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Thoughts On The Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Author: Lauren Coleman

I’m approaching the third month of the capsule wardrobe. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sick to the back teeth of woolly jumpers and would like the opportunity to wear a flippy blouse and don the flip-flops. However no such luck. I do plan to carry on with the minimalist approach to clothing so I’ve put this post together to remind myself of my experience when the winter weather rolls by again next year. Hopefully it will provide useful to anyone else considering doing the same.

Long sleeves

In November it’s really tricky to plan ahead to January and I think I forgot how cold the winter can get. I’m a big fan of layering and so at the time of selecting all the pieces I thought adding a blazer to a few sleeveless dresses would be sufficient. Turns out it isn’t and I really wish I’d added a long sleeve dress to my capsule wardrobe to stop me from shivering at my desk.
On the same note I believe fourteen tops are more than enough to get you through a season. However I only really opted for one chunky knit and so on a couple of days I’ve raided my old wardrobe for a thick jumper and a fleece lined sweatshirt. Next time I will add in a few thicker layers and forego the the thinner tees.


I did mention in the beginning of the capsule wardrobe endeavour I was going to allow myself a few ‘passes’ for the Christmas period. It turns out though I really didn’t need a lot of extra items to cover the festivities. I bought a black sequinned number to wear on Christmas Day and wore the same dress just over a week later for a friend’s wedding. Other than the time I pulled on a H&M sequinned jacket for a party, I managed to dress up pieces from the capsule. I’m finding the very versatile Topshop Drape Blouse a godsend for day or night and I’m pleased to see they have lots of new colour variations for spring.
Having fever clothes and clear outfit combinations made packing to go away at Chrimbo an absolute doddle.


One thing I’ve loved about trying out the capsule wardrobe is the lack of shopping I’ve had to do after the initial ‘shop’. Having a pinterest board really helped me refine my style and the pieces I wanted to invest in. I’ve already started on my board for the warmer months (heres hoping for a good summer) so when I start shopping in a month or so I already have a clear idea of the items I’m after.

If in doubt, go bright

I did dither about adding a bright pink coat to my capsule wardrobe but Charlotte persuaded me to keep it in. Turns out it was a jolly good idea as it seems to cheer people up no end. I’m yet to wear it and not receive some form of compliment. It’s fairly lightweight so not suitable for the recent arctic conditions but fine if I’m just driving to the office and back.

Jamie jeans are amazing

I have worn every single item of my collection, though some far more than others. Last year I wore my faux leather trousers to death and so they were a must for the winter capsule. I think I’ve only worn them a couple of times though this year as I’ve been cheating on them with Topshop Jamie jeans. I fully expect a lighter blue version to make an appearance in my spring capsule closet. The higher waist fit is a winner for my shape.

Overall the capsule wardrobe concept gets a big thumbs up for me. I am bored of all my clothes but the same thing happens to me every year so I can’t blame this on the capsule. The UK weather does make it really difficult to plan three months of clothing and it’s likely I’ll be wearing this wardrobe well into March.
Yes I have cheated but I probably would have frozen otherwise (slight exaggeration) and there was no way I was rocking up to a wedding wearing anything other than a posh frock.

How are you find dressing for winter? Even if you’ve not been tempted to try the capsule idea, what are your essential pieces during a cold spell?

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16 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Winter Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I have the Topshop drape blouse in animal print – such a good buy already, and flattering! Plus I got to go down a size… always a bonus 😉

    On a slightly separate note, I love the spotty leather gloves and the grey bag in the pics… where are they from please?


    1. Love the animal print version!

      The gloves are current season from Topshop and the bag was from Oasis last winter x

    1. Thanks Helen, have just mentioned to Katie the gloves were from Topshop. Only got them a month ago and have already managed to lose (and find) them twice. x

  2. Thermals, cashmere cardigans and jumpers, boiled wool jackets (all machine washable) and layering have been my essentials this winter and will be until the weather warms up.

    I haven’t gone down the capsule wardrobe route but your posts on the matter have inspired me to separate my wardrobe into work wear and non work wear. It’s definitely made the decision on what to wear in the morning easier.

    1. Anything to make getting dressed easier Sarah. I just used to stare at the rail miraculously hoping an outfit would spring together.
      Very envious of these cashmere cardigans you speak of x

  3. I just did a rejig of my winter capsule wardrobe and am much happier with it now. I think the key is having stuff that goes with nearly all your other stuff. It seems like all my summer clothes are in the same colour palette so it was easy but my winter clothes are a bit of a mismatch. I ended up buying a few new tops and retiring some of my old ones to make things work better.

    I’m trying not to beat myself up about it though 🙂

  4. Can I just make a general comment? Who would like to see more of Lauren on the blog?! I would! She does such good clothes – yet she always seems to get away with not featuring….Hmmm, it’s about time I sorted this situation out! x

    1. Aww thanks Amanda, you are too kind. Scarf is from Zara. My husband regularly confuses it a picnic blanket… x

  5. Wish I was disciplined enough to create a capsule wardrobe but too much of an impulse buyer, especially with RMS posting such fab fashion posts (got to have those polka dot gloves).
    Loving your bracelets, where are they from please? Xx

  6. Another vote for more lovely Lauren please! I’m not having chance to comment lately as work is crazy busy but everyday without fail I treat myself to a cuppa and a peek at RMS as my treat. I’m also stalking Lauren (sorry Lauren) on Pinterest and god dammit I’m loving her work… P.S – may have just bought those Toppers gloves, wavering on the Ash Jalouse boots you’re sporting, already got the Zara picnic blanket scarf and I love it! xx

    1. Aww thanks Lynne! Still loving my Jalouse boots. They’re still a mare to get on (especially with thick socks) but I’m so glad I bought them. x

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