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The Cardigan Edit

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I don’t really do jumpers. But I really love a good cardi. So versatile, in terms of dressing an outfit up or down (depending on style) and layering – everyone needs at least one (or fifteen) in their wardrobe.

My favourite recent find has been the bell-sleeved number you can see in the slider above from Mango, under twenty quid and as warm as toast I know it’s going to be an Autumn/Winter staple. I’m very much enjoying the merlot/burgundy shade right now – I have similar on my nails. However, if looking not unlike a bottle of vino isn’t your thing, it also comes in rose pink, grey AND black.

I also purchased the white striped league cardi from Mango whilst making the most of my online shop. SO easy to wear – it works with anything and everything.

For extra long length I recently bought a colour block design from non other than Dorothy Perkins. I’ve not been in the store for years but spotted it in the window at the weekend whilst we were on our way out for lunch. It looks so luxe for the price, I’m really impressed with the quality.

The Alicia longline boyfriend from Boohoo is more casual and chunky knit but I’m having a moment over the pink hue.

Lottie is wearing a timeless and chic ribbed cable knit in the slider from M&S, a bit more spendy at £39.50 but it is so thick and soft, like wearing a small cloud. A bargain alternative is the Daisy Street cable knit in grey marl from ASOS.

The I-would-need-to-sell-my-soul cardigan of dreams? the playing card print by Sonia Rykiel. Is it too early to start my Christmas wish list?

And out of all the cardigans in my closet (of which there are many) the one I get asked about the most was eighteen quid. It is the most vivid sky blue and it’s immense. I bought it last year but they seem to have it back in for the season – the Leah from Boohoo.

You probably need one.

What cardigans have you bought recently? do let me know in the comments box below.

EDIT: Reader Bryony has just let us know you can get 25% off knitwear at Boohoo with the code WRAPUP – let’s go shopping!

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27 thoughts on “The Cardigan Edit

  1. Woo! Thanks Charlotte – I’ve definitely been waiting for an article like this for winter. I’ve just started my hunting for winter cardis on a budget that are maternity suitable for the rest of my pregnancy and for after and both those boohoo ones are perfect. Needless to say I’ve ordered both in sky blue and blush – and as a bonus they had 20% off code till 9am making it an even easier purchase. May have to have a look at the DP one too! Now to go find that article on winter boots…

    1. 20% off you say… I go! The cardigans are lovely Jenny – and perfect for maternity wear and beyond x

  2. Now all knits are 25% off with code WRAPUP on Boohoo. Enjoy! I have a new cardi winging its way to me after seeing this post – don’t tell the hubby!

  3. Not budget at all but I ordered this one from French Connection https://www.French

    Alas it was too bloody itchy ad honestly too expensive. So I have my mum in the knitting case! We have a pattern just need the yarn! I also possibly need to learn to knit too.

    1. Vicky does wool make you itch? I avoid anything with a high percentage – ace that your Mum can knit! x

      1. Oh gosh yes so bad! I’m okay in merino and cashmere (cheap date me) but anything else is scratch central. I’ve always been like that, not sure if it’s related to eczema (probably is!).

        I think this cardi had 10% mohair and it was scratchy as hell!

        My Nanna was a demon knitter and seamstress so had many a wonderful jumper growing up! My favourite being a my little pony one where the ponys had actual tails and manes!

        I unfortunately did not inherit the knitting gene and only the very basic sewing gene 😒.

        1. Knits from Boohoo work for me as they are often acrylic (!) – but I don’t care, they look fine, wash well and don’t itch! My Nan was also an amazing knitter, she used to make all sorts of lovely things for childrens charities etc.

          And a non sewer here to – I can’t even manage sewing a button back on (!)

          1. Cheers lovely. I regularly forget that wool makes me itch and buy jumpers etc with wool in them (seriously at 37 you’d think I’d remember!).
            My nana would be so disappointed at my lack of knitting and sewing skills. She could see pretty much everything! Made my mums bridesmaid dresses and was about to do her wedding dress when she got bronchitis and couldn’t get it made in time! I can see a button and hem and that’s about it!

  4. I love a good cardi! I purchased the M&S one last week and it is so warm and cosy. I know it will go with so many things in my wardrobe so a firm staple for the winter months 🙂

    1. Louise, I’m thinking I need to get Lottie’s cardigan too. I’m sold as soon as you mention ‘staple’. 😉

  5. Soo gorgeous! Also been thinking of some new cardie purchases – ordered the two (pink and blue) from Boohoo plus a blazer in black as really need to chuck some of my old ones out. And the mango one together with some little girls summer dresses for next year to get it up to free P&P. Ha! Thank you as always. There are some fabulous tops in the Stella & Dot range at the moment (go to Tops tab) I’ve got the Willow and the Mia and they are such soft and spacious material, would be lovely investments for pregnancy and thereafter. Sizes 4-24 and they’re designed beautifully to “just add denim”. I’m obsessed. xxxxx

    1. Ha ha love some enabling Sophie! I also have the Boohoo in the pink – it’s a fab colour. I honestly ever realised Stella & Dot do clothing?! I thought it was only jewellery. I must investigate x

  6. Just to enable more expensive credit card bashing, I highly highly recommend the DKNY Cozy, really good for layering and can be worn loose or wrapped around. A godsend when pregnant/breastfeeding but just generally amazing. Sometimes they come in cashmere and silk options too which are very warm but still light. I have a similar one from Zadig & Voltaire bought eons ago in New York and I’m so sad they don’t seem to have them any more as that is a warmer cashmere variety and my most used purchase. Sadly the moths also like it so my darning has improved 🙂

    1. Annie this sounds fab! and I don’t mind the odd bit of expensive card bashing when it’s worth it 🙂

    1. oh this is lovely, and New Look have some right bargains – I recently bought some shoes from there for £19.99 x

  7. Thank you charlotte- – a berry coloured chunky cardigan was on my autumn wish list and you found it! It’s so hard to tell with knitwear online so great to have the recommendation 😘

  8. Ooh love the colour of the Mango one on you Charlotte! So autumnal. I bought the M&S one that Lottie has last week, its sooo warm! Xx

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