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Time For Tea
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Time For Tea

Author: Miranda Eason

I’ll probably never be allowed back into my tea-loving home county of Yorkshire for saying this but I’m actually more of a coffee person. I need at least a couple of cups to get me going in the morning, often have a third mid-morning, sometimes even a fourth mid-afternoon and, do espresso Martinis count…? Every now and again I sense my caffeine intake is getting out of control (!) and I go cold turkey. But I can’t give up hot drinks altogether, so I reach for a herbal tea instead. I’m usually pretty safe and stick to peppermint but when Charlotte suggested a post on the benefits of different types of tea I took it as a sign to get experimental. This is what I’ve been drinking recently…


Benefits: Helps to ease anxiety and stress, relieves insomnia and boosts your immune system.
Try: Higher Living Chamomile & Vanilla


Benefits: Eases skin issues, eases menstrual cramps and bloating, relieves nausea.
Try: Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify


Benefits: Relieves insomnia, eases stomach aches, promotes good digestion.
Try: Tea Pigs Marakesh Green Tea With Mint


Benefits: Stimulates digestion, helps soothe stress and uplifts your mood.
Try: Yogi Tea Ginger Orange With Vanilla
Note: Yogi teabags come with an inspiring message attached to each one, which just makes me like them even more!

{3 Pukka Blends I Like}
  • Pukka Revitalise
    What’s in it? Warming cinnamon bark, ginger and clove, revitalising elderflower and orange peel and vitality-boosting green tea and spearmint.
  • Pukka Harmonise
    What’s in it? Rejuvenating rose, hibiscus and vanilla, soothing and restoring chamomile flower, shatavari which helps nourish women’s health.
  • Pukka Relax
    What’s in it? Chamomile to help you unwind, fennel, ginger and cardamom to ease digestion and marshmallow root and liquorice to help settle and soothe.
  • What herbal teas do you drink? What benefits have you found? Any you can’t abide? Do share!


    Photography: Anna Clarke Photography

    Born in Yorkshire. Lives in East London. California girl at heart.
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    8 thoughts on “Time For Tea

    1. I’ve just recently started drinking Green Tea. At first it used to make me pull awful faces, but i kept going with it and now i love it. I haven’t had any coffee or regular PG tips for weeks. I’ve found that by drinking the tea I’ve shifted a few pounds that i want to get rid of. So i’m now hooked on herbal teas. Lychee & Melon is lovely too.

      1. I’ve been drinking green tea and mint – the mint hides the taste of the green tea, which I don’t love. Lychee and Melon sounds delicious!

    2. I like Twinings newish range of teas – Detox (contains milk thistle, good for hangovers) and Awake (actually works!). Clipper sleepy tea is also really good (though it sends my cat totally wappy, I can’t leave my mug on the floor or she wedges her head into it) and I also like Morrisons green tea with lemon (it’s a bit more lemon-y than the Twinings one, and tastes less green-tea-nasty).

      Does anyone know of a magic weight-loss tea? I work at Thorntons…

    3. Ooh, I haven’t tried Twinings Detox and Awake teas yet. Sounds like Awake could replace my morning cappuccino(s). Haha, yes I like to hide the taste of green tea, but I go for green tea with mint, not too fussy about the brand.

    4. I have to have my cup of tea in the morning before I can do anything else! I don’t drink herbal tea that often, but when I do peppermint is my favourite. I don’t like any herbal teas that are berry flavoured! I find they smell really amazing but then don’t taste of anything?

    5. Great post, I love a good cuppa! I was always so disappointed by the taste of herbal teas (totally agree with the previous post they always smell so good & taste of nothing!) but I recently discovered Brew Tea Co – their Fruit Punch and Lemon & Ginger taste (and smell) amazing, they’re caffeine-free and their packaging is so fab I keep it on the kitchen side! Definitely worth checking out! x
      (Also gave some lemon & ginger to a pregnant friend and it was the only thing that shifted the dreaded morning sickness) x

      1. Hi Nat, I haven’t come across Brew Tea Co yet. I just checked their site, the packaging is fab, love the idea of the tea cards and a great looking site too! Will definitely give them a try. x

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