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Things I’m Looking Forward to in July

Author: Lauren Coleman

My heart sank a little when I saw gladioli for sale a few days ago. Don’t misunderstand me, I love filling my vases with the leggy blooms but for me, these tall blooms usually signify the end of summer. However I soon realised it’s only the start of July and my niece hasn’t even broken up from school yet. Just because we’ve past the longest day it doesn’t mean we need to start lighting candles just yet. Far from it in fact. Summer has only just begun.

Last summer James and I either had a paint brush in one hand or a wedding gift in the other. (We were invited to nine weddings last year). Anyone who knows me knows I ruddy love a wedding but this year there are just two in the diary giving me time to plan a few selfishly spent weekends instead. I don’t want this year to pass me by in a blur of Dulux so I’ve got a few things planned.

Wine tasting experience

James and I are nipping back to London at the end of the month with our friends and think we’ll try another wine tasting experience. A few years ago I went to a Vinopolis wine tasting event on the London Eye and it was epic. However they’ve since closed so any recommendations you have for sipping in the big smoke would be gratefully received.

Photo wall

I’ve taken so many photos over the last few months and they’re all still locked on my camera. I’ve captured loads of snaps of my friend’s babies and must print them off before they all turn eighteen. I really need to resurrect one of the photo walls we had in our last house.

Barbecues and patio reclining

We bought a Weber barbecue last summer and despite my husband’s determination we only managed to squeeze in a few before the weather changed. One word. Halloumi. It makes me actually want to light one right this minute.
While we’re on the subject of outdoor pursuits I have to mention the patio. (Yes, that’s the second mention this week). I’m hoping this will be finished very soon and have been sharing the progress on my Insta Stories. Fingers crossed it’s something resembling my inspiration photos.
On the other patio nearer to the house I’ve been trying to cultivate something other than a big expanse of slabs. My parents bought me a gorgeous plant stand for my birthday and some galvanised tubs from an Antique Centre so I’d love to get it spruced up this weekend.
Can you believe my festoon lights haven’t made it up this year? No I can’t either. Hopefully I’ll get them up soon as I’m getting withdrawal symptoms.

House guests

One thing I’m not looking forward to is James’ ten day work stint on the other side of the world. He’s just landed in New Zealand and I’ve been dreading it for weeks. However there’s no chance I’ll be lonely as I’ve got a lot of family and friends staying over the next few days. It’s a good job I’ve nearly finished the guest bedroom/dressing room.

Outdoor cinema

This week treated my friend Laura and I to a Luna Outdoor Cinema experience on London’s Tooting Common. They’re showing all the great blasts from the past over the summer all around the country. We sipped a glass of prosecco and toasted marshmallows watching Mean Girls as part of #summerofsurprise campaign. Lovely Laura had such a fab time she’s booked to go again in a few weeks and I’ve been looking for a venue closer to Northampton so I can go again too!

What are you up to this July? Any holidays planned or fabulous outdoor activities?

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15 thoughts on “Things I’m Looking Forward to in July

  1. The one major perk of being a teacher is 6 weeks of summer holidays, the downside is trying to cram everything into that small(ish) window. I can’t get any time off other than the school holidays so that tends to mean that all renovations, trips, catch ups etc. all have to be planned like a military operation in July.
    All things going well I hope to convert my spare bedroom into a dining room but I seem to be paralysed with indecision. I have had lots of inspiration from RMS but I’m just not sure I’m doing the right thing, losing a bedroom.
    On the bright side I have tickets for the Harry Potter Play in August, that means a trip to London…

    1. The good thing about turning your bedroom into a dining room is the flexibility. You can always change it back! Not so easy if you were making it into a bathroom!
      My friend went to see HP and loved it. Have an ace time x

  2. If you like cheese we did the cheese and wine tasting at leadenhall market; sooooo good. Although this year I’m quite tempted by the cheese and rose champagne tasting athe champagne and fromage….😀

  3. Oh there’s still so much summer to look forward to, and hopefully this lovely weather will stick around! Lauren check out Lunaflix – they have a few outdoor cinema events around Northampton – Stanwick Lakes, Boughton House and Rushden Hall. We’ve booked to go and see Topgun in a couple of weeks. It’s my husbands guilty pleasure and I had to confess to never having seen it! Very excited…!

    1. Thanks Sian. My friends are off to Boughton House but I can’t make the date unfortunately.
      Have a fab time at Topgun. You’ll both have an ace time! x

  4. Oh Lauren, I felt so identified with you when I read the first three lines!!
    I´m also looking forward to bbqs and garden parties this month 🙂

  5. Hi Lauren – we did a wine (champagne) and cheese tasting at Neal’s Yard Dairy a few years ago and it was great. They do different tastings (wine, champagne, beer…) with cheese each month, so I would highly recommend checking out their class schedule on their website. xx

  6. Today I break for for a week off work and we are going to Budapest for a few days. I have had a ridiculously busy month at work. So I am looking forward to some sun, beautiful buildings, and some well deserved relaxation.

    I’m starting my break with a beer festival tonight. Cheers!

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