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Six Christmas Home Tours {And Six New Instagram Accounts To Follow}

Author: Lisa Soeno

I’m having a love/hate relationship with our Christmas tree at the moment. I loved decorating it with Lyra, and the OCD part of me was so impressed that she managed to space the baubles and trinkets out neatly. There’s only one branch with numerous decorations on it. I’m also loving the fact that the tree doubles up as a baby gym – just pop the baby on a changing mat underneath the tree (who needs presents?!) and said baby will be so interested in trying to grab fistfuls of branches and baubles that he will forget to try and roll off the changing mat.

What I’m NOT loving so much is the fact that the Christmas tree lights decided to go kaput mere days before the 25th. There’s nothing sadder than an unlit Christmas tree at night. Although my face, trying to find replacement warm white lights, at this eleventh hour, comes close.

Whilst we are talking trees, is it just Becky and I as sleep-deprived mamas that think this, or is having an actual tree in your house just a bit … well … crazy? I get that it’s tradition but it’s a TREE! In your home!

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