Wavy Hair Saviours

Author: Lisa Soeno

My hair is a right royal pain in the arse. It’s neither sleek and straight nor fabulous and curly. It’s in-betweeny, sometimes frizzy, nondescript waves. I wear it up 90% of the time and if I want to make an effort I get the ghds out to tame those waves. But I’ve recently come across a few wavy hair saviours which I thought you needed to hear about if you too have thick and wavy hair.

Wavy Hair Saviour #1 {The Salt Spray}

I did a LOT of late-night research into surf sprays before deciding to give Bumble and Bumble a whirl. I was reluctant to spend £23 on a big bottle in case it didn’t do anything for my hair, so I was pleased as punch when I spotted a smaller bottle on lookfantastic.com for a tenner. A quick spritz and scrunch after I’ve washed my hair and I can just about get away with not having to straighten it/put it immediately up into a mum bun.

Wavy Hair Saviour #2 {The Conditioner}

I love all the Aussie hair products. My little sister popped a bottle of 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor conditioner into my Christmas stocking last year and it’s been my go-to conditioner ever since. You’re meant to leave it in for up to three minutes but because there’s usually a little person asking me to get out the shower and get her breakfast/a little person trying to put his sock in the toilet, I only ever manage to leave it in for 30 seconds. It still works wonders, so maybe if I ever get to leave it in for three minutes I will instantly have the bouncy locks of Kate Middleton.

Wavy Hair Saviour #3 {The Brush}

I didn’t truly believe that the brush I used would make a difference to the appearance of my hair … until I tried the ghd paddle brush. I don’t know how but it definitely makes my hair sleeker and smoother. I recently left it on holiday and had to panic-buy a new one. It’s that good.

Wavy Hair Saviour #4 {The Fringe Brush}

Yes, I cant believe I’m saying this either, but I use a separate brush for my fringe. At my last haircut I was moaning to my hairdresser about the fact that some days my fringe just looks a bit shit. He asked me which brush I was using (see above), and explained that I needed to use a vented radial brush whilst blasting with a hairdryer to give it some shape. He was right. All hail the hairdressers.

Wavy Hair Saviour #5 {The Shampoo}

I know you’re meant to change your shampoo every so often, so after YEARS of using Simple’s Gentle Care shampoo I tried out Wella Shine Define. My auntie, who was also blessed/cursed (delete as appropriate) with thick and wavy hair, swears by the stuff. It does exactly what it says on the tin and makes dull hair shine. It’s pricier than Simple but well worth that couple extra quid.

Do you have thick and wavy and unmanageable hair? What are your hair hero products/styling tips?

  • ghd Paddle Brush
  • GHD Pure Gold Straighteners
  • Ghd ceramic radial vented brush
  • Wella Shine Define
  • Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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19 thoughts on “Wavy Hair Saviours

  1. Another great post- I think we’re almot hair twins! I too have hair that is neither curly nor straight, there’s lots of it but it’s fine so needs product to keep its wave. I’ve yet to found ‘the one’… 😂

    I recently bought Aussie moisturising shampoo and Lush seanik shampoo bar to try out and have to say that they have been great. Agree with you about Aussie- very moisturising and has improved the appearance of my hair. Seanik is plastic-free (which I’m moving towards), contains sea salt and leaves soft, gentle waves when my hair dries naturally. So easy to use too and long-lasting, I’ve heard.

    My fringe needs blow-drying with a round brush- I use a natural bristle one but might try your suggestion. Desperately in need of a cut but waiting for a child-free, work-free moment!

    I also use John Frieda beach blonde sea waves (even though I’m a brunette) and it’s okay, but a bit hit and miss. I’ve wanted to try Bumble & Bumble for so long so will take the plunge now! Too many good reviews to ignore 😀 Giant post over!

    1. Hey hair twin! I like the sound of this seanik shampoo bar, thanks for the recommendation. Fingers crossed for you that you get a child-free work-free moment soon 😉

  2. Love these suggestions as I have shit hair too! Can I ask- do you tend to blow dry it or do you leave it to dry naturally? I never have time to dry mine so it does go a bit fuzzier unfortunately..one product which I really rate (after years of buying stuff that doesn’t work) is Potion 9 which I got from Amazon, it’s brilliant and well worth a try.

    1. 99% of the time I leave it to dry naturally. I’ve never mastered the art of using just a hairdryer to make it look presentable, always need hairdryer AND straighteners! Thanks for the Potion 9 tip – never heard of this but just had a quick look on lookfantastic.com and it has such good reviews! X

  3. This is completely my hair! I was also bemoaning my hair to a hairdresser recently and she told me I didn’t have enough layers cut in. I thought it couldn’t be that simple (I’ve been saying the same thing to various hairdressers for years) and maybe it’s not- but in my case, it worked! What was before beautiful curls underneath and kind of half straight / frizz on top was transformed into a mop of full curls!
    It’s quite a look after being a slave to the ghds for years and I’m now not sure how to style such a layered look when it’s straight. But if curly is your main look- that’s my tip!

    1. Josie I want to see before and after pics! Sounds like such a transformation. Thank goodness for knowledgeable hairdressers x

  4. Love this post, I’m definitely going to try that shampoo and brush. My hair is the same and it looks rubbish at the moment. Can anyone recommend a good hairdryer that dries it quickly and leaves it smoother? I’ve heard the ghd one is good but it’s sooo pricey I’m a bit dubious about shelling out so much money…. x

  5. I’m the opposite – I have fine blonde hair that has a tendency to kink and frizz if I don’t dry it properly, plus it’s so fine and slippy it won’t stay up unless I put loads of product in. I tried growing it a few years ago so I would be able to curl it and do all sorts of pretty things to it…….Ha! In my dreams. I could spend hours curling, only for them to drop out within an hour. I’ve had to accept it’s boring and straight and fine, so I keep it in a chin length straight bob. I’ve been using Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery conditioner as my hair tangles like crazy when wet. You’re supposed to leave it on for a few minutes, but it gets about 30 seconds and it still works well. My other newest best friend is Wow Dream Coat. I spray this on damp hair before blow drying and it makes my hair so easy to comb and smooth and silky.

    1. My curls drop out within an hour too! (Unless my hairdresser does it 🙄). I’m liking the sound of Wow Dream Coat…again it has rave reviews, especially for frizz x

  6. Lise, this is so timely! My faithful ghds of 10 years, conked out the other day. I’m delaying buying new ones to try to reduce heat damage…I thought if I have to find another way to tame it I might straighten less once I replace them. I’m thinking of trying the paddle brush and the salt spray. 🤞for fab hair! x

    1. Su I thought my ghds had died the other day and I was like nooooo! (I just hadn’t plugged them in). Let me know how you get on with the paddle brush and salt spray if you try them x

  7. I have this hair too!

    I have been hankering after a Dyson hairdryer for a while, but couldn’t quite bring myself to do it as they are soooo expensive. But my lovely mum and dad bought me one for my 40th in May and it is AMAZING. It smooths it right out, and I just need to do a very quick bendy straighten on the ends with my ghds…

      1. It’s a game changer!!

        I am now actually of the opinion that it’s good value… time saved over the next however many years 🙊

  8. I too have incredibly thick and wavy hair and over the years have tried all sorts of styles, treatments etc. I have tried maximising the curl by scrunching and leaving to dry naturally, but found that at some point you do need to brush and then a bog brush frizzy look can take over. Over the last couple of years I’ve fallen for regular Brazilian blow dries at the hairdressers. They last about 3 months and I’ve found they make my hair so much more manageable- no frizz and I can have a sleek straight look quickly and easily or a frizzless wavy look too. It has transformed my hair (and my life!) you do have to use a special salt free shampoo in between but it’s not expensive.
    I also have a separate round ceramic brush for my fringe!

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