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Something In The Water: Book Review and Interview with Author Catherine Steadman

Author: Lisa Soeno

I know it’s silly, but I always judge books by their covers. So when I first caught sight of this one I was dubious: thrillers aren’t usually my genre of choice. But as I knew it was written by Catherine Steadman, actress from The Inbetweeners (one of my guilty pleasures) and Downton Abbey no less, I was intrigued and keen to give it a whirl.

And gosh am I glad I did so.

It was UNPUTDOWNABLE. I absolutely whipped through it. Which is something I haven’t done since pre-kids. Ok so I didn’t read it in one sitting, but it only took me a week or so. There were several nights during that week when I was awoken by a crying Jenson at 3am: when he was placated by his dummy I needed no other excuse to jump into the spare bed and devour another chapter.

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