Supermarket Sweep {9 Home Accessories to Pick up on Your Weekly Shop}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Call me old fashioned but I still prefer actually going to the supermarket to do a big shop, as opposed to getting my shopping delivered. I want to see and feel the fruit and veg, and select my own, and I find it so frustrating when Asda try and palm you off with an own-brand box of cornflakes when Crunchy Nuts are out of stock. But most importantly, there’s the chance to buy ALLTHENICETHINGS. I have summarised the current selection of allthenicethings available in a good supermarket near you below.


If you read my spend/splurge post last week then you probably gathered that I’m a biiiig fan of the George at Asda homewares. I’m still astounded at the price of these industrial-style pieces from their Irving range. I’ve never bought any furniture from Asda but as their items are so bloody reasonably priced I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

One of my favourite supermarket purchases of late is this chalkboard globe. The images on the Asda website don’t do it justice and it’s a steal at £15. It was supposed to be a stylish accessory but Lyra got her mitts on the chalk and now it just has the names of her best mates scrawled across it. I’ve also bought these kitsch-but-cute set of three ceramic flying parrots. They’re flying proudly above the mirror in my cloakroom as we speak. Rich hates ‘em, but what does he know?!

  • George at Asda Wooden Tray Nest of Tables
  • George at Asda Ivory Grey Rug
  • George at Asda Chalkboard Globe

Marks and Spencer

M&S counts as a supermarket, right? Well the M&S buys I’ve spotted are all plant or floral related. Firstly, this grey planter. Pop in a cactus and bring an instant splash of green to your abode. I also have my eye on this super cute nautical tin jug … another to add to Lauren’s list of vases. And you can tell summer’s on the way (hooray!) because I’ve spied outdoor furniture and tablewear down the aisles. I’d be tempted to display this melamine dinner plate set on my walls – it’s almost too pretty to use. ALMOST.

  • M&S Melamine Dinner Plates
  • M&S Grey Planter
  • M&S Striped Tin Jug


I really, really rate all the Sainsbury’s homewares. I often go in with the intention of buying only groceries, but come out armed with a cushion/lamp/mirror. Last week I came home with a couple of these blue and white quilted cushions for the double bed in our spare room. They’re so big it was impossible to sneak them into the house.

One of my favourite mirrors in our house was a Sainsbury’s special a few years back and I’ve just noticed that it’s back in stock. It’s a dead ringer for this White Company Portland mirror – yes at 40cm wide it’s a tad smaller than the Portland, but at £16 I’m not going to quibble. It’s one of those timeless pieces that would look good in any nook or cranny – I’ve hung mine on this awkward little patch of wall in our bedroom. It’s a lovely creamy grey, but if grey’s not your bag, it’s got a matt finish and as such would be perfect for upcycling.

If you live near a big Sainsbury’s then it’s well worth popping in for a gander, as the one near me stocks a load more gorgeous stuff that isn’t on their website, such as the pastel pink cup in the header.

  • Sainsburys White Quilted Cushion
  • Sainsburys Bath Tidy
  • Sainsburys Grey Mirror

Which are your favourite supermarkets for homeware prettiness? Have you picked up any treats for your abode recently?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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13 thoughts on “Supermarket Sweep {9 Home Accessories to Pick up on Your Weekly Shop}

  1. Hey Lisa

    How can those tables be Asda though???

    Love Sainsbury’s home stuff but have you seen Tesco’s recently? They have some really cute frames, lovely cushions and throws too. X

    1. I’m having a real hate hate relationship with Tesco stuff recently. I always feel like the quality of their stuff goes down in summer! And its not even that cheap.

  2. I bought the Asda bedside tables as a result of the spend/splurge post. Arrived promptly, a little fiddly to put together but look great and at £29 each a total bargain! Highly recommend.

  3. I can’t quite believe that those plates are melamine. They totally look ceramic! I shall certainly be buying the bath caddy and I’m seriously considering the ASDA rug, although I really need to step away from the grey.

  4. I love this – is this something you would be able to do on a regular basis? I bought the rug and globe!

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