Checked Midi Coat
Checked Midi Coat
Statement checked midi coat from Miss Selfridge with yellow stripe
Yellow Details
Yellow Details
Checked midi coat from miss selfridge
The Pink One
The Pink One
Topshop blouson pink duster coat

Transitional Coats {Obsessed}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

One of my favourite things to buy in the fashion stakes is a lovely coat. Some might say I have a problem (my husband in particular would definitely say I have outerwear purchasing obsession issues) but a chic trench or a beautifully cut midi length number can’t fail to make an otherwise relatively dowdy outfit, appear altogether more sophisticated.

In other words, I shove on any old collection of scruffs and cover them up with an elegant final layer. I suppose some might call this cheating, I like to think of it as being efficient.

I always always have a “transitional” coat. A full on winter number is often too warm and cumbersome for September, October and moving towards Spring. With all of the travelling to London I also find wearing any kind of fleece or fur lined garment is much like being cocooned in your own sweaty sauna whilst on the tube, even if it’s freezing outside. However this is the UK and we never really know when it’s going to piss it down without much prior warning thus resulting in a combination of soggy camisole and damp jeans. And nobody wants that.

I tend to look for something lightweight that will work with the majority of outfits I own. I invariably opt for either grey or khaki although right now I am having a moment with both a check print and various shades of pink.

The coat I have finally chosen is actually from Miss Selfridge (you can see it in the header images above). Admittedly a brand that my perception would be I am at least a decade too old for, but a practical and stylish coat is exactly that – regardless of label. AND it was reasonably priced at £65. I like the subtle yellow stripe and the masculine slightly boxy fit. If you fancy this coat for yourself I would absolutely recommend going down a size – it is supposed to be “over sized” but I’m wearing a UK 4 in the images (I’m normally a UK 6) and it is still very roomy.

If you are looking for something similar but more tailored and minus the yellow, then this checked coat from River Island is perfect.

The coat I NEARLY bought (literally faffed over it for a week) is the pink blouson duster coat from Topshop. I can’t justify owning this as well but it is truly elegant and feminine, and it’s a gorgeous dusky rose hue.

I have always coveted a classic Burberry trench (who hasn’t?) but as it’s way out of my price range, this beige dupe from M&S is very tempting. On the subject of Marks and Spencers, they have launched a lovely wool design with pockets recently that comes in a variety of colours, my favourites are pink (surprise) and the light grey (yes I am predictable).

Last but not least, I am very partial to a parka – and the grey utility style from KIN at John Lewis is immense. As an aside I really rate the KIN range for quality and cut in general, admittedly some of it is a bit dare I say frumpy? but I really recommend having a butchers at the whole collection, the bags in particular are super value.

Have you bought a transitional coat? Are you a fan of a check or a purveyor of pink? Do share links of lovely things you have bought or that are on your wish list in the comments section below.

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  • Topshop Pink Blouson Duster Coat
  • Miss Selfridge Statement Checked Midi Coat
  • Bershka Lightweight Trench Coat
  • John Lewis Kin Parka Coat
  • River Island Check Coat

Photography by We Are The Clarkes

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27 thoughts on “Transitional Coats {Obsessed}

    1. Oooh lush. I have a fleece lined one from Zara from last year – it’s hanging by a thread but I love it!

  1. After years of dithering, I finally bought a Burberry trench a couple of months ago and I love it. Particularly because I went for one with a detachable hood and liner so it’s literally perfect for all weather, which comes in handy because it’s literally been pissing down with rain in Glasgow for a week!

    1. Lynsey I remember you saying, and I was VERY jealous. Such an investment buy – I didn’t even know you could get them with a detachable hood?! Chic AND practical. I vow to own one, one day….

      1. And I’m still jealous of your grey leather trimmed coat from The Kooples. Should have bought it when I had the chance because I can’t find anything even remotely similar now! 😭

        1. I do love my Kooples coat, I’m hoping I don’t get bored of it – ever! it’s definitely more “winter” for me though, it’s very cosy x

  2. I showcased my new coat yesterday- LOVE buying a new coat. Mine is a fuschia pink vision of beauty- of coveted one this colour last year and didn’t go for it so this year I have. A bargainous £30 from Matalan. Winner!

    1. I always forget about Matalan Kerry, yet I’ve bought Mabel some great (and cheap) stuff from there is the past. LOVE a pink coat x

  3. You look so lovely Charlotte, at only 4ft 10″ I think the coat would swamp me, which is a real shame as it is gorgeous and looks so good on you.

    Love the shoes, I bought some very similar from New Look last week, they were only £19.99 and quite comfy considering the price!
    Would it be wrong to ask where your top is from? This is where I am really struggling, tops to wear underneath!

    Thank you

    1. I struggle with tops too, I always seem to have skirts, trousers, jeans then nothing nice to wear with them! Love the coat, I bought a tan boxy coat from Tesco (of all places!) last year and it went with everything, loved it, although it went a bit ‘bally’ but for £28 I can’t complain….good excuse for this checked one, love it Charlotte.x

    2. Hi Maya! Ha the shoes are the same then – a bargain from New Look 🙂

      My top is just a jersey T-shirt from Boohoo – they are quite casual and good value x

  4. I’m looking for a sort of ‘mac’ but not blue-rinse style mac. Has to be waterproof, have a hood and be lightweight and not sweaty! Something like the Joules lightweight raincoats but not in too jazzy a print. Any ideas?! Also I have zero budget… which really helps….

    1. Me too! Something I can push the pram in when it’s pouring and stay dry, but also doesn’t cost the world. Still searching…

  5. LOVE your coat Charlotte, you look beaut.
    I too have fallen in love with a Burberry Herringbone Tailored Coat – but can’t justify the price, even though it is absolutely stunning. I do like the River Island number you’ve selected though. I can’t decide on that or this one I’ve seen in H&M now – what’s a girl to do! Ha ! First world problems xxx

    1. The River Island one is VERY similar to an All Saints one I had a few years ago but the All Saints was £300 (!) definitely a bargain x

  6. Just when I thought I had enough coats I rialise I have no checked coat!! I love the Miss Selfridge one – would never think to shop there as I’m about 30 years older than the target audience!

    1. Rachel I feel the same, I never go into store, I actually came across it quite by accident and then thought when it arrived that it would be cheap/naff but it’s actually really good for the price point. Definitely size down though! x

  7. Those shoes are gorgeous! I am loving the transitional coats, but having several beautiful coats from Zara, I can’t really justify it. However, I am massively on the hunt for a Barbour style jacket, that slightly less expensive than a Barbour. As I love Barbour’s, but just for walking the dog in, I can’t justify it!

    1. Amelia I know what you mean, I feel I may covet something similar for the winter. I’ll have a look and see what I can find x

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