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Ten Jumpsuits and Playsuits You Need for Summer {And What to Wear Them With}

Author: Lisa Soeno

When I wrote about my go-to shops a couple of weeks ago I missed out a massive section. Playsuits! I LIVE in them over the summer. They’re comfier than jeans and more practical than a dress, and you don’t need to worry about whether this top goes with these bottoms, etc etc. Just grab and go.

I’ve not yet ventured into the world of jumpsuits but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. I have a friend who always wears them to weddings/nights out and she always looks effortlessly chic and put together.

The type of playsuit which I am always drawn to are the bandeau shape. However after researching for this post I’ve found a couple more styles which I’m up for giving a whirl…

1. The Beachy Playsuit

Let’s start with my favourite of the lot. This beach-ready playsuit from Hush. It’s got the signature pretty Hush print, and knowing Hush, it’ll be excellent quality too. *Gets straight on a train to Birmingham city centre to try it on at the Hush concession in John Lewis*

2. The Versatile Jumpsuit

This is why I love Asos. Flattering, versatile and practical jumpsuits for twenty quid. Worn under a smart blazer, this one would make for perfect summer workwear. It’s also great for travelling in: wear under a shackett or cardie, and it’ll still look great for the journey home even if it’s been scrunched up in a suitcase for a week. And I’m not usually a fan of a ruffle but the frill at the top of this jumpsuit is not too frou-frou or fussy.

3. The Nautical Playsuit

My most worn summer item of all time (apart from my denim shorts) is a nautical navy-with-white-stripes playsuit. I nabbed it in a Zara sale absolutely yonks ago (there are pics of me in it on holiday in Miami pre-kids…that shows how old it is). I am tempted to treat myself to this Topshop one for when my Zara playsuit gives up the ghost.

4. The Denim Playsuit

I’m slightly obsessed with this little denim number from Asos. Again, it’s got a ruffle but it’s a subtle ruffle, and because it’s denim it’s not too girly.

5. The Show-Stopper Jumpsuit

This summer is ALL ABOUT the wide legged jumpsuit. The cut and hue of this Topshop one makes it a real head-turning-show-stopper but still manages to be versatile. Wear with a denim jacket to the pub and gold sliders to a low-key wedding.

6. The Floral Playsuit

Oasis do floral SO well. Because the floral print on this playsuit is pretty busy, team with simple sliders. I’ll take the cold-shoulder top version too please.

7. The Wear-With-A-Tee Jumpsuit

I would wear this jumpsuit on its own after dark, or with a white tee underneath during the day. If you’re a new mama, it’s also perfect for breastfeeding: if you feel it’s a little too low-cut then team with a cami and do the old one-up-one-down.

8. The Bardot Playsuit

Another super-versatile, super-practical yet super-stylish playsuit. It’s 100% cotton so will keep you cool, and it’s loose and flowy, but in a pretty, flattering way.

9. The Knot-Front Playsuit

I’m not sure what I love most about this playsuit…the chic shape, the unusual knot-front detail, or the fact that it’s under £16 in the sale NOW. Wear with statement gold bangles and oversized sunglasses.

10. The Open-Back Jumpsuit

How classy is this Warehouse jumpsuit? I love the subtly-sexy open back detail, the bow, and the fact that you could wear it with all number of shoe styles: from silver peep toes to blush pink sliders to leopard sandals.

So when it comes to jumpsuits/playsuits, you’ve probably gathered that I’m a playsuit girl through and through. Which do you wear? Either/neither/both? And as always, I would love to hear about your recent purchases…

  • Topshop £32
  • Oasis £45
  • Asos £20
  • Asos £70
  • Mango £15.99
  • Warehouse £39
  • & Other Stories £49
  • Topshop £26
  • Topshop £49
  • Hush £65
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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19 thoughts on “Ten Jumpsuits and Playsuits You Need for Summer {And What to Wear Them With}

  1. Love these but you can’t wear a normal bra with any of them! Apart from the expensive Levi one… I can’t be running around after a 1 and a 2 year old with a strapless bra falling down every 3 seconds. If anyone’s seen any nice shorts playsuits that an everyday bra would work with Id love to know!

  2. I’m more of a jumpsuit person – love those two from Warehouse and Oasis. I’ve also got one from Uniqlo which I wear for work – it’s a little warm material wise but given the air con at work I don’t mind that (have to sweat my way through the commute though!)

    Can never find the right playsuit – I like the look of them but they always ride up. Also agree with Victoria that most suggested here or even those I’ve seen elsewhere this year can’t be worn with a normal bra. I need scaffolding on a regular basis to keep my chest in check – strapless is pointless!

      1. They only have a small selection but they’re super comfy and have the all important pockets!

        Bra post would be fab – some options for the larger cup sizes would be very welcome!

  3. whilst I love the look of jumpsuits and playsuits on other people they just don’t seem to work for my height and body shape. My petit friends who are 5ft ish get away with them and always look amazing. But I’m 5ft 9, meaning playsuits are ridiculously short and give me a wedgie , and jumpsuits are too short in the leg and again not long enough in the body. When I have found one that works I then turn around and am faced with a huge butt in the mirror as they seem to accentuate them. I’m only a size 10 and actually have quite a small, flat bum, but jumpsuits make me feel like I’m wearing a nappie! Tell me I’m not the only one!?

    1. Have you tried any of the ASOS tall range? There’s a tall version of the bandeau jumpsuit … it’s £16 (so cheaper than the regular version?!) … and looks to be v flattering on the derrière 😛

    2. Camel toe/wedgie issues here as well!!!
      Asos tall is ok but majority I just don’t understand how anyone can actually keep their boobs in them. Does anyone actually wear bras anymore?? What secret am I missing?!!

  4. Hey Lisa!

    I love this article as I’m a self confessed playsuit/jumpsuit addict. I’m having a wardrobe sort out at the moment as everything needs to be suitable for breastfeeding so thanks for featuring a feed-friendly one! I just bought a nice looking jumpsuit from Frugi (not sure how to link to it here but they don’t have many clothes so easy to find). It’s polka dot, effortless and will allow me to feed (it’s also bra friendly for the others on here) and it’s in the sale (bonus!) I’ve had to adapt my wardrobe as I’ve gone from mid twenties to mid thirties and I’m trying to buy better quality clothing. It’s not arrived yet mind you!

      1. Yes that’s the one! Can’t wait to try it. I’m under five foot so always have a problem with leg length but these look quite tapered and with extra boobage going on that should use a bit of extra material! Ha!

  5. Love this post Lisa – it’s right up my street.

    I have just bought this from H&M in 2 colours!850!3!269343299007!!!g!367116982760!&ef_id=WD2goAAAAAq9w@Rf:20180712094705:s

    and also this from there as well – I was worried that I’d not be able to wear a bra under it but I sized down and as long as you’re cool either with strapless or seeing the straps down the back then its FAB – I have work a really fine strapped bra and though it looked good.

  6. Great that a couple of these are good for a breast feeding mamma – thank you for including them in the feature 👍

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