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The Pyjama Edit {For Ladies & Littlies}

Author: Naomi Liddell

I left the house for the school run the other day with layers of a vest top, jumper and a padded jacket thinking I was well prepared for our first frost (what? It’s September!!) and I was c.o.l.d. Frozen cold. It seems that all of a sudden I’m drawing the curtains at night to keep the heat in, fantasising about hot baths and reaching for my comfiest long sleeved pyjamas.

I’m very much a comfort-focused person. the first chance at home I get to whip off my jeans and replace with some sort of loungewear/ pyjama bottom solution, I am on it. And to me, the second best feeling to fresh bedsheets is a crisp pair of brand new pyjamas (or jammies as they are known around Belfast way).

And now that the darker colder months are drawing near, I’ve replenished both Ethan and Finn’s stock of long-sleeved pyjamas and will be treating myself to a few of my own.

I was also going to include a round-up of men’s pyjamas in this post as I find a man in PJs terribly sexy, but got too distracted with all the smouldering male models and couldn’t narrow to three.

So below you will find my ladies, kids and baby PJ picks with something to suit all budgets.

Ladies Pyjamas

Spend – I love the colours in this midnight botanical print set from ASOS. I can already see myself curled up in our new pink armchair in these with a good book and cup of tea (or more likely Strictly Come Dancing & a family size bar of chocolate).
Save – I like PJs with fitted cuffs and hems because my pet peeve is having wide legged pyjama bottoms creep up my pins in the middle of the night. To add to it this Asda set is fine fleece lined, covered in adorable mini illustrations of woodland creatures in tiny bow ties and costs a mere £15.
Splurge – I am full on IN LOVE with this Moon Dot PJ Set from Hush. I mean are these the perfect Christmas pyjamas or what?! I’m seriously considering treating myself. £55 is a bit more spendy than what I’d consider paying for the average baby-will-puke-on nightwear, but when I spied this incredible silk set from David Rose and almost choked on my tea at the almost £500 price tag … All of a sudden one-tenth of that doesn’t seem so bad.

  • Moon Dot Flannel Pyjamas
    Splurge - Hush Moon Dot Flannel Pyjamas
  • ASOS DESIGN midnight botanical traditional pyjama
    Spend - ASOS DESIGN midnight botanical traditional pyjama
  • Woodland Animal Print Sweatshirt Twosie
    Save - George Woodland Animal Print Sweatshirt Twosie

Kids Pyjamas

Spend – Llamas appear to be a thing. I’ve noticed them dotted over kids clothes of many different retailers, but it was actually the colours of this Next set of three that really drew my eye. Steering clear of the typical pinks, blues and greys, this pop of olive and ochre would be beautiful on any wee tike.
Save – You would never know this floral pair cost a mere £6. I’m not a frequent Matalan shopper, but I have to say that just a quick peruse of the site and I’m so surprised at how fancy some of their items look for the price point.
Splurge – I love the colour and ‘sleepy town’ print of these organic cotton pyjamas from Polarn O. Pyret and I can only imagine how soft they would feel. They would make lovely Christmas PJs for those who want to get more wear throughout the year than a festive alternative.

  • Floral Pyjama Set
    Save - Matalan Floral Pyjama Set
  • Next Llama Snuggle Fit Pyjamas Three Pack
    Spend - Llama Snuggle Fit Pyjamas Three Pack
  • POLARN O. PYRET Kids Organic Pyjamas
    Splurge - POLARN O. PYRET Kids Organic Pyjamas

Baby Pyjamas

Spend – Once again with the llamas! This set of three is really well priced, especially considering the quality of John Lewis baby sleepsuits. And the colours are just beauitful. I especially love the naughts and crosses one.
Save – Finn has the vest version of these and I’m going to buy him the sleepsuits too. The little Dumbo-esque elephant illustrations are just too cute and you can’t go wrong with £7 for three.
Splurge – While I can justify a Joules purchase for older kids who will get a year of wear, I do find it hard to part with £25 a piece knowing it will only be worn for a few months at most. However, Finn was bought a very fancy sleepsuit from a friend and I have to say that although he’s almost grown out of it, it’s so beautiful that as soon as it’s out of the wash it’s on him again. It was an Italian boutique purchase so I can’t find a link, but my thoughts are that even if you wouldn’t splash out on a pricey PJ set for your own tiny (but fast-growing) baby considering all the other costs involved in raising sprogs, they do make very special one-off piece or a gift for any pals that are expecting.

  • John Lewis & Partners Baby Long Sleeve GOTS Organic Cotton Llama Sleepsuit
    Spend - John Lewis & Partners Organic Cotton Llama Sleepsuit
  • Joules Baby Cosmo Velour Sleepsuit
    Splurge - Joules Baby Cosmo Velour Sleepsuit
  • Elephant Print Sleepsuits 3 Pack
    Save - George Elephant Print Sleepsuits 3 Pack

Are you a lover and collector of sleepwear like me?
And do you often sport a business-on-the-top, comfies-on-the-bottom look when you get in from a long day?

Naomi loves daytime baths, learning things and rock music.
(Oh and her kids. She loves them too)
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20 thoughts on “The Pyjama Edit {For Ladies & Littlies}

  1. I absolutely adore sleepy doe, a small independent brand, not the cheapest but beautifully soft and snuggly!

    They so matching sets for littles and mamas. For super cheap basics though you can’t beat primarni x

  2. Yeah, I live in pyjamas. As soon as I’m in the house, the pyjamas go on. If I don’t really need to leave the house much then I don’t bother getting dressed. I bought some really comfy adult pyjamas from Matalan last week, with a nice drapey feel to them. I am a fan of the packs of three from next for the youngest – the cotton is softer and thicker than other high street shops.

  3. I love a good pj, and am pretty addicted to buying them for my girls too. My go-to for kids is always Gap, I love the skinny fit, quirky prints and they are really good quality. Gap’s constant discount offers make them pretty reasonably priced too.

    On the splurge side, I love the Bright Company. Polarn O Pyret is fab too though, and I have been attempting to justify the purchase of a set of their stripy jammies for myself and the girls – maybe at Christmas…

    Totally loving that Hush set, but at that price it would have to be courtesy of Santa. I got a gorgeous pair in Tesco recently though, navy blue with a tiny white star print and white piping around the collar. Not dirt cheap at £22, but still affordable and they look more expensive than they are.

    I do love a bit of Primark as well, but as Belfast’s fab newly refurbished store is now a pile of ash (sob), it might be a while before I’m able to do a proper raid on their stuff.

    1. Must try the Gap pj’s Tracy. You know I’m still devastated about that fire. I worked there as a teenager, I absolutely adored that building too. Such a shame. 😔

    2. Must try the Gap pj’s Tracy. You know I’m still devastated about that fire. I worked there as a teenager, I absolutely adored that building too. Such a shame. 😔2{Haqhzx

  4. My little one wanted to stay in her pyjamas this morning – which are m&s Christmas pyjamas and feature a tasselled unicorn/reindeer. I was going to save them for christmas, but they ended up being the only pair clean at bedtime last night, so on they went and apparently she loves them. Some lovely selections here – wish I’d seen those llama ones when I was looking last week.

  5. Lol at your comment about the men’s pyjamas. I was scrolling through the M&S app the other night looking for a pair for my husband and ended up screenshotting all the David Gandy ones to send to my sister! His half naked poses really jumped out amongst all the sensible M&S PJs.

    1. Oh god. Those David Gandy pics. I mean really M&S, what are they trying to do to us? They’ve obviously copped on that it’s women buying the mens stuff for them. About time though, they’re famed for their scantily clad female models so why not the guys too? 😏

      1. Haha, this cracked me up. I know what you mean about a man in pyjamas. Unfortunately, my husband favours a muppets themed pair which don’t quite have the same effect. They’ve gone nicely baggy on the arse, sagging nappy style 😄

  6. I have a pjs addiction I am sure – since becoming single I have embraced pjs & loungewear like never before! I cant wear long legs/sleeves to bed though, I get too hot – so shorts sets for sleeping in – long legs/sleeves for lounging in!
    My go to is always Primarni as they never let you down – although am loving the look of those asos ones for something a bit more glam 😀 I saw a gorgeous Karen Mabon set the other day – but they were over £500 – way way way out of my price range ha ha

    1. Hey Janey, Karen Mabon pjs are usually around £200 so maybe the shop you were in put an (extremely high!!) mark up on them! I’ve always been tempted to buy one of the shirts seperately as daywear – got 2 of her scarves which i display on the walls as artwork when im not wearing them to get my money’s worth 🙂

      1. Ooo thank you Rachel – you could be right – i am going to do some more research – I mean I work from home a lot so it would be acceptable to be in uber posh pjs whilst at work no? 😀

        1. Ideal then- you need posh pjs when you work from home so you can pass it off as loungewear when deliverymen call!

  7. Oh I love a hush ph. They often have a discount (often 10%) before Christmas and I’ll get a pair then for Christmas. However this year all being well I’ll be 20 odd weeks pregnant so no hush pjs for me this year. I’ll have to search out some nice maternity ones instead.

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