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spare room
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Courtyard makeover and summer house

We Accidentally Sold The House

Author: Lauren Coleman

It wasn’t until I wrote a post about selling houses we realised we were actually quite keen on the idea of moving ourselves. At the start of 2015 a move definitely wasn’t on the cards, in fact we would never have undertaken #projectgarden if we’d have known it would be for someone else to enjoy. However midway through the year the subject of moving to a new address seemed to make an appearance frequently. A new job meant James’ commute had tripled over the last year plus with the decoration now complete, we fancied a new project.

In August we decided to get our ducks in a row and booked a valuation with a view to putting on the market in early January. To cut a long story short, one of the estate agents knew a couple he thought may be interested in the house. After a bit of deliberation we agreed to let them view in the hope they’d provide some useful feedback for when the time came to sell. We agreed a price to market the property for one viewing and drew up the particulars so we were ready to go in the new year. I imagine you can guess what happened next. Yep, after one viewing they offered asking price and just like that we accidentally sold the house. Turns out I am actually rather good at selling houses.
Five weeks and six house viewings later we found ourselves up against stiff competition after we fell hook, line and sinker for another period property. After a tough day of negotiations we were over the moon when our offer was accepted. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t feeling a bit smug; we’d escaped the hassle of viewings on our cottage and had just secured the house of our dreams. Lady Luck, however, had other ideas and decided to wipe the smile off our faces. Just days after our offer was accepted, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The last three months have been unbelievably stressful. The uncertainty around two of the things I hold most dear; my family and the concept of home has been unbearable at times. Like any move we’ve had the usual problems from bankrupt solicitors, suspected money laundering and damp proof queries, though this time they’ve been slotted around hospital visits and frequent trips to my parents. If it hadn’t have been for our New York trip and my amazing friends and family I think I would have lost the plot more than once.

Thanks to Ms Allsopp I perhaps have an irrational fear no potential house move gets to completion. (Does anyone else wonder if anyone actually moves on Location, Location, Location?!) As not to tempt fate I felt I wanted to wait until exchange until mentioning the move on RMS. After a seven week delay on paperwork at the top of the chain we finally exchanged yesterday.

As this post is published, I’ll be waiting for the removal van to arrive at our little cottage. This home has been the scene of numerous family gatherings, feasts with friends and a place for many to lay their heads for the night. A lot of memories have been made within the four walls and I’ll be sad to leave. However it’s time to start a new chapter, one we hope will be filled with good health, hope and happiness.

Thanks for all your good luck messages on Instagram yesterday I’ll hopefully be sharing a few pics of our new home of the weekend and obviously there will be lots of interiors posts to come in the new year!

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42 thoughts on “We Accidentally Sold The House

    1. Thank you darling. She’s doing well thanks – third chemo today (so gutted I can’t be with her) but fab news earlier this week as the affected area has shrunk by over a third. Thanks so much for all your support over the last few months. I don’t know what I’d have done without you You deserve an awesome Christmas Mrs M x

  1. Congratulations Lauren & good luck for today. Your love of both your family & your home shines through your posts here & your Instagram & I guess that’s what gives you the grounding to be so resilient & strong & ever do fabulous. I wish you every happiness in your new home w your hubby & lots of love & good health to your mum. Try to enjoy today, keep smiling as you welcome the new adventure. Can’t wait to see you work your magic, oh & merry Christmas! Xxx

  2. Congratulations on your new home, very exciting for you! Not surprised your gorgeous pad was snapped up so quickly and can’t wait to hear about the new renovation. Also wishing your mum a speedy recovery and a healthy 2016. My dad was diagnosed with cancer this year and was in hospital having further treatment when I gave birth to my little boy – my parents first grandchild. It was so hard not being able to visit each other as we live far apart too. They didn’t meet their grandson ’til he was 2 weeks old but the day they came to stay he got the all clear. Very special. Sending so much positivity your way. X

    1. oh Lynne, so sorry to hear you’ve had a traumatic time too. Such wonderful news to hear your dad has the all clear. Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas x

  3. Good luck Lauren. We are moving today too! Wasn’t expected at the start of the year but with the baby coming we decided to move to a bigger pad. Does feel a bit sad leaving a nicely decorated house and starting all over again but exciting too!

    1. Good luck Kat. Such a busy day for moves today! We’ve just had the news the bottom of the chain has gone through so we no longer own this house! Just waiting for the call for the next bit now x

  4. So much good news in one week! Wishing you lots of luck in your new home and I’m very much looking forward to the before and after’s posts : ) x

  5. Happy Moving Day. We are also moving today, out of the in laws where we have been for the last 6 months and into our first home we are super excited but a little nervous too!

  6. Ah the move sounds very exciting, I hope everything goes well today and you can put your feet up with a cuppa in your lovely new home! So sorry to hear about your mum, I hope you get some good news on that front soon. Becky xx

  7. Well done on such a speedy sale. Good luck for your the New Year and new chapter. Hope all goes well for your mum today too! Claire x

  8. Good luck today Lauren! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
    Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to your family. I went through a very similar time with my mum and I know just how tough it is for everyone but the difference it makes fighting it as a family.
    Amy xxx

    1. So sorry to hear that Amy but you are so right, fighting as a family makes such a big difference as does keeping a positive attitude. Lots of hugs to you x

  9. What a crazy, emotional year for you, Lauren! I really hope today’s move goes well and all the very best for your new chapter. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum but encouraging to see what you’ve said in the comments – hope affected area continues to shrink every day!

    Looking forward to seeing the new project and what you do with it. 🙂

  10. I can’t wait for the new interiors posts Lauren! I just know it’s going be gorgeous. Hope the move goes well today!
    Also wanted to send my love and thoughts regarding your Mum. Cancer is the cruelest of beasts. Luckily, we have the most brilliant health care system looking after our loved ones. And it’s totally kicking-ass at defeating this horrible disease. xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Sian, she’s in fabulous hands. The care we are receiving is second to none.
      Lots of interiors posts to come in the new year x

  11. Hope it all goes well today chick and so looking forward to seeing you settled in your new home. Thank you to everyone who has also sent such lovely positive messages for our Ma. Your support has meant the world to us. Biggest thanks to you though Laurie. We are a formidable duo and this year has proved that you can’t mess with the Moore girls. Love and hugs little sister ??xxx

  12. Congratulations on the move and can;t wait to see what you do with your new project! Thinking of you and your family, both my husband and I know what you are going through as our Mum’s were both diagnosed with breast cancer within weeks of each other. A strong family and lots of love is what saw us through it, lots of love to you xx

  13. HUGE congratulations on the new home. How very exciting. CANNOT wait to see your renovations.
    Also sending you and your family lots of love. Hope you can all have a lovely Christmas and that the chemo goes well for your mum.

    1. Thanks my lovely. Although we set out to take out on project we’ve actually ended up with a completed renovation. We just need to put our stamp on it now. The paint charts are already out 😉 x

  14. Oh sweetheart, it must have been an unbearable time for the family with your Mum’s diagnosis. I hope she’s getting all the care she needs and she’s doing well with her chemo. I know I’m far away but if there’s anything I can do to help or support from a hospital point of view, you know where to find me. I have every faith that she’s a warrior just like her daughter.

    Exciting times on the house move! I hope 2016 brings you and the family lots of good times, health and happiness. You know I’ll be keeping my beady eyes on your home renovations.

    Lots of love xxxxx

  15. Congratulations Lauren and James, I very much look forward to the interior posts as your photos of your old cottage were always stunning. All the best to your mum too and here’s hoping for a happy healthier new year x

    1. Oooh the pressure M-J! This house has a great ‘bone structure’ so hopefully our makeover will do it justice x

  16. Nobody deserves this to have worked out more than you. Enjoy making your new cottage look just as fabulous as your last home!

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