A grey nursery with plywood rail and handmade kite

The Nursery Tour

Author: Lauren Coleman

This nursery tour will be my last post on RMS for a while as I head off on maternity leave. There are still a few things left to sort; blackout blinds, lighting, laundry bins and a bit of baby proofing (yes I imagine a toddler hanging off that reading shelf too) but I felt it would be fitting to end my pregnancy with a peek at what will be my little boy’s room.
James and I have been using the 1 second everyday app throughout the pregnancy and not a week has gone by without some form of hammer, paint or upcycling action being documented. I’ve also commissioned a fair few unique pieces too and this pale grey room is by far my favourite space in the whole house.

I realise the room will never be this tidy again and I know the plastic tat will soon make an appearance too!

On The Walls

The walls are painted in Laura Ashley Pale Dove Grey Emulsion. As you remember from a post back in the summer, this was the second shade we tried in this room. I wanted a contrast between the walls and the ceiling to highlight the sloped ceiling and the wooden beam. It’s slightly beige rather than a true grey but I think it makes the room warm and cosy.

Nursery Furniture

  • My parents were gems and bought us the Mokee cot and we purchased a John Lewis mattress. This is the stone blue version which can look purplish in some lights. When it arrived I was convinced they’d sent the wrong colour but it’s really begun to grow on me.
  • The small linen cupboard is an old HomeSense one which was once in our bedroom and I’ve filled it with sleep sacks and muslins, including these beautiful hummingbird swaddles which I was lucky to have given to me by Mini Maison
  • The custom made cupboard was very kindly gifted by the lovely people at Jali and is perfect for holding all the paraphernalia that seems to come with a baby! It’s bespoke to fit under the sloping ceiling and James painted it with Laura Ashley Dove Grey Eggshell after ordering the pre-primed version which saves the job of undercoating!
  • The shelves in the reading corner are old Ikea painted pictures ledges that used to be in the summer house at our last house. The rattan chair is one I’ve moved in from our bedroom. After the comments on my Nursery Practicalities post I decided not to buy a dedicated nursing chair until I’ve worked out how and where to feed! The little table is one from the spare room which was originally from an antique centre and the faux leather pouffe is one I bought many moons ago for our living room.
  • The shelf above the chest of drawers was just made from a piece of plywood and two Ikea brackets, while the the little alcove rail was crafted from ply and a broom handle.
  • The chest of drawers was one we’ve had for years which was updated with a lick of paint and new handles. It’s going to be too high for me to use as a changing table so I’ve filled the bottom drawer with all the nappy essentials and no doubt will be getting on the floor to change. I’ve got a hunk of a chunk wedge mat for changing downstairs. This one is a little piddly but at least it’s easy to store.
  • Soft Furnishings

    With the basics in place it’s fair to say I went a bit wild with the decoration, so much so that James told me last week it was getting a bit ‘busy’.

    Dirty Enabler Charlotte prompted me to buy the crocheted Sebra Arctic Mobile (which unfortunately seems to be out of stock everywhere so I’ve included a link to the dinosaur verison below). This then inspired the subtle colour scheme for the rest of the room with hints of blue, mustard, blush and grey.

    I decided not to put the cot against the wall as I didn’t want a ring of furniture around the perimeter. With the bed positioned into the room I felt the need for a canopy to anchor. This one is just a cheapie from eBay but there are heaps of gorgeous ones about.

    James’ Dad lives in France and when we went out there for a celebration in May, my father-in-law’s partner, Sue had decked the whole garden out with metre after metre of handmade bunting. With the colour scheme of the mobile in mind I asked Sue if she’d be happy to get the sewing machine out once again for Bebe Jim’s room. I bought a load of cushion covers from H&M in various shades and Sue got to work creating the bunting above the cot as well as my absolute favourite piece in the nursery; the kite that hangs over the fireplace. She is one clever lady and I adore the fact the kite is such a one-off.

    The rug is one we had in our spare room which I picked up from a discount warehouse in the next town to me a year or so ago.

    Wall Art

    At my ten week scan I was told I had a VERY active baby. It’s fair to say my little one is a wriggler hence the ‘Tiny Dancer’ artwork which was made by my brother-in-law at Bonny & Clyde Studio.

    So many people ask me where the bonjour sign is from in my dining room. When Melissa from Sign Hive asked if I was interested in a gifted piece for the nursery we decided ‘Bonjour Bebe’ was the perfect slogan.

    Bonjour Bebe Sign on Peg Rack

    James bought me the oak peg rack for my birthday a few years ago which is really handy to perch bits and pieces.

    The ‘Once Upon A Time’ sign was purchased from Grey Fox Designs. I’d seen a wooden sign on Pinterest so commissioned a wire one with the same wording to go over the book shelves.


    The wooden ceiling light was purchased from Matalan. It was an utter arse to put together but I really liked the style. I had the grey flex left over from our bathroom renovation and decided to just keep the white plastic rose rather than splash out on anything new.

    I shamelessly copied Lisa with the hanging paper balloon, with a New Zealand All Blacks lamb from James’ last work trip nestled inside and the model aeroplanes hanging over the window are made from a kit and hung using fishing wire.

    When we first came to view the house, this was the room I always envisioned would be the nursery. It’s taken far longer than we anticipated to be in a position to change this from a guest room to a baby’s room but we’re nearly there! I’ll love you and leave you for the minute and hopefully I’ll have some very happy news to share in the not too distant future. Goodbye for now. x


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    36 thoughts on “The Nursery Tour

    1. Oh Lauren it is just PERFECT. What a lovely calming space for you to be able to spend time in when bebe arrives 🙂

      We will miss you so much x

      1. I’ll miss you too my love. Thank the lord for WhatsApp and all those mental questions I’ve been asking you lovely ladies! x

      1. It’s flown hasn’t it?! And considering we’ve known since conception it’s surprising how quickly it’s gone!

    2. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this (does that sound weird?!) and it’s beautiful! He’s a lucky boy. I’ve loved doing both of my children’s bedrooms and the best bit is that as they grow, the room needs to grow with them so it’s a constantly evolving job.

      Congratulations again and good luck for the next stage. Happy maternity leave!!

    3. Ahhh Lauren I’ve been looking forward to seeing the nursery!! Its beautiful. We’re going to go for the Mokee cot too I think as its such good value and comes in a variety of nice colours. Enjoy your maternity leave, cant wait to hear news of the little man 🙂

      Katie x

      1. Such good value Katie. Charlotte and RMW’s Amy both have them too. I think it took about 8 weeks to arrive though so be sure to order early! x

    4. Lauren, what a beautiful welcoming home you’ve made for your little man. It’s gorgeous. Best of luck for the next few weeks, you got this x

    5. What a beautiful room, you have such a good eye for interiors Lauren. Very best wishes and can’t wait for the news

    6. What a beautiful room you’ve created. Enjoy the start of your mat leave & what sleep you can get (I know not easy in late stages of pregnancy!) before baby boy arrives. Looking forward to hearing bouncing baby news in the not too distant future xxx

      1. Thank you Nic. Yes it’s very hard to sleep at the moment but appreciate it’ll be a lot harder in the next few weeks! x

    7. Such a gorgeous space, I love how much thought has gone into every decision. Your little one is oh so loved already and that’s clear to see. Wishing you the very best of luck for your maternity leave and baby’s arrival, they are crazy hazy days in the newborn period but as everyone is no doubt telling you it just goes SO fast and before you know it you’re chasing round an actual toddler and you feel like they are growing up on fast forward. You are going to make the absolute best mama. xx

    8. It’s gorgeous Lauren (of course!). Good luck with everything, I look forward to hearing the baby news! You’re probably planning it already but we used the 1 Second Everyday app to document our son’s first year and it was brill – we both did one as we did shared parental leave which meant we had 2 lovely videos to watch. All the best, hope you get some rest before baby arrives! Xx

      1. Love that you did two separate videos! We’re doing shared parental leave too so it’ll be a lovely keepsake.

    9. Lauren you’ll be missed. You’ve always been my favourite!

      What I love about this is that you are under no illusions life won’t be an Instagram dream. Its really refreshing! My mantra very quickly became “just go with it” and that applies to Mum-life as well as interior and little pieces of bloody lego (seriously it HURTS more than you imagine it will). It’ll be ace.

      Just make sure every visitor brings a lasagne / pizza and paper plates to eat it off. No hosting for you. Just lots of baby cuddles. And ask everyone that visits to take a photo of you, Dad and Baby. Otherwise you’ll look back and have 1000 photos of Dad and Baby you’ve taken and absolutely zero of yourself.

      ENJOY IT but don’t worry if you don’t enjoy every single minute. Its OK to be like “hang on a minute” – doesn’t mean you don’t love him any less if you want to return him at 3.57am on day 74 of no sleep.

      1. Ha ha. Thanks Rebecca.
        I suppose the good thing about being one of the last of my friends and the RM girls to get pregnant is I’ve had a lot of the realities of motherhood shared with me. Not looking forward to the lego incidents though 😉
        Thank you for the photo tip and the wise words x

    10. This is beautiful. I want it all! My children both have the best rooms in the house, decorating little ones rooms is so much fun. Best of luck with the next few weeks! X

    11. Oh Lauren it’s so beautiful! Have loved seeing little nooks and corners but seeing it all together is magic.

      Really hope Bébé Jim gives you a couple of weeks downtime, and hope this last bit isn’t too crazy. All months have between 28 and 31 days except the last month of pregnancy which has 26819 days… or so it feels!

      All the very best and you KNOW we are all here for 3am IG chat if you’re having a tough night x

      1. Aww thank you Lucy. And thanks also for your really helpful advice – my birth preferences took a different approach after your birth mapping post.
        No doubt I’ll see you at 3am x

    12. Hiya, do you have the item number or link for the grey ebay canopy you bought? I love it 🙂 hope you can help

    13. Hi there! Beautiful nursery! I love your “Once upon a time” sign above the book ledges. Where did you find this, or was it custom made? Hope you are enjoying motherhood!

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