TV Dinners

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Well ok not quite, but at least TV desserts. James and I have been watching all the programmes recently, it’s not as if, as parents, we can go out on the razzle dazzle on any given sunny evening – so after Mabel is in bed by 7.30pm ish we’ll help ourselves to a mini magnum and curl up on the sofa with Netflix and/or Sky Atlantic.

Who said romance was dead?

We’re up to date on The Affair, loved Stranger Things (although if I was to choose I’d say THE OA was slightly better) and have just finished the first series of The Good Fight. The latter is a spin off of The Good Wife with basically everyone in it except Alicia – anyone else uber disappointed with the last ever episode by the way?

We have both surprisingly enjoyed Shades of Blue – a police/detective based drama (and let me tell you, it has ALL the dramarama) where Jennifer Lopez plays the lead. I am now an official fangirl of JLo. Not least because the lady is so fit. And looks about two decades younger than her date of birth suggests. On the subject of fangirl, I have a whole new respect for Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon after the first season of Big Little Lies, their skin! their wardrobes! their excellent acting abilities! Can’t wait for season 2.

We have just started watching Riviera – we’re two episodes in and already completely hooked. I love a bit of luxe living combined with intense intrigue and ridiculously beautiful panoramic views.

The new Netflix series Gypsy starring Naomi Watts airs this evening, it’s generally been slated in reviews but I’m completely sold by the trailer. Also, I really want Naomi’s hair do.

And I can’t finish waffling on about what we’re watching without admitting to our guilty secret (which judging by social media, seems to be everyone’s guilty secret) and that’s…..Love Island.


Admittedly I spend a good proportion of it cringing behind a cushion but honestly, so funny – made even more so by my husband’s commentary:

“No no, he’s not is he?! oh no she’s going to cry! I feel so sorry for her now, ugh, I hope someone nice and posh comes in to sweep her off her feet”

“Why does everyone walk around with their actual bum out?!”

“Why does she do her make-up like a mannequin? Is that cool with the kids at the moment? it must be very hot there, do you think her face is itchy?”

That just leaves me with one last thing to say…..Camilla for President.

Do let me know what you are tuning into at the moment and what you would recommend, I clearly could fit some more stuff in I’m sure!

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38 thoughts on “TV Dinners

  1. Have you seen the young pope on sky with Jude law? Definitely worth a watch. House of cards on Netflix is brilliant too!

  2. Firstly, yes. After a billion episodes of legal wranglings, which I loved, I too was disappointed by the end of the Good Wife. Why couldn’t she have just scarpered off with Jason?! I watched all of the Good Fight though and really loved it.

    Highlights for me at the moment are the Handmaid’s Tale. Lucy S talked about it a lot on insta so I have her to thank for it. So gripping, if a little distressing at times. And an awesome soundtrack. I’ve also just started watch The Night Of, which is on Sky Atlantic and is really good.

    I love a series/box set. We can’t leave the house either! Looking forward to more recommendations on here. Xx

    1. Ahhhh Jennifer I’m so glad you like it… and sorry for banging on! It is so gripping but heartbreaking too.

    2. Exactly, why couldn’t she just have done one with Jason?! The whole Will scenario was still one of the most devastating scenes I’ve ever seen on TV.

      1. I’m still heartbroken about Will! The night I watched that episode I couldn’t sleep for the whole night!! My favourite ever episode was the one where he found out she was going to leave the firm and swept her desk clean in a massive temper! The last episode was a huge disappointment though!

    3. Love, The Handmaids Tale and, thanks to it I now have a new motto – Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum!

  3. The Handmaid’s Tale is by far my favourite show on TV right now. It’s brilliantly shot, the acting is just perfect and the story is gripping (but also terrifyingly disturbing!)

    We also started watching Riviera – only seen the first episode but hooked right in! Speaking of Sky Atlantic, I’m eagerly anticipating the return of Game of Thrones later in the summer!

    There’s also Fearless on ITV that’s pretty good too – think it’s only a few episodes in and I’m loving it so far. It’s about a human rights lawyer picking up an old case but there’s a whole other plot going on as well which makes it intriguing I think!

    Have to say I gave up with the Good Wife – I really enjoyed the first two series (albeit watching on Netflix as the whole thing had bypassed me when it was on TV!) and then I don’t know, I just fell out of love with it and got a bit bored… πŸ™ˆ

    1. Another recommendation for the Handmaid’s Tale, I must take a look at this – and I love a Law based series. It’s a shame about the Good Wife Johanna, I think there was a season that was a bit slow – maybe this was why you got bored x

  4. Got to be Twin Peaks on sky atlantic Charlotte! Kyle Maclachlan *drool*, plus the dreamy utter weirdness, and everyone is so beautiful and stylish. Dont skip to the return – start with the first series, the new one has me dizzy xx

    1. Hannah I tried to make James watch the first series but he thought it was too weird (!) I think I need to get him to try again as I’m intrigued by the follow up x

      1. I’ve been told episode 3 is make or break, try to get him to that point and you’ll either both be hopelessly hooked or decide it’s not for you. It only gets weirder… x

  5. We’ve turned into such telly addicts… I loved The Crown, designated survivor, and orphan black is worth a watch just alone for tatiana’s performance of all the roles excellent

  6. My husband and I have just finished The Keepers on Netflix. Such addictive watching. It’s along the same lines of Making a Murderer. For me you can’t beat being snuggled up on the sofa with a pudding and something good on the TV! πŸ™‚

  7. Isn’t it brilliant how TV series are like the new movies? But more satisfying as you have longer with great characters?

    As Jennifer said above I think the Handmaid’s Tale is brilliant. It’s a very intense watch though, especially the first episode.

    Lighter viewing- I love Poldark. I love it. The scenery, the costumes, and of course Captain Broody Sixpack himself. Scythe or no scythe.

    In a similar vein, Outlander started on More 4 last night….

    1. Yes Lucy Yes! Love that series are so accessible/brilliant/you can watch when you want these days. We’re going to Devon in August and I’m already looking forward to eating carbs and binge watching a great new find! All the glamour!

  8. Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman kills it in this. Funny, frightening, thought provoking. This show stays with you even when you’re not watching. Sooo good. Plus the scenes of Big Sur and the Monterey coast make you want to go to California immediately! X

    1. You are so right about it staying with you after watching. I will never be able to hear Neil Young’s Harvest Moon again & not picture that scene of Nicole & her hubby dancing in the house.

      1. In general – the soundtrack for Big Little Lies is immense – the Michael Kiwanuka credits… Neil Young, PJ Harvey, Death In Vegas, Villagers… The BLL soundtrack (via Spotify) is a regular go-to in The Cheltenham House πŸ™‚

  9. We’ve just finished Riviera we were absolutely hooked! Julia Stiles is amazing in it. Also totally agree about JLO she looks amazing and Shades of Blue was surprisingly good. We are making our way through Designated Survivor and that is brilliant recommend that edge of your seat watching once you get a few episodes in. I also loved Scandal I think there are 5 seasons it is very bingeable (is that a word?!) lots of glamour, politics, murder, pretty people and well Scandal

    1. Tash I forgot to include Designated Survivor in my post – really enjoyed it, especially Maggie Q, she is my absolute favourite. I was worried after the first few programmes as it seemed a bit slow (even though lots was going on?!) but then I really got into it. I don’t think there is a programme with Keifer Sutherland in it that I haven’t loved actually x

    2. Riviera was gripping wasnt it!?
      We just finished it last night and I want more! Although Im not sure if it would be as good in a second series.

  10. Oh I loved The Good Wife -started watching it simply to perv over Mr Big and actually really enjoyed it. Brilliant series. Was also dispaointed with the last ever episode, really wanted her to run off with Jason, not get slapped by Diane. I haven’t watched The Good Fight yet – is Chris Noth in it?!

  11. I loved the crown, can’t wait for the next series.

    I had never watched love island until this year but I. Am. Addicted. My husband now turns up to the sofa at 9pm ready to watch! I tried asking him why none of the boys like Montana. I have a girl crush….

  12. Good timing on the post- my husband and myself were just talking about finding a new TV series last night! Will give some of your suggestions a go. Definitely recommend Fargo if you haven’t already tried it, then there is Spotless, Suits and of course Peaky Blinders….

  13. I watch Poldark on a Sunday (ah Aidan turner be still my beating heart) and I’m way too knackered to watch handmaids tale on c4+1 so watch on all4. I don’t think I could watch it when it goes out as its way too realistic (if that’s possible?! I think that’s the point) and I need time to emotionally get over each episode!

    Deautschland (sp?) 1983 last year was absolutely AMAZING. coming of age spa drama from the other side of the iron curtain.

  14. Another vote for The Handmaid’s Tale. Just finished Orange is the new black – but was a bit disappointed with the season. I am a Game of Thrones fan, so I am pretty excited for that to come back this month! Also love a bit of Poldark, Aidan Turner has been my number 1 favourite ever since those fingerless gloves on Being Human. (Sorry, going somewhere a bit rude with this now – Ha Ha)
    Very Dark Comedy (with quite a bit of sad bits too) – Fleabag. Not sure if you can get it on Netflix but it was on BBC last year and it was brilliant.
    Another Comedy/Drama/Sitcom type thing… LOVE (also on Netflix).
    Also we watched all of The Line of Duty recently (all 4 series – 1 & 2 on Netflix, 3 through YouTube on the telly and 4 on BBC Iplayer.) That was fab.
    The Crown – loved that too. Have to watch that one on my own though as Mr C hates period or history stuff.

  15. Yes yes – Handmaid’s Tale, Designated Survivor, Outlander, The Crown. All excellent.

    For something a bit older which we picked up later, we really enjoyed The Following. Creepy as hell but definitely entertaining – and not girly at all either. I also really enjoyed The Man In The High Castle.

    I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Big Little Lies and Riviera but mostly at the moment I’ve just re-started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning and working my way to the present. She looked so young!

  16. I’m late to the party but loving Mad Men on Netflix at the moment. And The Handmaid’s Tale, so glad C4 picked it up to air here as was desperate to watch it ever since it was announced. I was so affected after reading the book.

    Also looking forward to Game of Thrones and The Defenders on Netflix in August. Can’t wait to see Danny Rand team up with Jessica Jones!

  17. Without question Billions – two seasons in and I’m still addicted. This Is Us – was on NBC in the US and I think it aired over here on C4. The Crown was just sublime. If you’ve got an Amazon Prime account Glow, which has just aired is meant to be great too – women’s wrestling set in the 80s – amazing sound track! Empire is another good one too. My niece adores Power and my suggestions wouldn’t be complete without Scandal. Out of all of these though, Billions is my absolute fave! And a trip to Big Sur is an absolute must! Post Ranch Inn is just sublime. Happy binge watching! xo

  18. Addicted to Love Island. After last nights episode I’m bemused by this “dusting” chat – they have their own language! Homous chat was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    On a serious note Narcos is brilliant!

    We haven’t finishedd Riveria- thought the acting was a bit wooden but scenery is amazing as are the clothes.

    Trying to get into House of Cards – bit late on that one.

  19. Orange is the new black is great. The latest series is really good- it went a bit off the boil in the last one but stick with it! Another vote for house of cards (although you have to concentrate on it so it’s not great if you watch TV whilst stalking people on Instagram!) Narcs is good (all about the drug cartels in the 80s) and we enjoyed designated survivor too! Madam secretary is similar to that and also worth a watch- not sure what that’s on any more though. (We have 3 kids under five so Netflix is basically our social life!)

  20. Oh and how could I forget my favourite ever program- Suits! It’s on a mixture of Netflix and Amazon and if you like the Good Wife you will love it! The banter between the characters is brilliant and the cast are pleasing on the eye!

  21. Also Catasphrope. I think it’s oldish we just discovered it, probably totally late to the party with it, but so funny. Especially for a couple who have just had a baby!

  22. Suits is fantastic – the last two series in particular have been amazing. The Crown was great too and I’ve just finished Master of None on Netflix, which really grew on me. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is hilarious, Love is also great and 13 Reasons Why is disturbing by the end but very addictive. And now I’m going to go read a book or something – I clearly watch Netflix far too much!! x

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