Which Type Of Trend Follower Are You?

Author: Naomi Liddell

Remember back in the day of ‘Sugar’ and ‘More’ magazine, there used to be those hilarious quizzes to decipher which handbag you suited. Or worse yet, what type of kisser you were. (Yuck). Somehow, these seem to have migrated from magazine pages into Buzzfeed and whilst I do resist them, in order to not lose hours of my life to some arbitrary quiz, I still find them both hilarious and intriguing. This had me thinking about the world of interior design online. The Rock My Style Instagram account is very interiors focused. And if you don’t already follow our hashtag #rockmystylishhome, you’re missing out because there are thousands of beautifully designed, real homes in there for your perusal. (Although, no one knows why the profile picture for that hashtag is some weird guy with headphones πŸ€”). That said, I thought we’d have a bit of fun this week and divide the world of interiors trends into archetypes. All you need to do is tell us which one you are?!

The Trendsetter

You had a marble side table in 2011 before anyone even knew marble side tables were a thing, let alone the ideal surface for a flat lay. You hunt for inspiration in all areas of the arts, fashion, architecture, photography. You are not afraid of trying something new. You’re a master of colour palettes and contrasting textures. Your friends often tell you that you “Have an eye for it”. 

The Trend Embracer

You spend hours scouring Instagram and feel inspired by all the beautiful blue walls and gold taps. You adore seeing new trends emerge and can’t wait to apply them in your own home. You know that one day these trends will pass but you don’t care because it’s a good excuse to redecorate again. You love both a #shelfie and a #sinkie. 

The Timeless Decorator

You stick to the timeless and elegant tried and tested. You love a period detail and a neutral paint hue. You favour classic designs and high-end style. You enjoy trends from afar, but you couldn’t fathom applying them to your home. Redecorating every year sounds like a headache you’d rather avoid. 

The Rebel

You don’t give a flying fig about what’s on-trend. If you’re in a second-hand furniture shop and you see a vivid armchair or a statement vase and it gives you all the feels, you’re buying the damn thing. You marvel at Instagram accounts of people blazing their own interiors path. You might not love all of their decor but your revel in their uniqueness. You have a sense of style that family members refer to as ‘quirky’ or ‘eclectic’. 

I think I’m probably somewhere between The Trend Embracer and The Rebel. I do love a bit of mainstream inspiration, but at the same time, if I take a notion for a piece of furniture that’s not exactly ‘on trend’ I’ll jump on it and then later panic about how I make it work together with everything else! πŸ˜‚

Time for a bit of fun, which one are you? 
Bonus points for anyone who can create their own archetype. 

(And if you want to see an example of someone blazing their own path in interior design  – hint, the header image is from this post – then you need to check out Theresa Gromski’s Home Tour)


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7 thoughts on “Which Type Of Trend Follower Are You?

  1. I’m half trend embracer and half timeless decorator. I tend to embrace trends with a massive delay, only just going for a dark kitchen cupboards and some funky tiles now. I’m the same with fashion I guess I just need trends to grow on me slowly, making sure it’s something I genuinely like beyond instagram and pinterest.

    1. Kat I suppose that’s how timeless style is made, eh? When trends grow slowly. I think your choice is wise. I can be a bit reckless sometimes.

  2. I feel like I fall a bit into ‘The Rebel’ category. I love looking at all the interiors on socials (and here OBVS) and I definitely find inspiration in them but I 100% believe you should only follow the trends if they make you happy. My house is a mix of all different things really that just make me happy. After having moved 5 months ago we still haven’t completed a whole room but the living room is nearly done and I feel like it’s inspired by some trends (lots of plants – ha!) but I haven’t seen anything else like it and that makes me so happy knowing it’s my own style, with my own things, that make me happy πŸ™‚ Have I said happy enough?

    Wow that was quite the ramble wasn’t it? If it came to ‘What sort of commenter are you’ I would definitely fall into ‘The Waffler’ category.

    1. You’re flippin hilarious. I wonder where the term ‘to waffle’ comes from. It’s a bit odd isn’t it?

      I totally agree with the whole, buy what makes you happy thing. And we’re 1.5 years into our house move and nothing is really ‘finished’ as such.

  3. I think this is the first time in my life I can classify myself as a “rebel”! I love looking at interiors everywhere, but ultimately what I do in my own home is not steered by trends. Well, as little as it can be in that I guess available colours, sofas etc at any one time are often ultimately part of trends somewhere. I’m all about having what you like, whether a trend or not, but as long as you think you will love it in 5 years that’s what I go with. Not that I’m into classical neutral decor, I love a bit of colour.

    And Becky I’m definitely in “The Waffler” category too!! Nothing like a stream of consciousness response πŸ™‚

  4. Timeless. I’d paint my house in the same shade too. I like Victorian but we have an oak beamed cottage we are renovating. The natural wood of the beams is about as colourful as I go.

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