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What Do You Wear For Bed {With M&S}

Author: Lauren Coleman

If there’s one thing I do love about these darker, longer nights then it’s having a bit of a soak in the bath and then getting wrapped up in a cosy pair of PJs.
As part of the #FinishInFall mini project I’ve been sorting through all my clothes and I’ve realised I have so much nightwear that’s either ill-fitting, mismatched or seen better days. I’ve had an annual clearout and I’ve put a couple of items on my Christmas wish list too. As ever M&S have a gorgeous range of nightwear and their autumn/winter collection has every type of sleepwear imaginable however you like to sleep.


I’m pretty sure we all have a formula when it comes to our nightwear. For maximum cosiness, comfort and temperature regulation in winter I can’t sleep without a full sleeve and a fully covered leg. Despite feeling the cold I categorically cannot wear socks as otherwise I wake half way through the night in a hot frenzy (not of the fun variety) and have to whip them off.

In more recent years a cotton jersey cuffed bottom variety has become my absolute favourite. I hate it when nightwear rides up and love how a welt keeps the leg in place. God forbid I’d flash my legs while in bed. However I have a real soft spot for the traditional pyjama which has made a comeback in the last few years, with the smart collar and tailored styling – you know the kind of PJ you’d expect to see in a Christmas film. The black geometric ones would be smashing to pull out on Christmas Eve. They’re super soft against your skin and feature fancy technology to regulate your body temperature.

M&S Chemise


Charlotte on the other hand has mentioned before she prefers a nightie as feels anything else is too much like wearing clothes to bed. I reckon she’d be over the moon if Mr O’Shea treated her to this pure silk strappy chemise for Christmas.

In winter we keep the heating off in our bedroom as I like to keep the room cool so unfortunately a slinky chemise number is probably going to lead to pneumonia, however I’ve found a really happy medium with the M&S Printed Long Sleeve Nightdress which has long sleeves for a modern take on the traditional night dress.

Dressing Gown

When it comes to a dressing gown, I’ve got several and I have to confess to wearing them over my clothes when it’s cold in the house and my husband won’t let me turn the heating up a notch. I bought my sister the Rosie Huntington-Whitely gown two years ago and she raved about how luxurious and warm it was so my mum gave me one for Christmas last year. In the summer I favour a white spa like one (which unfortunately lasts about five minutes before it’s covered in make-up).

All of these nightwear products are included in the M&S Advent Calendar promo. If you spend £35 on Clothing, Beauty & Home you can get the 2017 beauty advent calendar for £35, worth £250. It’s full of lots of gorgeous things so you can get your PJs and a new face all in one go.

I’ve been reading about people who apply a capsule approach to nightwear. At first I thought it was taking it a bit far but it actually makes really good sense when you think how often all these bed clothes are washed, it’s a good idea to have a load of tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched. Admittedly it’s only my husband who’s going to see me going to Bedfordshire of an evening but it makes the sleeping experience seem far more luxurious and comfortable if I’m in a matching pair of PJs.

What are you wearing for bed? Are you a PJ or a nightie kind of girl? Is anyone else overjoyed that a onesie no longer seems to be a thing?

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with M&S but regardless I wear their PJs all winter long.

  • Printed Long Sleeve Nightdress
    Printed Long Sleeve Nightdress
  • Bird Print Cuffed Hem Pyjama Bottoms
    Bird Print Cuffed Hem Pyjama Bottoms
  • Pure Cotton Leaf Print Pyjamas
    Pure Cotton Leaf Print Pyjamas
  • Shimmer Dressing Gown
    Shimmer Dressing Gown
  • Satin Printed Strappy Chemise
    Satin Printed Strappy Chemise
  • Bird Print Short Sleeve Pyjama Top
    Bird Print Short Sleeve Pyjama Top
  • Pure Cotton Heart Print Pyjamas
    Pure Cotton Heart Print Pyjamas
  • Cotton Rich Star Print Long Sleeve Pyjamas
    Cotton Rich Star Print Long Sleeve Pyjamas
  • Geometric Print Long Sleeve Tencel® Pyjamas
    Geometric Print Long Sleeve Tencel® Pyjamas
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28 thoughts on “What Do You Wear For Bed {With M&S}

  1. I’m a bit ridiculous in that I love to lounge about in a good pj but I like to sleep in a nightie. And you cannot beat an oversized soft dressing gown. I’m in need of a new one so definitely putting this one on my Christmas list! It looks so lush x

  2. I am exactly the same as Becky! I have a real nightmare choosing nightwear as I love full on pjs and dressing gown for lounging but then tend to roast once I get in to bed so prefer a nightshirt then. My solution so far has been to buy a pair of leggings to chuck on under the nightshirt whilst sitting around. I also got a lovely knitted wrap/gown from the Autograph collection last xmas and it make me feel decidedly more glam when sitting around in pjs the whole time!!! x

  3. Another fan of the Mariah-esque outfit change just before bed. PJs for lounging, always the jersey cuffed bottoms from M&S, then a nightie for actual sleep. Luxury at it’s best 😉

  4. My husband bought me a Rosie Huntington-Whitley dressing gown for Christmas last year – at first I was a bit disappointed that I’d got a dressing gown for Christmas, however its the most luxurious thing ever, I adore it. Its so soft, so warm. I also wear it in the house just when its a bit cold and after 10 minutes I have to take it off, I’m boiling. I have also taken to draping it over the top of the duvet when I’m extra cold in bed. My son likes me to make him a ‘dog bed’ with it and he will snuggle down on it for a good 20 minutes (yes he’s an odd kid!).
    Its also black, so I can also channel the lady from the black widow adverts of my youth whenever I desire.

    1. It’s so warm isn’t it Claire? If ever you’re absolutely freezing put your hands under the hood. It’s toasty! x

  5. I absolutely LOVE pjs, for sleeping in, for lounging in! I wish I could go to work in them! New PJs at Christmas time is an absolute must! When we were little we would always get a “Christmas Eve present” and it took us a long time to work out that it was always new PJs (always looked very smart and matchy in the Christmas vids).
    I definitely favour the cotton cuffed variety too Lauren, so comfy x

    1. My friend always used to get Christmas Eve PJs and I was so jealous! I think James and I might start a new tradition 🙂
      Hooray for a cuffed bottom. I love them!

  6. I am vest top and shorts for bed – i feel the cold but my duvet is super snuggly so i prefer to need to warm up rather than get over heated in the middle of the night – with cuffed pjs for lounging of a weekend morning – plus a snuggly dressing gown is a must for this time of year 🙂

    1. I’m wondering if I need a new duvet Janey. Mine is as flat as a pancake but is meant to be a high tog. Finding it very difficult to regulate my temperature with these freezing nights!

      1. Lauren – probably about 6yrs ago or so i forked out a large sum of money on White Company pure down duvet (recommended by my mum) – I couldnt tell you exactly which option i purchased now – but i have both summer and spring/autumn – and they can be buttoned together if it gets super cold – they are so light and fluffy and just fold around you – and because it is all natural fibre your body temperature regulates a lot better – I did make sure i made the purchase when i had a discount code!!! But have never ever regretted it as a purchase! x

  7. Pjs. But I’m super fussy. Slim legs, 100% cotton and no childish prints! Ironically the best place to get them seems to be the kid dept where I can get stripes or spots rather than Penguins, teddies or other naff cuteness.

    1. Rachel, I’m the same on the childish stuff. Absolutely no cartoon characters are allowed in the bedroom in any shape or form!

  8. I’ve been getting all of my nightwear from M&S for the last year or two. I find the 3/4 length bottoms and t-shirt sets really comfy, but with the cold nights now set in I’ve gone back to long jersey cuffed sets again.

    I accidentally left my dressing gown on holiday in Dorset last month (to be honest it was probably past its best days) and my hubby scored lots of brownie point by surprising me with this It is so comfy and toasty warm. I would definitely recommend M&S dressing gowns and the prices are great!

  9. I have been longing for a new dressing gown for ages but haven’t found one that is suitably luxurious and cheap! I am slightly weird, I don’t like dark colours for dressing gowns as I think white/cream/pale looks so much more fresh! I quite like Primark for PJ bottoms and I have worn two white secret support vests from Tu until they are bobbly but I can’t find replacements. I recently bought some white and cornflower blue stripey PJs from Next but they are a really bad cut, the top is so boxy with a baggy neckline and they come in a size 12-14 which just doesn’t fit either way!

  10. I must also admit that I wear a dressing gown over clothes in the house. I can’t even claim that it’s because we don’t have the heating on… I do it all year round. It’s like my comfort blanket. I started doing it when I was a teenager and never grew out of it. I also wear pyjamas whenever I can. If I know somebody is coming over then I put clothes on underneath the gown and whip it off just before I answer the door, but if I have an unexpected visitor they have to deal with pyjamas. I hate wasting outdoor clothes on the indoors! I swear I end up having to wash them again before I’ve even got any outdoor wear from them.

  11. I struggle to find pjs as I like a long sleeved or 3/4 length top and shorts which is a tough combo to find, shorts almost always come with a vest but my arms get too cold! I also do long pj bottoms and a hoodie or similar in the evening then just switch to my shorts before bed! 🙂 I’ve got the Matalan Alder Hey Charity pjs for myself, my hubby and our wee boy for Christmas Eve, can’t wait! Lx

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