Book Club

Feminist Books for Your Rebel Girls {And Rebel Boys Too}

Author: Lisa Soeno

I’ve talked on these pages previously about Lyra’s love for books. Well that love went into overdrive last week, what with World Book Day and Secret Reader Week. The latter involved us parents being invited to sign up for Secret Reader sessions at Lyra’s pre-school. My slot was last Thursday, I had to pick a children’s story suitable for 3-4 year olds and turn up on the day to surprise Lyra, and read her the story to her and her school friends. Her face was a picture!

And seeing as tomorrow is International Women’s Day I thought it was only right to round up some of the best feminist books for kids we’ve come across. I’ve given a rough age rating for each book, but take these with a pinch of salt, as Lyra is loving her Rebel Girls book yet I’ve noticed an age range of 8+ on some websites.

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