The {Other} One

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I have a rather manogamous relationship with perfume. Once I find a scent I love I am faithful to it for some years. My current favourite, Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has A Gun, has been my go-to since my wedding day over 5 years ago.

It’s my husband’s favourite ever smell. He says it reminds him of honeymoon which in turn reminds us of sunshine, cocktails, sunsets over cobbled streets and a whole host of other romantic memories. I can’t imagine myself ever not owning a bottle, the heady mix of Bulgarian rose and patchouli has become “my” scent.

But it does have very summer season connotations, and for the last few years I have flirted with various alternatives in the vain hope something would suit my requirement for a slightly spicy, woody and altogether more wintery fragrance. The closest I have come up until recently was Hermès for men, it’s as sexy as hell. And almost became the “other” one, until my sister’s now ex-boyfriend started wearing it. And apparently my husband’s Managing Director. Me potentially wafting around smelling like either would have been plain weird.

I had almost given up hope until September when James and I took our mini-break to the Dordogne. On a whim I decided to browse Manchester airport’s rather impressive Jo Malone/Bobbi Brown concession (At first I thought this was a rather odd combination but I’m pretty sure Estée Lauder own both brands so the combined association was throughly researched and promoted accordingly*). I’ve mentioned the various make-up items I purchased already but I failed to share with you what is perhaps one of my most impressive beauty finds in a while. And that’s because I wanted to make sure this relatively new partnership was nearer soul mate status than merely a passing fling.

I have never dabbled with Jo Malone perfumes. They are perfectly pleasant, It’s just I’ve not experienced the “wow” factor. Apologies in advance to those who worship at the ground of English Pear and Freesia et al (I have the candle, it’s very lovely, I just prefer it lingering in the living room rather than directly on my skin.)

And then there was Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne. It smells like the best parts of Autumn, windswept beaches, winter festivities, adventure and endless possibilities all at once. I’ve never experienced a scent that is both so sparklingly fresh yet so raw and earthy all at the same time. I don’t know who were the “noses” behind it but they are ruddy geniuses.

I am 99% positive Lady Vengeance has just met some firm competition. And I don’t know why but I can’t help but feel more than a little guilty about my latest spritz obsession. It feels as though I am being unfaithful.

Do you have an absolute “favourite” fragrance? Do you have different scents depending on the season? Or perhaps your mood? Do you wear any Jo Malone? Do you think that in general men’s aftershaves are more often than not far superior to women’s perfumes? (I do)

You can purchase Wood Sage & Sea Salt at John Lewis.

*Well I had all of 5 minutes to spare and came away with 4 items. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

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48 thoughts on “The {Other} One

  1. I go through phases with “day” perfumes (Jo Malone are fab for them) but the one perfume that has always made me feel amazing is by Agent Provocateur. I don’t know whether it’s because it was my first ever real “treat” to myself one Christmas when I was Christmas shopping with my new boyfriend and utterly broke, and the memories of a that romance that became a marriage, or just that it smells lovely.
    That said, there’s nothing like being bored in duty free and getting a waft and suddenly being 15 again! I had that with an Anna Sui one recently!

  2. For my 30th birthday a friend of mine bought me the Jo Malone shower gel in Blackberry and Bay – cue a new obsession with an expensive brand I’d managed to avoid up until then!

    The tissue was sprayed with English Pear and Freesia. I know this because I took said tissue in to the shop to get them to identify it and this then became my wedding perfume – because I thought it was perfect for a spring wedding. However, I now think it’s too sweet for everyday and am about to invest in a large bottle of the Blackberry and Bay cologne because it’s less girly I think and has a better depth of smell. Also, I’ll be on maternity leave (all things going well) in 3 months and am stocking up on expensive beauty essentials whilst I still have a normal pay packet!

    1. Hmmm I don’t recall ever trying Blackberry and Bay. I actually found towards the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t wear any perfume (Or stand anyone else’s!) and even after having Mabel for a few months after I was the same. Ridiculous hormones!

  3. I agree Charlotte, I was given a bottle of JM Wood Sage and Sea Salt for my birthday in September and I absolutely love it, especially for Autumn/Winter.

  4. Ahhh Jo Malone…. I got married last year and decided I wanted a new ‘special’ perfume for the wedding day and honeymoon. I spent ages looking and after much deliberation I chose Pomegranate Noir. I loved it. What I didn’t know on the wedding day was that I was pregnant and morning sickness kicked in very soon after. I spent all of our honeymoon feeling very very sick and the smell of my lovely new perfume soon repulsed me! In fact all perfume / aftershave made me sick (husband was banned from wearing it throughout the pregnancy!) Of course once the baby arrived I no longer felt sickened by perfume but for some reason I still can’t wear Pomegranate Noir… I can’t love it like I used to even though it holds the good memories of the wedding day, it’s also linked in my mind to that initial extreme nausea! So a full bottle sits on my dressing table unused… I’m still hoping I’ll love it again one day soon. In the mean time I need to find a new scent. I’ve always loved Stella McCartney perfumes so I think I’ll go back to them (but I better stop using it before the next pregnancy or I might ruin another one for myself!) x

    1. Hi Sarah! I have a few friends that wear Pomegranate Noir, I commented above on the pregnancy thing – most strong smells made me nauseous! x

  5. I have always found it really hard to find perfumes that I like so I have tended to use beautiful smelling body lotions instead. I have worn Deep Night be Ghost for years – I love the floral but musky smell, but like you, over the last couple of years I have wanted something a bit different. I found my new scent at the airport, on my way to our honeymoon. It is Eclipse by Ghost! It is summery and fruity but quite light. I love that it reminds me of honeymoon and that Rob always notices when I wear it. I haven’t really got any idea of what I would like for Christmas so I might have to see if I can find a wintery perfume too

  6. I wore Jo Malone Wild Bluebell on my wedding day. We got married in April so I wanted a light, floral, flirty fragrance to match our spring time nuptials and Wild Bluebell fitted perfectly. Normally day to day I wear Chanel Chance which is a fragrance I still adore and wear most days but I decided that for our wedding day I wanted a new fragrance so that I would be reminded of the day whenever I smelled it. I was lucky enough to be given a matching candle and body lotion by my parents on the morning of the wedding so the whole getting ready process and day really smelled of Wild Bluebell. Whenever I smell it now I am transported back to that day – the best day ever! And it’s lovely to wear on special occasions as more lovely memories get tied up in the smell.

  7. I second Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell! I also got it for my wedding after the sales lady suggested it as my something blue (she knew a sucker bride-to-be when she saw one!). I love it and it takes me back to my wedding day and honeymoon every time. However I feel JM is too expensive to be my every day perfume, plus I like to keep it for special occasions.

  8. I bought my husband the wood safe and sea salt, all along knowing that I planned on borrowing it occasionally…I wasn’t sure about smelling exactly the same so I layred it with jM’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne. I love the combination, and it makes me feel fortuitously fancy for layering scents 🙂
    …definitely have a spray of both next te you pass a store 🙂

    1. This sounds like a fab idea! and depending on what you layer I guess quite a unique perfume is created? Will definitely give that a whirl x

  9. I too had Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir for my wedding perfume, I still love it 7 years on, despite one of the groomsmen saying I smelt like air freshener!!! Its more my ‘going out’ perfume than every day. I agree Charlotte, I much prefer mens aftershave (which is why I picked Pomegranate Noir, it’s quite a masculine scent). I tried the Wood Sage & Sea Salt on Saturday (it had me at the name), its so lovely & a great wintery daytime scent. I’m hoping my husband clocked which one I was raving about

  10. I am always lost in Jo Malone shops there is so much choice! I love sniffing the candles way more than perfume but might have to give it a bash! I am a total hussy when it comes to scentage and chop and change! My current absolute fave on my Xmas wish list is Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria, leaves a lovely smell even when it’s died down and it’s that smell it leaves behind on scarves etc that I love! I used to be loyal to Chlôe for a bit and then wore Chanel chance eau tendre for wedding day and after for a good while and always have some in, as well as the eau fraîche and mademoiselle. I had a few Marc Jacobs ones daisy and I think honey is it but not quite for me. And I also had a fling with some hypnose and diamonds but again not long lasting affairs! I wish I could find that perfect me smell and stick to it…maybe one day or maybe this CK one will be it!
    (@Charlotte, love I saw lady vengeance for the first time yest in Harvey nics, made me think of you

  11. I bought JM redcurrant & cream as my wedding perfume & wore it for all my wedding-y events (hen do, dress fitting and lunch the day after) but since it’s limited edition I’ve had to ration it and now only plan to use it on our wedding anniversary. My husband thinks this is full on bonkers, but I like the idea that I’ll always associate it with that day & nothing else! My bottle is running a bit low after liberal wedding reception spritzing so I may need to bite the bullet and order a ridiculously expensive replacement bottle on eBay haha!
    My everyday scent is pomegrante noir which my best friend uses as a room diffuser… But I still love it, despite the fact I can hardly smell it on me anymore!

    1. Limited Edition, the bain of my life. Perhaps we should do a petition to make Jo Malone bring it back Lynsey?! I did include them in a tweet earlier….. x

  12. Charlotte have you had a sniff of Tom Ford Black Orchid? Very masculine and woody – it’s my fav! I had Juliette Has a Gun ‘Anyway’ for my wedding day perfume – also lovely! xx

    1. Jenny I do like this scent, very much indeed. My husband thought it was a bit “strong” though. Boo. I always recognise it on other people and think “ohhh lovely” x

  13. I wore Jo Malone’s Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne on my wedding day. I love it! It suits mid-summer so well and always reminds me of our special day. We currently have the scent diffuser in our hallway to beat winter blues! Although the Red Roses scent is soooo lovely too.

  14. I love Chanel Chance eau Fraiche – I’ve been wearing it for years now and nothing comes close!

    Hubbie and I debated the whole new fragrance for wedding day but concluded we wanted to smell like ourselves rather than a strange new perfume / aftershave.

    He has been wearing Dolce & Gabanna The One for Men for years – even his male friends tell him they love it! haha

  15. My current fave is Tom Ford’s Rive D’Ambre for evening. Same as Lynn, I also love Chanel Chance eau Fraiche but am looking for an extra so may have to try the Jo Malone selection. So far they’ve all been too flowery for me but this one sounds like a winner.

  16. Love Jo Malone! English Pear and Freesia (or EPnF as my husband calls it) was my wedding perfume – I wear it now for special occasions and it instantly reminds me of how wonderful that day was. Sometimes I wear it even if I just need a bit of a boost. Funny to smells are so evocative of emotion. I do agree it is somewhat summery so I have opted for their Blue Agava and Cacao perfume for the winter months – it smells like chocolate which I love but will definitely stop in on my way home from work to try Wood Sage & Sea Salt! xx

  17. I recently treated myself to a bottle of Wood Sage and Sea Salt, as I fell in love with it and wanted something autumnal to wear on our trip away for our wedding anniversary in October. My usual scent is Jo Malone’s 154 – I think it might be marketed more at their male customers but I love it! I wore JM Dark Amber and Gingerlily as my wedding day perfume and it would be my ‘evening’ perfume. Sensing a theme here… 🙂

  18. I love Jo Malone perfumes – Wild Bluebell and Blackberry and Bay have been my faves for a while but I did test the Wood Sage and Sea Salt on a recent trip around the Selfridges beauty counters. It’s on my Christmas list!

  19. I am a total parfume addict. I always own 5 or 6 perfumes a the same time and I take them in turns. My absolut favourit is Elie Saab Le Parfum which I wore on my wedding day. I think I will love this scent forever, as I associate it with so many happy memories. At the moment I have my eye on a new scent: Prada Candy florale. I never tried a Jo Malone parfume before, but I think I would love them and I have to try it, the next time I am at a Jo Malone counter.

  20. I remember reading about Lady Vengeance somewhere on a blog but never got around to trying it – it may even have been one of the first things I read on Rock My Wedding (if you ever wrote about it there!). My autumnal favourite is Hypnotic Poison by Dior, something I would never have tried if I hadn’t first smelt it on my friend, but which I love. It has vanilla undertones but isn’t sweet, more warm and spicy, and hard to keep away from! (I wish I could find a body lotion.)

    I also agree about men’s fragrances, my husbands L’eau de Guerlain is delicious, although maybe designed to be more unisex than masculine (it comes in a swirly glass bottle). If I didn’t find it weird us both wearing the same I’d steal that for sure!

    I’ll have to check out the Hermes masculine – sounds interesting!

    1. My hubs says Hypnotic Poison reminds him of the ‘old days’. Haha! I used to wear it all the time when we first got together. I may have to get a new bottle 🙂

  21. Romance by Ralph Lauren is the all time fave and what I wore on my wedding day because I just couldn’t imagine wearing anything else so its also my most special! My other go to (but not such a hit with many because it is so strong) is Angel by Thierry Mulger. Others come and go but these two are the only ones that I buy (or are bought for me) over & over again!
    But I too now have another … at the airport on the way back from hols this summer I needed a pressie to get over having to come home and I spied a gorgeous box and wow when I had a sniff of the perfume I knew it had to be mine! Enter my current fave Florabotanica by Balenciaga – it is a beaut and a must sniff!

  22. Love this fragrance and was lucky enough to receive a large bottle of it as an end of year gift at school! My wedding fragrance was Miss Dior (the now discontinued one!) and I’ve tried so hard to keep it for ‘special’ occasions and love it when Mr R instantly recognises it. I always use the blue Clarins spritz during the day on holiday and that smell really makes me smile, I bought a bottle for my sis after she delivered my niece so she wasn’t wearing anything too strong, so for me it evokes sunshine for her it’s a happy baby. We both wear Armani code for work, strong but not overbearing! The power of fragrance eh?!

  23. Complete Jo Malone addict!! I have worn Pom Noir for years and years, that and nothing else. It was my signature scent. Then one day I woke up and had gone off it completely. Luckily I was almost at the bottom of the bottle. So I went in search of a new one. I tried loads, went back and sampled old favorites. Nothing worked for me. Went back to Jo Malone and sampled Blackberry and Bay, it was love at first sniff. I still like Pom, but I think we need a break for a while.
    For my wedding I wore a Jo Malone limited edition called Sakura Cherry Blossom. I have a tiny bit left, so save it for very special occasions. But everytime I smell it it takes me back to that day.
    When I was on my sampling mission I also found that lots of scents just smelled fake to me, like they were made of chemicals and not say real Vanilla. Jo Malone always smells like a proper perfume to me, like somebody has actually taken a fresh blackberry and just squeezed it into a bottle. Hope that makes some sort of sense lol!!

  24. A timely post…I’m about to run out of perfume but sadly no JM near me so I have to resort to ones I know online or a sniff round Boots. The one I’ve nearly run out of is Flora by Gucci (glamorous magnolia) and I loved it to begin with but I always get bored by the end. I’ve never been loyal but maybe I’ve never found THE ONE? My most favourite smell is a boy one, the oh so sexy, Bleu de Chanel – I buy it for my husband so I can smell it without wearing it

    1. I’d typed loads more but it’s disappeared… Whoops!
      Basically said Silver Rain by La Prarie has come the closest to being THE ONE, very expensive though not sure how it compares price wise to JM.

      Has anyone tried the actually Jo Malone fragrances I think called Jo Loves?

      1. 100ml bottle of Jo Malone is £82, but a bottle lasts me a year and I spray it everyday. So on a cost per wear basis it’s 22p a day. Which I don’t think is too bad. (I am very good at justifying to my husband!) 🙂 I haven’t tried any Jo Loves fragrances but they do sound good.

  25. My go-to fragrance for day is Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood. I get a lot of compliments on it. I like Coco Madamoiselle for evenings/ going out.. My wedding perfume was also Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell which I adore but it’s so darn pricey. The wood and sea salt sounds amazing I must say.

  26. I have 3 go to perfume’s: Jo Malone English pear and Freesia (had to laugh at that) or their Lotus blossom and water lily but my favourite is diptyque philosykos – Figs are my favourite smell and i like how the perfume smells on my skin (It is amazing how differently it smells on people!). Tilly won’t leave the house without perfume on (don’t know where she gets that from!) so my stocks are running low – luckily parents will bring me out a haul when they come out in Feb next year….

  27. I used to religiously wear when i was teen Princess by Vera Wang, it very much represented all those adolescent boyfriends, parties and silly mistakes I enjoyed making. After that i moved into Nina by Nina Ricci and I have dabbled in a few others like Prada Candy etc but the one that caught my Mr’s nose was Miss Dior, the original amazing one, then they changed it. WHY, i have no idea. It was a massive shame as i dreamt of that being my wedding day scent… since then nothing really caught my nose. I bought the Miss Dior flowery one.. can’t remember the name for the life of me, but it’s just that. a nice flowery smell. Nothing like Miss Dior – but then i came into contact with the Peony Blush by Jo Malone and I LOVED it. Was lucky enough to receive one and it’s almost all gone, I still feel like it’s a lot of money for such a pewney amount though… but 2 candles and 1 bottle down, I think i quite like it! BUT my Mr isn’t bothered by it. Struggling to think what on earth I could wear on the day… I love the idea of something that he loves. But finding that again will be tough 🙁

  28. I got married in December 2009 and was after a perfume that was Wintery (is that a word?) and a very lovely lady in House of Fraser in Manchester recommended Cartier Delices as it has cherry in it which makes it sound really sweet but it isn’t. It’s just really scrumptious! And the bottle is beautiful and red so it’s wintery, Christmas perfection of a perfume in my eyes! I always have a bottle but use it sparingly as it really reminds me of my wedding, my honeymoon in New York and Autumn/Christmas/winter time. Now I just need to find the perfect Spring/Summer scent and I’m all set! 🙂

  29. I ‘m a huge fan of Annick Gouthal perfumes – Nuit Etoile and Heure Exquise are ‘my’ perfumes. However at Heathrow I was drown to Jo Malone and love both Earl Grey and Cucumber and this one. Damn those flight delays!!

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