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Uggs {The Ten Commandments}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Alexa Chung is a girl after my own heart. Firstly, she rocks a dungaree dress and a tea dress. Secondly, if the Metro is to be believed, then it looks like she’s back with Alex Turner, frontman of one of my all-time favourite groups. And thirdly, she wears Uggs. Yes, you read that right. The model, designer, muse behind the Mulberry bag, and author of one of the most instagrammed coffee table books EVER, names Uggs as her footwear of choice.

I’ve got to admit I’ve got a strange love/hate relationship with Uggs. When I was putting together the inspiration gallery below it did cross my mind that a lot of the outfits might look better with different shoes or boots. I can totally see that they’re inelegant, clunky and clumpy. But then at 8.35am, when I’m rushing to get out of the door to walk Lyra to school, and I can’t bear to think of that cold English air nipping at my ankles, I always end up reaching for my Uggs. I guess I’ve reached an age where I value comfort as much as style. Don’t get me wrong… I would NEVER wear them on a night out or to work. But for the school run or the weekly shop there’s nothing better or easier than throwing on a pair of jeans, a parka and the snuggliest boots in the world.

My fascination with Uggs first started with that picture of Sienna Miller wearing a pair, with the tops folded down, at Glastonbury. She may have teamed them with neon green sunglasses and one of those silly studded disc belts, but everyone can make mistakes right? (I mock, but I loved my Dotty Ps disc belt).

And then my love affair with Uggs truly took off when Rich bought me my first pair whilst we were backpacking up the east coast of Australia (when in Australia and all that). They were from a nondescript little shoe shop in Byron Bay, and looking back now, I have a sneaking suspicion that they may have been counterfeit, but at the time I treasured them. They didn’t get much wear until we got home, but when we did get home I wore them to death.

But anyway. On to the commandments.

1. Thou shalt keep the rest of your outfit simple.
2. Thou shalt never wear Uggs with a mini skirt. (Unless you’re Sienna).
3. Thou shalt never wear Uggs in the summer. (Unless you’re Sienna).
4. Thou shalt never wear Uggs at a British festival. (Unless you’re Sienna).
5. Thou shalt opt for the minis or a dark hue for an understated look.
6. Thou shalt never wear Uggs with a tracksuit.
7. Thou shalt stop wearing them when you’ve worn them so much that the inner part has collapsed and you’re shuffling around in them.
8. Thou shalt wear long socks with them. Ankle socks will end up rolled around your toes.
9. Thou shalt never let thine boyfriend/husband wear them.
10. If Alexa says they’re acceptable, then they’re acceptable.

I’m genuinely intrigued to know. Are you a lover or a hater? Or are you having a secret love affair and only wearing them indoors as slippers?

  • Niels Brown Uggs
  • Classic Leather Uggs
  • Scuffette Slippers
  • Niels Black Uggs
  • Bonham Ankle Boots
  • Classic Mini Uggs
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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50 thoughts on “Uggs {The Ten Commandments}

  1. Most of the ones you’ve shown to shop are obviously proper boots but aren’t the standard ones just slippers? I once heard an Australian person laughing their head off at the idea of wearing them as outdoor shoes. I’ve never seen them close up enough to confirm, but they seem to have a foam and fabric construction. Doesn’t that just soak up water? What happens if you tread on something sharp? I’m afraid it’s a big fat no from me!

    1. Lisa and I were talking about the slippers thing the other day. Those pics of Pammy A on the beach between takes on Baywatch. It’s interesting how we’ve repurposed them!

    2. I’m similarly curious about the waterproof-ability of them. They look darn cosy, but how practical are they in the UK when the weather changes on a dime? I had fake ones that did me no favours when out for work and there was a sudden downpour. NOT WATERPROOF!!! big soakers.
      Also, i’ve been told that you’re not meant to wear socks with them because they are sheepskin inside. This comes from kiwi friends of mine. Thoughts?

  2. I like to treat myself to a new pair every year. Mostly i go for actual boots though so i can wear them to work. My ones from last year have been great but they discontinued the style 😣.

  3. They’re the ugliest things ever and all those outfits you’ve shown are all ruined because of those. Sorry but its a no from me

  4. My friend had some on yesterday and looked fab.
    Some of the rip-offs just don’t support your feet though and I hate to see folk just dragging their feet along the pavement!

  5. I’m in the no camp. I can’t stand the sight of Uggs, to me they look like dead teddy bears on peoples feet 😬

  6. I’m a closet Ugg wearer. I would never be without a pair, but I tend to reserve them for supermarket runs, doctors trips when I’m sick, early morning drop offs, and most importantly, after yoga/dance classes. There is literally nothing better than slipping your tired feet into snuggly warm, comfy boots after a workout. Although this does mean I break commandment 6 as they’re usually paired with tracksuit bottoms over my shorts. I’m conjuring up a really fashion forward image right now aren’t I?!

  7. I love my uggs! I’ve had several pairs over the years and I tend to buy a new style most winters. They’re the comfiest footwear ever and I never suffer with cold feet in winter – can’t bear to have frozen feet! I don’t know why people are so snooty about uggs – surely it’s just personal taste like every other item of footwear and clothing? You wear what you personally like, end of! I think all the pictures above look nice and I know for sure they feel like they’re walking on a cloud 😝 x

    1. I’m one of these people that always has cold hands and feet and there’s nothing worse than cold feet! (Actually there is. Cold WET feet).

      And I totally agree. As long as you’re happy in what you’re wearing that’s really all that matters 🙂 x

  8. I adore them! The proper ones have very thick sturdy soles so no problems out and about. They are amazingly comfortable and warm and life is too short for cold unhappy feet 🙂

    And controversially – I think they look great! (caveat – with the right outfit) There is a reason they have persisted in popularity for so many years now when people originally thought they were just a fad…

  9. I love my uggs! Not for work/going out as above but I have raynards syndrome which means my fingers/toes turn blue when I get cold. Uggs with their sheepskin lining really help with this! Plus they’re perfect for in the park toddler days! I’ve just bought my 2 year old a desert boot style for trendy/cosy feet!

      1. Another Raynauds sufferer here! It’s bloody awful and I even get it all summer. My little finger is currently white and dead as I sit at my laptop typing. It’s not even that cold inside!! I used to take ginko biloba as apparently it helps circulation but keep forgetting to restock. Edd keeps trying to buy me heat pads to wear inside gloves but that’s not too practical when trying to work! xx

  10. Adore! Though only ones with a proper sole and zip so boots rather than slippers. Perfect with skinny jeans and a slouchy jumper. Haters gonna hate… 😂 But who’s laughing when it’s -2…

  11. I love my Uggs and you will never tear me away from them. But they have to be proper Uggs and not the cheap imitations from Primark (that my husband call’s Fuggs), otherwise you get that awful shuffle walk.

    I have quite a few Aussie friends, and apparently only “bogans” wear Uggs outside of the house in Australia. However after several cold Scottish winters they are definite converts and happily wear them out and about.

    It’s the rugby here this weekend, and there is no way I would consider anything other than my toasty Uggs for keeping my feet nice and toasty! x

    1. Bogans…not heard that word for ages! (I’m totes a Bogan then, ha ha).

      I actually bought a pair of the cheap imitations from Primark that year when it snowed loads in January/February so I would ruin those on my commute to work rather than my actual Uggs 😂

  12. It’s a yes from me! I think you have to have owned a pair or at least worn them for a day to be able to give a proper comment on this because my oh my when you put them on your feet everything else goes out the window! haha x

  13. That comment about people walking around with dead teddy bears on their feet made me chuckle 😊 I have a love/hate thing about Uggs. I love the idea of having toasty warm feet and being comfortable but they just don’t look good on me. They make my calves look so chunky. And unfortunately, many people who wear them also have the chunky stumpy legs look and it looks awful. I have ugg style slippers for around the house – I love them but I couldn’t bear to go out of the house in something similar.
    Having said that, it’s non uniform day today and I sent my son in a gorgeous pair of ugg style boots with his jeans, he looked great, and…. I call them his ‘teddy bear boots’!

  14. I’m firmly in the ‘slippers’ camp.

    I do however have sheepskin insoles in all my winter shoes and boots for toasty toes, and wool and cashmere socks!

  15. I have had two pairs of the originals and they saved my life whilst i worked in a ski resort! I also have the slippers.. which are the best thing to grace my feet on a daily basis. This year i treated myself to some of there leather biker style boots, which are just as amazing and i can wear them out to most occasions as they look quite smart

  16. My legs are too fat for Uggs. I think they can look fab with skirt and thick tights or super skinny jeans – but throw in an ample calf muscle and they look frumpy. So it’s a no from me and my non gazelle like legs 🙁

  17. Yep, I’m afraid Uggs are a guilty pleasure of mine. They are so toasty and comfy. The commandments make me feel less guilty about loving them so thanks Lisa! 🙂

  18. I didn’t let myself even try on a pair for the first 3 years they were around because they are so ugly, but I knew if I tried them I would be hooked. They look worse on me than most because of my skinny legs being swamped, but I don’t care. Similar to buying a practical coat which is not at all pretty, its just so worth it for the toastiness! I was holding out for my annual pair in case I can bag a bargain in the black Friday deals, but tempted to just order now!

    1. I bet they don’t swamp your legs Su! What is this practical coat you talk of? Send me the link…I bet it’s still lovely x

  19. I never thought I would love them as much as I do!! They were sufers slippers originally and those from down under do laugh at us all wearing them out! That said…when its cold and fecking miserable there is nothing else I put on, when it’s dry I wear the suede ones and when wet I have some real leather one. I have 3 pairs on rotation this year 🙊 all sale purchases from last season I might add…

  20. I love UGGs for slippers but don’t find them weather proof enough for you outdoors. I’ve been on the look out for something with similar look to UGGs as I like being able to tuck boyfriend fit jeans into boots. I’m all about the comfort! Ordered these as they are meant to be 100% waterproof!’s-leighland-leather-winter-boot-tb:0a17mw:d51:110:m:1:–11?gclid=CjwKCAiArrrQBRBbEiwAH_6sNNsUv5XIqvBiZBuZdRzJG8CLf2RkzA5mYbyvU3izDpuFBEeOymZZYBoC-uUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CJrK64TyxdcCFYOm7QodUxUHmQ

  21. Nope. Too reminiscent of my mid 00s uni years being worn to sordid student nightclubs with denim mini skirts and terrible highlights. That’s why I don’t wear them. Not at all because I have horribly hot gross feet that would kill them on sight. Nope. It’s a style thing 😜

  22. Nope. Too reminiscent of my mid 00s uni years being worn to sordid student nightclubs with denim mini skirts and terrible highlights. That’s why I don’t wear them. Not at all because I have horribly hot gross feet that would kill them on sight. Nope. It’s a style thing 😜

  23. All these people saying no! Never realised my favourite footwear is so offensive! 😱 On a cold dark morning is rather be snuggly and cosy than ‘stylish’ thanks! I think they look lovely too short ones with jeans!

  24. I love my Ugg’s the abree short ones are not bulky and have a zip I have them in black and they look smart with black Jeans lots of people have commented on how nice they are. I also have a pair of short waterproof ones which are great for walking the dogs and keep my feet really cosy. You can definitely tell the difference between the real uggs and copies, uggs are by far better quality and style. I didn’t realise there was such a stigma against them!

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