What Are Your Plans For Christmas Day?

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I love hearing about everyone’s plans for the 25th. We used to have quite the discussion here on RMS – I’m only sorry I’ve left it only 48 hours before hand to ask, so I hope some of you are still around to share.

This Christmas is going to be a special one for my family. Iris has been given the all clear having had her post operation check up, she, Mabel, James and I will be experiencing all of the trimmings with my sister, her husband and their daughter along with our parents in their shiny new kitchen.

Last September my parents sold Launceston, our family home of 30 odd years, to residential building developers. The developers knocked it down and in its place have since built 3 impressive eco houses. It was a discombobulating time for all of us – my sister described it as feeling uprooted. And I know what she means. Even though Melissa and I moved out many years ago, it was still somewhere we gathered every year for festive celebrations. But it was the right thing to do, both financially and for the future in general.

My Dad liked to transform Launceston into some kind of (admittedly fairly tacky) winter wonderland. I won’t go into too much detail but one year he commissioned a life-size Santa and sleigh made out of MDF to be displayed on the roof. It was swept off the roof during high winds and promptly fell through my Mum’s car windscreen. She was understandably unimpressed.

Last Christmas the tinsel and the abundance of fairy lights were sorely missed, Mum and Dad’s new home was littered with unpacked boxes full of memories and due to the less than ideal circumstances surrounding Iris, we decided to all go out for Christmas dinner (the first time ever). And even though it was lovely – especially not having to prepare anything or indeed tidy away, it just wasn’t the same.

This year my parents kitchen is finally renovated, and it is quite the triumph. They bought a barn conversion that hadn’t been touched in decades, it was completely liveable, but lacked functionality – the kitchen in particular was very small. They knocked though to one of the garages and created an open airy kitchen diner with separate utility and loo. In addition they also created a beautiful entrance hallway that makes the most of their rural views.

So for 2019 it’s ON. A family Christmas to remember. My sister and I are starting off the proceedings by making margaritas – our favourite cocktail. Why have fizz when you can have tequila?

It’s then dinner at 4pm: blade of beef, Yorkshire puddings, a vast variety of vegetables, roast potatoes and of course, ALL THE GRAVY. Uncle Will is apparently following dinner with his very own magic show which he has been practicing religiously. Apparently it’s for the kids but I have a feeling it’s for everyone. But mostly it’s for Uncle Will.

I’m looking forward to seeing how polished his performance is after one too many of the aforementioned margaritas.

After the entertainment we will open presents from each other and follow the merriment with a giant cheese board. Some cheese. And maybe even some more cheese. James and I are responsible for the selection this year, and I’ve had a riot at the deli counter. I really bloody love cheese. And chutneys and posh biscuits that have wanky names like charcoal-and-poppy-seeds-with-a-waft-of-cucumber … and-hint-of-mint-hashtag-artisan-bollocks etc etc

Then we have whiskey. And questionable dance moves. Maybe even some carol singing. And…..did I mention cheese?

If you do have a minute or two, I would really like to hear about what you’re up to in the comments box below, only 2 more sleeps!

And that just leaves me to say, thanks so much for sticking around. For giving us and each other so much helpful advice and ideas. I have a feeling 2020 is going to be the best year yet. Becky and I might even give a lifestyle/business podcast a whirl….because why not?

We’ll be taking a short break over the holidays but we’re back on the 2nd January with a discussion post that I know will resonate with many.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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20 thoughts on “What Are Your Plans For Christmas Day?

  1. Sounds like an idyllic Christmas Day! It’s our first as parents having adopted our baby girl back in July (and her first Christmas!) – it’s going to be very different to all of those that have gone before and for once we’ll save our own presents for the evening so the day can be all about her. I just can’t wait, the journey to parenthood has been a long one and times like Christmas have been bitter sweet for some time – plan to fully embrace all the joy this year! Have a lovely one and I can’t wait to see what RMS do in 2020 xx

    1. Oh Rebecca, you are going to have the most wonderful Christmas. What amazing parents you are, thanks so much for sharing your heart warming festivities with us – here’s to 2020 x

      1. We’re going back to my parents for a couple of nights before heading off to Portugal until New Year. It’s the first year my brother’s girlfriend is joining us & she’s made a traditional Swedish pudding. It’s made my heart happy to see how happy she makes my brother & also how bloody proud she is of this pudding – it’s been photo-documented over the last few days 😂
        Hope you have a very merry Christmas (certainly sounds like you will with the margs!) x

        1. Portugal! You lucky thing, I love Portugal Lynsey. This Swedish pudding sounds like quite the accomplishment! and it’s so lovely to hear how happy your brothers girlfriend makes him, Merry Christmas x

  2. We alternate between our parents – away at my folks this year then next year we’ll wake up at home because my in-laws are all local to us, which gives us a nice balance!!
    So we’re off to mid-Wales today with our five year old … fitting everything in the car is always a challenge and this year I had a three evening process to move the bag of presents (that are supposed to be at the north pole ready for delivery) from the loft to the back of the car without our little girl seeing … as well as the pjs and book brought by the elves on Christmas Eve!!!!
    My husband and I loved Christmas before we had our daughter, and have loved merging our traditions and coming up with our own to share with her!!
    Work has been super busy for the past few weeks, so this year I have been giving much thought to what needed to stay on my to do list and what could be cast aside!!! Still a work in progress though!!!
    Love posts like this … and looking forward to more in 2020!!

    1. Amy this sounds wonderful! For years we travelled to Wales for Christmas – my Mum is from Gwent. Three evenings, good grief, you deserve a medal! it will all be completely worth it though. And I know what you mean about work, I have done the same – and to be honest I’m fine with all the things I “haven’t” been able to do, I’ve not really bothered with fancy/much decor this year for example, I just don’t have time. You will have the most perfect day x

  3. Merry Christmas Charlotte and the team! So wonderful to hear the news about Iris – thank you for letting us know; I hope your celebrations are suitably special.

    We are hosting this year for 9 of us in total – last week we had part of the living room ceiling missing and a few weeks ago we had no boiler BUT it’s all come together and tinsel is perfect for jazzing up bare plaster! I’d love to squeeze in a festive parkrun but not sure if the timings will quite work – we’ll see quite how big a turkey the (generous) farm shop have allocated us!
    Looking forward to the 2020 posts and YES to a podcast – I don’t listen to the RMW one but I would love to hear you two chatting about life (and chocolate digestives)! X

    1. ha ha Katie we can always talk about biscuits!!! Wow you have had a lot of preparation to do, and I love a bit of tinsel to make things merry & bright. Here’s to 2020 and a MASSIVE turkey 🙂 x

  4. We are doing something totally different this year. As pretty much all of our extended family are away or with the ‘other side’ of their families and its just the 4 of us, we are going to spa hotel it up!! The hotel is only 30 minutes away but its really lovely and wasn’t too stupidly priced for a 2 night package. It has a lovely pool and we are looking forward to a relaxed Christmas morning taking the kids swimming and for a walk in the grounds. I have no idea what it will be like but am really, really excited!!
    Next year I will be cooking for 15 so going to embrace this year. My fridge is empty!!!!!

    1. Nikki this sounds absolutely mega, honestly, what a lovely treat – and especially as you say, make the most of it before the 15 next year (!) have a wonderful time x

  5. Wishing you and your family a truly wonderful Christmas Charlotte. I’m so happy to hear the fantastic news about Iris. That definitely deserves a few extra margaritas!
    I can only imagine how tough the last couple of years have been for you personally and professionally but I am absolutely in awe of your courage and determination. What an incredible role model you are for your girls.
    It’s been so lovely over the last weeks to see the essence of Rocky my Style shining back through the posts and to see the community here building again too. I can’t wait to see what you guys do in 2020. Best wishes to the whole team.

    1. Emma that is a very kind message, thank you. It’s been challenging but I’ve had the best network of friends and family – and the latter end of this year has been a career high with regards our new parent company and plans for the future. I hope to one day to tell my girls about the adventure! I’m glad you have enjoyed recent posts, it’s been so lovely to see the community back again – long may it continue. Merry Christmas x

  6. It sounds completely wonderful Charlotte. And the cheese especially. You’ve got the Little Black Bomber right? It must be such a joy to be able to celebrate everything being ok with Iris. I imagine that’s the best gift you could ever wish for.

    We’re heading back as I type from our annual family pre-Christmas celebrations with my in-laws in Kent which was also sponsored by Black Bomber, Stilton and Brie 🤤.

    We can’t wait to get home to our first Christmas with the baby in our newly completed renovation. I know you’ve been cheerleading from the sidelines which has been lovely, it’s been a very challenging year so all words of encouragement are welcome! It will be such a treat to finally get some time to spend as a family enjoying it rather than rushing around like headless chickens finishing it/working to pay for the bugger. My husbands been consistently doing 120 hour weeks this year and not had a holiday since last Christmas so the break can’t come soon enough.

    The baby is nearly 6 months old so she’ll be having her first solids on Christmas Day which is really exciting. I need to keep a hawkeye on the 4 year old though because she’s dying to slip her baby sister some chocolate. I’ve a feeling we’ll struggle to keep the treats at bay for as long as we managed the first time round with our eldest!

    Hope you and all the team have a wonderful, peaceful time and all the best for 2020

    1. Phillipa! So lovely to hear from you! I need to catch up on your amazing renovations – currently my favourite house on instagram. I haven’t been on the app much in months so I’ve missed out! I do indeed have black bomber 🙂 also some fancy crunchy Cornish cheddar and Gouda and Brie and…..lots of others!! ha ha, we’ll be drowning in cheese. I bet the baby will love her first Christmas dinner – Iris likes to throw her leftovers on the floor once she’s “finished” so it’s a…dream 😂

      Your husband is a hero, what a wonderful home you have created. Merry Christmas pet x

  7. Lovely post before the Christmas excitement ramps up. It sounds like you have some great plans – enjoy! Happy Christmas to all the RMS crew x

  8. I hope you have some nettle wrapped yarg in your cheese selection!

    We will be popping down the road to Charmouth where my husband and his family take part in a Christmas Day Sea swin before heading to the in laws for lunch/presents/etc. I’m 23 weeks pregnant so hoping to be home at a reasonable hour to collapse on the sofa with a few chocolates in hand. The best thing about this year is how excited our three year old is. He really gets it this year!

    1. That’s so lovely Tracey! and nope….no nettle wrapped yarg?! I think you need chocolates – extra at 23 weeks I say. And good grief your husband and family! They will need a hot toddy after – amazing fun though. Merry Christmas xx

  9. Hey Charlotte,

    Such great news about Iris! (Drinks a margarita in celebration) Love this post! We are having the same
    Christmas we always have – just us four and the dogs, we’ll eat lots, open gifts, go for a nice walk (and I may brave a sea swim). Curl up for an afternoon Christmas film, drink too much, devour a truck load of cheese and do as little as possible with not a digital device in sight – pure bliss! So much love to you and your family for the festive season and can’t wait to hear more about the podcast in the new year ❤️ X

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