/liner – A variety of pinks and navy blues (for eyeliner) taken from a Laura Mercier baked palette
    Mascara – Can’t remember the brand but it was definitely Navy
    Lipstick – Lipstick Queen in Pinky Nude
    Real Techniques brushes
    If you are wondering how I remember all this it’s because our photographer took a picture of the mess that I left after I had finished doing it, which I didn’t clean up until the next day! It’s also one of my favourite pictures probably because it takes me right back to that moment.

    1. Just realised there is now way I would have forgotten to powder my face to set my makeup but I’ve changed the one I use since then and I can’t remember what is now (and there’s no picture of it either).

  8. Other people will have way better advice than me, because I don’t usually wear much make-up – my advice would just be to look like yourself 🙂

    I did however totally love my tinted lip balm – Burt’s Bees in Tiger lily (once I remembered to put it on!)

  9. I feel like a complete cheat now! I’m utterly cack-handed at make up so I paid for a make-up artist & false eyelashes which were my absolute favourite part of my look – love the bambi eyes! One thing I remember thinking at the time is that my lashes were unnaturally long, but looking back at the photos I think they look fab, so I guess that’s a tip for the future, more is more (within reason of course!).

  10. I had the amazing Rachel Singer Clark do my make up so not sure exactly what she used. It was the only time I’ve worn airbrush foundation and it really does stay on all day even on very oily skin like mine, felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. I picked out a mauve lip stick from bare minerals, I think the shade was break away. The colour stayed on really well and was very moisturising. The only thing I used during the day was oil blotting papers from MAC.

  11. I’m not married but one of my best friends used exclusively Bobbi Brown – they do a bridal make up tuition thing which we both went along to and I’ve incorporated a lot of the techniques and products into my everyday look because they go for a very classic style. She did her own on the day (and in the end went for something a little more dramatic after spending more time doing trials with them) and I know my sister-in-law used a lot of BB for her wedding but with a make up artist. And they both looked gorgeous, even if I am a little biased!

  12. I had my make-up done at the hairdressers we used on the day – they used Bare Minerals make-up which was great. I had a trial done at House of Frasers which I’m thankful I did, I’m so pale and quite picky I essentially got to pick what I wanted and emailed the make-up girl. HOWEVER, I wish had just been confident enough to do my own make-up. No offense to the girl who did it, she was lovely, but I think she wasn’t used to such pale skin and just did what she would do for herself/anyone else/every bride wants a tan. Also her take on a feline flick was a bit of a sham and I ended up fixing it myself!! I had a flick of black eyeliner, some shimmery nearly pink eyeshadow (I wore a blush dress) and some lipstick my Mum ended up putting on me (don’t know what it was!). Not quite natural look but I don’t wear much make-up anyway 🙂

  13. I wore Bobbi Brown foundation (one of the few that’s pale enough for me without making m look like death), cream eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and Mascara and a dark coral lipstick which matched my flowers (burnt orange) – and blusher of course! I still use all the products regularly and didn’t raalky want something that was too different from what I would usually wear and feel like myself 🙂

  14. Oh and I did it myself – I don’t wera make up that often but feel confident enough to do it and being pale, I worried about the every-bride-wants-a-tan look Annie mentioned!

  15. THANK GOODNESS. Wedding make-up has been stressing me out. I never wear foundation, blush, anything but eyeliner, mascara and lip balm. On a big night out I might pop on some black eye shadow or bright pink lipstick, but know full well it’s going to come off within a couple of hours. I have no idea what to do for my wedding. Do I do a bright lipstick? Will I have to keep re-applying? What about my eyes? Should I wear glitter? ARGH! I can’t wait for your series.

    A focus on some cruelty-free and vegan products would be super appreciated too!

  16. Hey lovelies 🙂

    So, my friend is a make-up artists & beauty therapist, so she kindly did my make up. All I specified was that I wanted red lips!
    I loved my make-up, but I will admit that having red lipstick can be a little high maintenance! Or maybe I’m just high maintenance!! 😉 (I had my friend at the wedding so she was constantly checking my lipstick and topping it up as appropriate! – I’m very lucky girl!) xx

    The products she used on me were:
    MAC face & body foundation
    Benefit Coralistic Blusher
    Clinique highlighter
    MAC Fluidline eyeliner in blacktrack
    MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
    Lancome mascara
    MAC Satin lipstick in MAC Red
    Oh & Eyelure Naturalites fake eyelashes (no. 101)

  17. I was lucky enough to have the amazing Sali Hughes do my makeup on my wedding day. I had a winter wedding (December 29) and these were some of the products she used:

    Laura Mercier Radiance Primer (gave me a lovely glow – I now use it every day!)
    Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
    Chanel Eyeshadow Quad in Prelude
    NARS blusher in Deep Throat
    Fairydrops Waterproof Mascara
    Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude
    Bobbi Brown lip liner in Browny Pink
    Bobbi Brown lip gloss in a nude colour (can’t remember the name right now)
    Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish powder
    For my eyebrows I think she used Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor, although can’t 100% remember!

    I loved all the products she used and the makeup looked fantastic all day and night!

  18. Oh so interesting! I recently got engaged and we are eloping to New York so I’m now trying to figure out make-up I can apply myself. On an everyday basis I tend to wear very little – Bobbi Brown pot rouge blush in “Fresh Melon”, basic mascara, and then colourful lips. But I want to amp it up a bit whilst still looking like me for the wedding day, plus I desperately need to figure out some kind of foundation and concealer (for my dark circles!) before I go so will be keeping an eye on any and all recommendations here. I’ve also heard rave reviews for the RMS living luminizer so am definitely planning on giving that a go!

    The plan is for this look: http://urban-reveries.tumblr.com/post/60951104825

    Any recommendations very welcome!

  19. I too was like Jennifer, I noticed just how shiny my nose could become as soon as I got engaged!! I wear make up everyday and have done done for years, I actually won’t leave the house bare-faced (sad, I know!) I rarely change-up my make up apart from a vamping it up for a night out so I knew that if I suddenly changed it dramatically for my wedding then I wouldn’t look or feel like me. After a disastrous make up trial with the lady that did my friends for her wedding, I was left feeling very confused. I had a terrible reaction to the make up she used (Mary Kay), something I had never experienced before and am still trying to cover up some of the scarring nearly a year on. So I decided that I would practice and hone and my make up skills and do it myself! I wore Estee Lauder double wear light, Mac pro-longwear concealer, Max Factor false lash effect and false lashes (I wanted a bit of Hollywood Glamour), Collection 2000 liquid liner as I always have a flick (best liquid liner I have ever used, never smudges or flakes and is very reasonably priced!!) and Bourjois lipstick in a light pink (can’t remember the number), Benefit Sugarbomb blusher and all set with Urban Decay setting spray and Laura Mercier setting powder. Best decision I made! Everyone thought I’d a make up artist, it didn’t budge and I looked like me! 🙂 x

  20. I’m pretty lucky that one of my friends is an extremely talented hair and makeup artist. More used to dolling up celebs than me but she was amazing. I don’t wear much makeup so she did it beautifully in a really neutral palette. All the products were mac and I loved how they felt on my skin. I bought a Chanel foundation which she then blended with a few of her mac ones to make the perfect shade and a gorgeous mac lip tint which gave a hint of pink to my lips. Can’t for the life of me remember any of the colours now though! I can’t believe how well my makeup stayed on all day. It didn’t budge. The additional benefit was she came to the wedding so I got makeup touch ups all day long and a quick new hairstyle for the evening! Amazing. x

  21. I had a make up lady for my wedding and wish I could use her every day! She used mostly MAC I think, which converted me to their products-can you believe I’d never used them before? Revelation! She used Patisserie on my lips which is a lovely pinky nude colour. Have bought about 6 tubes since!

  22. Awwww – lovely wedding day memories! My mum and I went to a make-up trial a few months before the wedding and whilst it was a lot of fun, neither of us thought we looked like ourselves. The lady was lovely but I think had a bit of an old-school approach (I was disappointed not to see any Chanel, Estee Lauder or Laura Mercier in her goodie bag!) and even though we talked about a natural look, it all looked a bit heavy handed!
    So off we trotted to Frasers and as Estee Lauder skin care fans we sat down with a gorgeous lady in her 20s and asked for wedding makeovers. Such fun! I cant remember the exact colours of everything, but I came away with the following (all Estee Lauder):
    Double wear light – fab coverage but you could still see my freckles (at hubby’s request!)
    Double wear concealer
    Eye shadow set that had browns and purples (she showed me how a subtle purple sweep in the eye creases can set off brown eyes beautifully, she was right!)
    Blusher in Blushing Nude
    Lipstick – Pure Colour Crystal Shimmer in Hint of Peach

    I used my own benefit highlighter – Girl meets Pearl (love) and whilst I bought a Lancôme waterproof mascara to wear on the day, I backed out at the last minute and went for my usual every day Max factor False Lash Effect and so happy that I did (why does waterproof never look the same?) My photographer found it hilarious that I decided at the last minute to attempt to apply individual false eyelashes to the corners of my eyes – we had some time to spare so I thought why not! I had tried them months before and loved them so was pleased I managed to get a few in before we left for the church.
    My one big piece of advise – remember to bring your make up bag for touch ups! we completely forgot to bring anything, and although I wasn’t desperate for more make up I do wish we had a hair brush… when I removed my veil for the dancing, it pulled out most of my half-up do and without a brush I had to use extra Kirby grips (from in my hair!) to work a make-shift up do myself! Not ideal when I see the photos of me from behind 🙁

  23. Can I recommend Smashbox products for wedding days? Unlike a lot of foundations it doesn’t have the light-reflecting bits that give you ghost-face when all your pals shove their iPhone flashes in your face (is there ANYTHING in the world as unflattering as the iPhone flash?)

    One product I couldn’t live without is MAC Studio Fix concealer. MY other product of note for the big day was my Chanel nail polish in May, always my fave shade. xx

  24. Such an exciting post, I’m getting married later this year and plan on doing my own make-up so can’t wait to read everyones tips & recommendations! So far all I have decided on for my own day is an amazing Tinted Lip Conditioner in Nobody’s Baby by Ilia which is just perfect – it’s the right amount of sheer and doesn’t dry out. I pair it with MAC lip liner in Dervish for a gorgeous nude lip. I am struggling to find a good long-lasting foundation for dry skin though!

  25. I used mostly Jane Iredale products – the tinted moisturiser in light, just a touch of powder in light on my t-zone, as I was going for the dewy look. The blusher was ‘barely rose’. The lipstick was PureMoist in Mary, and I also used a touch of PureGloss in Pink Candy over the lipstick.

    These products were so easy to use and felt very light. I found they were perfect for building up layers to get the effect/coverage I wanted rather than feeling caked on. I adore the blusher, its perfect for a blushing bride rosy glow.

    My eyeshadow was Revlon 16 hour colour stay (I can’t recall the exact name but it is a quad compact of a creamy colour, mid brown, olive green and dark brown). I used the creamy colour over the whole lid and, the dark brown to contour and then mide brown for blending.

    My concealer was a Boots 17 in medium (I have used this since I was a teenager).

    My mascara was by Max factor but I can’t remember which one.

    I used Benefit’s brows a go go on my eyebrows.

    The brushes were Ecotools.

    I had two make up trials before deciding to do my own make up. I just didn’t feel myself and felt the make up was caked on by others. On the big day it only took me 10 minutes to do it myself and I thought I did a good job.

  26. I had my make up professionally done but provided my own foundation and lippy. Foundation wise I used a Laura Mercia foundation – it’s one of the few you can get these days that doesn’t contain SPF. I had been told that a foundation containing SPF is not the best choice if you are having lots of photos taken as the protective particles can cause reflection on photos and leave you looking a bit ghostly! Lippy wise it took me and age to find the perfect shade – I wanted pink that was more than neutral but not a full on hot pink colour pop. After many many trips to I think all of the beauty counters and hours spent in Selfridges beauty hall I found Uber Pink by Bobbi Brown – it was just what I was looking for! Problem is they have stopped making it typical!!!! Apart from that I had lots of eyelash extensions and a pretty neutral, slightly sparkley eye. Wish I looked like that everyday!

  27. I did my own because a. we got married in Italy thus it would have been tricky to find someone and b. we were on a budget so I didn’t have numerous pre W-day visits .. in fact we had none eek!

    Anyways I did have a splash out and watched numerous You tube videos.

    I used MAC Prep+Prime BB Cream – it was in a darker shade than normal – medim plus but I had been there for a week before so had a light tan and it just gave me an extra bit of colour. I still use it now, just mix it with my day moisturiser to lighten it a little!
    I bought Chanel eye shadow quad 204 Tisse Vende me and their blusher in 82 Reflex (this is still going strong over a year and a half from purchase and I use it almost daily!).
    As I am into everything orange (my flowers were orange and peach and I wore a warm orange nail varnish – just a cheapie) I bought a MAC single eye shadow in Orange just to make my eyes pop. I did this quite subtly in case anyone is imagining a bride with bright orange eyelids!
    I did go for an unusual colour for my lips that wasn’t normally me but I wore it loads before and after I remember. It was a Bojours Rouge edition – can’t quite remember the colour but on googling the closest looks like Buzz 10.

    I also bought some Benefit Porefessional primer which worked at the time. I feel this dries out my skin now though and have gone back to Clarins Flash Beauty Balm pre foundation.

    I love the Chanel blusher in the picture – why is all their make up so gorgeous (an expensive)?

  28. I love lipsticks, but not a big fan of the matte look, and I often find that sheer/shimmer types don’t have enough staying power to merit their price however, I recently purchased YSL’s ‘Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain’ (rolls off the tongue!) in shade 37 – an orangey-red – for a work party, and was so, so pleased with it! It not only stayed on all night, but stayed glossy too, and the colour was brilliant. I re-applied only once throughout the evening, but I honestly think that I probably would have gotten away without needing to. I had been worried that with it being partly a stain that it might dry out my lips, but that didn’t happen either! Basically, it was perfect!

  29. Ooh, I love makeup! Got into it more again since our wedding – for several years I wore just tinted moisturiser, concealer and mascara (still do most days). Having a bit of a play is fun though!

    Before the wedding I had a trial with a makeup artist at home, and a second one at SpaceNK in St Albans, which was great. I preferred the approach of the assistant at SpaceNK and bought a lot of the products, applying myself on the day. It was a ‘me but better’ kind of look. My stand out products from it are:

    NARS Tinted Moisturiser – gives more coverage than most and can build up to a foundation level if you want

    By Terry Touche Volutee – a bit like Touche Eclat but more concealing and less highlighting. Really handy, I wear this by itself sometimes and you can apply it on the go!

    Hourglass Ambient blush in Dim Infusion (such a weird name for a colour). It’s a very subtle peach that I would never have picked, but suits me perfectly. People notice when I wear it now but don’t know what it is which is always very satisfying! (‘You’re looking gorgeous!’ from my utterly blunt, “you’ve put on weight” sister in law so it must be true).

    Laura Mercier lip liner in PotPourri (another weird name!). A great colour, I have quite highly coloured lips and this is just a slightly darker than natural lip colour that makes me look a little more ‘done’. At SpaceNK they put LM sheer lip colour over the top in Baby Lips but I actually don’t think it’s a great colour match and to be quite honest it comes straight off as soon as you move/speak much less eat or drink, so that won’t be a repurchase (and I lost the original – bit sad!)

    I would love to know what people think of NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils for a nice bright lip – I have one and the texture is amazing but the colour’s not quite right for me…was thinking of purchasing the famous Dragon Girl – or maybe Never Say Never – or maybe a nuder one…decisions, decisions!

  30. I was airbrushed for my wedding and, initially, was sceptical beyond belief. However the foundation last/hold/anti-shine was fantastic and it was so lightweight you didn’t know you were wearing anything!

  31. I did my own (because I am a makeup junkie and I prefer to do it myself!!)

    I can’t remember some of the colour names but I’ll look them up when I get home from work!

    Either smashbox photo finish or dermalogica primer with pearl protein (can’t remember which)
    Estee Lauder double wear light cut with a tiny bit of No 7 mixed in (the long wear one, can’t remember the name)
    Estee Lauder blush in a neutrally colour (ie not too peach or pink)
    A gold smokey eye done with MAC brushes and a mix of shadows (chanel and MAC probably)
    Lashings of soap and glory mascara (fast and furious??)
    Red lips with a combo of MAC lady danger and a NARS lipstick that comes with a foam applicator thing (like a gloss but its not glossy!)

  32. I had the wonderful Katy Bird do my make up – I was initially a bit nervous about someone else doing my makeup but she totally got what I wanted and she made me look amazing. Products she used were:
    Becca highlighter which gives an amazing glow
    Mac face and body – I don’t like the feel of foundation but this covered really well and felt light, she recommended double wear though if you are a foundation wearer usually
    Mac powder and bronzer
    Nars orgasm blusher – this is my usual blusher & really glows
    Mac lingering eyebrow pencil (I’m now addicted to this!)
    Pinky-gold eyeshadow (I didn’t get the brand but the colour was like bobbi brown eye cream shadow stick in gold-pink)
    lips were filled entirely with lip pencil then max factor pristine nude gloss – lip pencil helped it stay!
    Fixing spray

    I can’t remember the rest! Other tips were holding ice on eyes to remove puffiness before starting, Elizabeth arden 8 hour on lips to plump and using a primer. My makeup lasted really well! It’s a good idea though to have a lippy to hand for top ups (though I mostly forgot!)

  33. I did my own make up after a couple of trials at beauty counters. I went with the look created by the lovely Bobbi Brown girls.

    I used the following products:

    BB foundation stick in Porcelain
    BB creamy concealer in Porcelain (I think!)
    BB corrector in Porcelain Bisque
    BB Sheer finish powder in Pale yellow

    BB Powder blusher in Nude Peach
    BB Illuminating Bronzer in Santa Barbara
    BB Shimmer Brick in Nectar

    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
    BB Longwear Cream shadow in Beach Bronze
    BB sparkle Eyeshadow in All Spice patted over the cream eyeshadow
    BB Longwear Gel liner in Dark Chocolate Ink (this was smudged slightly to soften the line)
    BB Eye shadow in Bone (on the brown bone )
    Benefit They’re Real mascara
    BB eyesahdow in Taupe on my brows

    Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Romance
    Chanel Lip liner in Pretty Pink

    I also used the Clarins and Urban Decay make up setting sprays.

    I was really pleased with how it all looked and lasted, I did loads of test runs at home and to the office.

    The only thing I would change would be to use more powder at the start of the day and through out the day, I look a bit ‘glowy’ in some pics!

    I still use all the make up and really enjoyed doing my face, it was so calming.

  34. Lancome Teint Idole 24 hour mixed also with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Warm Sand.
    Bobbi Brown Sugar something blusher
    Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink lipstick – I love this lippy!!!
    Eyeshadows were a mix of Bobbi Brown Champagne Quartz & Ballet pink.
    Bobbi Brown nail polish in Ballet Pink – lasted til well after the honeymoon too!
    Millie Mackintosh Falsh lashes with extra coatings of Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof.

    Great post and now have a long lift of products I want to buy/try! x

  35. Dior forever foundation
    The scary bright pink Dior blusher
    Dior nude lipstick
    Chanel boy lipstick
    Dior show mascara in brown for my red hair – more natural less gothic on my extremely pale face.
    Dior powder
    Dior brown eye liner- the very soft twizzle up one
    Dior eyeshadow palette in browny bronze. Sorry can’t remember all the names!

    Reason I went very natural was due to my colouring and I did want to look ‘bridal’. Very happy with my make up look on the big day. My only regret for my day was allowing my mother to control the entire thing!! Irritates me to this day three years later.

  36. Ah Charlotte I was like you – rosy nude in the day and then a warm pinky-coral in the afternoon/ evening (Chanel La Favorite). I used a coral blush (MAC peaches) and subtle bronzer (Chanel Les Beiges) and did a natural eye with UD Naked 2 palette and a black mascara. Set it all with MAC mineralise skinfinish natural powder which is somehow matte and luminous at the same time. I did my own makeup and I was happy with it.

    However…. post-wedding the make up purchasing habit (addiction, so says husband) has continued and I would actually upgrade some of the products/ add in others, particularly The Balm MaryLoumanizer as an amazing highlighter for cheeks/ inner eye corner, Nars radiant creamy concealer which covers everything and lasts and lasts, and Hourglass Ambient Blushers. I also really like the Hourglass sculpt cream bronze and highlight palette thing for super glowy skin. Last thing – I’ve discovered Laura Mercier cake tightline things and how to actually apply it and so wish I’d known about that 2 years ago!

    Might have to skip on back to RMW to see this series – love the beauty posts! x

    1. Becki I LOVE Loumanizer!also I have JUST bought my first hourglass product (coming to the blog next week!) and would love to try more, which ambient blusher do you have? are they not to sparkly? I would LOVE to tightline – I just can’t get the hang of it! do you not wear eyeliner in the usual way – just tightline? x

  37. Thanks so much for all of your helpful comments ladies! I’ll enjoy having a proper look later on this evening and tomorrow – just sorting out a very over tired and irritable baby and hoping we get to eat dinner sometime before 9PM 🙂 x

  38. For me, the nail polish was very important. I ordered 3 different colours and tried them out before the big day: All 3 were from Essie: Meet me at the altar, No baggage please and Again?! In the end, I wore Again?! which is a lovely dark raspberry colour. I bought a matching lip gloss from MAC, however, I forgot the name of the colour.

  39. This is very well timed! I am going shopping at the weekend to look for my wedding makeup. I was looking at the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation has anyone used it. I got the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder/Highlighting Palette for Christmas and it is lovely so think I will definitely be using that on my wedding day. I always find that my lips get really dried out by the end of the day when wearing lipstick so am keen to find a nice moisturising lipstick which has staying power. Emma

  40. The AMAZING Jodie Hazelwood did my wedding day make up & it was the best decision ever! She totally got what I wanted, perfect looking skin (!) and soft smokey eyes. I now have a serious addiction to Shu Uemura eye shadows though. Nail polish was important to me too & in the end went with Romantique by Shellac which was the perfect creamy pink x

  41. I got really into makeup in the lead up to my wedding. I’ve always liked the stuff and am an everyday won’t leave the house wearer but getting married gave me the excuse to experiment with lots of new products. I ended up going for Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in shade 1, but the lovely ladies in House of Fraser gave me testers of 2 and 3 so I could blend the perfect shade depending on how tanned I became for our end of July wedding. I tested it out on my hen do and it stayed put all day walking around Brrghton in the blazing sun and all night dancing in a very hot bar! Searching for wedding makeup led me to Chanel De Volume mascara and I am now a fan for life. It’s the closest I’ve got to looking like I’m wearing subtle fake lashes without actually wearing any, and that’s quite a feat for my fine blonde ones. I also wore a subtle layer of Laura Mercier lip crayon in the shade Folklore which is bright bright pink. It matched my bright Bikini Pink Shellac manicure and I layered it up for a really intense pink for the evening. I still wear all these products a year and a half later and still love them xxx

  42. I am a bride-to-be trying to decide whether to get a MUA or go the DIY route, so this post will be amazing!!

    Eyelashes are the main focus of my usual look, so I am particularly interested in those recommendations…I am in love with the YSL Faux Cils mascara and have been for years, but I want to try out a few more before the big day to make sure I have the absolute best!! I am signing up to a beauty box through the post to hopefully try out lost of new products in the next year!!

    I also love Benefit porefessional. I am cursed with the shiny t-zone and I find that this product calms my skin and covers up so quickly and easily, without even really needing a mirror. I think it will be a saviour on my wedding day!!

  43. I had an amazing make up artist for our wedding. Our wedding was a few days before Christmas. I had to choose between silver and blue tones or reds and warm colours. I embraced the Christmas feeling. I had my nails painted in a lovely deep red that matched my rose bouquet. I never wear lipstick usually just a pale pink gloss. My make up artist found the perfect colour for me for the day – blizzard by Chanel. All of the make up products that she used were by Chanel apart from one product that she absolutely swore by….Barry M dazzle dust!! It’s amazing and they last for ages. I wore pink/gold. I wasn’t sure when I saw the little pot of PINK powder but it’s beautiful on and blends well with other colours. She made me feel like a princess x

  44. We got married 3 weeks ago, and I had planned to do my own make up until not long before the wedding, when I suddenly worried I would be too nervous, so I went for the best of both worlds – I had a brilliant MUA, Amy Louise Ellen – http://www.amylouiseellen.com/ , who used mainly my own products from NARS and Laura Mercier so I still looked and felt like me. We used Laura Mercier primer, NARS sheer glow foundation in Mont Blanc, Laura Mercier translucent powder, Laura Mercier eyeshadow in sable, and amazing, amazing individual lashes, which made me feel like a 1930s femme fatale! 🙂 I did start out with lipstick on – a NARS one – but it just didn’t feel like me so I ended up swapping in the car and just wore a Barry M cor balmy lip balm in Rosy Lea, which in the end was perfect! I was actually feeling really ill on our wedding day, but the make up was just brilliant as it stayed put all day, and however green I felt inside, you mercifully couldn’t tell on the outside! 🙂

  45. I’m getting married in September in Italy; the panic regarding my hair and make up has really started to set in. I am confident in doing my own make up and would prefer to do this on the actual day, but I am concerned about colours, making sure it lasts, making sure I don’t look shiny or greasey.
    In the past I have used a mixture of make ups including Rommel, no 7, Clinique, DIor and Channel, I favour different products for different looks. At the moment I am thinking about booking some time with the Dior and Channel staff. All tips would be very much welcome, it’s amazing how you can spend everyday doing your make up without panic, and one day scares you

  46. I know I’m a little late to this party, but I HAD to tell you about my Wedding foundation – I used Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. It’s beautiful and has since become a staple in my everyday makeup. I found it was easier to apply and blend with my fingers as it warms the product up, and believe me when I say a little goes a loooong way!
    It’s wonderful and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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