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Being Featured by Ideal Home Magazine

Author: Lisa Soeno

I’ve always been obsessed with interiors. I’ve been rearranging my bedroom furniture for as long as I can remember. (Thanks Dad, for letting the nine-year-old me place my bunkbed at an angle in front of my bedroom window, effectively cutting off three quarters of the room, and blocking out most of the light. I thought it looked cool). When I was at high school one of my favourite woodwork projects was creating little wooden beds to furnish a shoebox bedroom, complete with tiny bedsheets fashioned from pink and white gingham. And when I was fourteen, despite having never been able to use a sewing machine, I managed to cobble together some cushions out of leftover curtain material. The result was a strange, scratchy cushion which you wouldn’t have wanted to snuggle up against, but I was delighted to have matching curtains and cushions.

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