Sunshine For Spring {Lovely Yellow Fashion}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Did you watch Lorraine yesterday? As I’m on maternity leave I spend most mornings at around 8.30am feeding my now 6 week old baby girl Iris and losing myself in breakfast TV.

If you didn’t catch her new studio reveal then you would have also missed her gorgeous long yellow dress from Hobbs, so elegant (but then I bloody love Lorraine – she looks ace in everything) and perfect for Spring weddings and other outdoorsy affairs. Spendy admittedly but Hobbs also have a midi design that is half the price called the “porcelain” which should see you through summer holidays and warmer Autumnal occasions.

I am personally a huge fan of a sunshine hue so I’m pleased that yellow is having a moment in fashion this year. If you read my cross body bag post then you will know I have the Oliver Bonas Kennedy bag, not only is it uber practical but it really brightens up my core wardrobe of grey, grey and…..grey. I’ve now seen they have a fancier design called the Jenni. I obviously want this aswell. I have added it to my online basket along with the back twist jumper (which keeps selling out – must be popular) as yellow knitwear in particular, has become a bit of a recent obsession. Bargain wise I’ve ordered the Amber cardigan from Boohoo – I have it in pink already and it’s a great wardrobe addition for £12. Yes you read that correctly, twelve quid.

We recently booked a break at the Watergate Bay hotel in Cornwall for a week in June, I have always wanted to stay but so far we’ve only ventured there for lunch. The hotel boasts fantastic family facilities and we already know the views of the beach are incredible. Naturally I will need new things to wear. Not least because I’m in that awkward post pregnancy stage and I’m not sure any of last years holiday buys are going to look quite right. I have my eye on this frill sleeved shift from Warehouse (worn with spanx obviously) which would also make for a stylish bridesmaids gown I thought. Warehouse also have a pleated floral print skirt which is very pretty. I’m just not sure about the length with my long body/short legs situation.

What I have discovered that are flattering is this pair of high waisted wide leg trousers complete with yellow stripe. They are from Miss Selfridge – not an online destination I peruse often. Well, ever if I’m honest. But I saw them modelled on the fashion segment of Lorraine one morning (detecting a theme here?) and they work really well with trainers, perfect for supermarket shopping, park adventures or anything that involves running around after four year old Mabel and not feeling frumpy. They have actually washed really well and by washed I mean frequently, Iris seems to be adverse to throwing up on the vast array of muslins I have to hand and instead favours my clothes. Or my hair.

If this spell of blue skies and warmth is short-lived then I may just invest in a waterproof jacket, I’ve heard the ones by Rains are amazing. I really need to walk more, especially after a month of sitting on my backside eating cake. Every year I say I’ll invest in proper walking boots and an anorak and every year I wear a battered old parka and inappropriate footwear for countryside strolls. Perhaps now I am a mother of two I’ll start behaving like a grown up. Or maybe I’ll put up with soggy suede until I’m eighty – I just can’t move on from tassels around my ankles.

If yellow clothing and accessories really aren’t your thing then how about just adding a wee splash to your home….I want someone to buy this cushion by Scion because I love it, but unfortunately it doesn’t go with anything in my house. I will therefore live vicariously through whoever can make it work with their interior decor. Plus if I buy any more soft furnishings my long suffering husband will probably file for divorce. There are only so many throws one man can take apparently.

Are you embracing this seasons yellow trend? Have you ever stayed at The Watergate Bay hotel? Please do enable me in the comments box below, I will be sitting on my arse watching daytime television and consuming vast quantities of carbohydrates so your shopping recommendations are most welcome 😉

  • Oliver Bonas Kennedy Bag
  • Miss Selfridge Wide Leg Trousers
  • Warehouse Ruffle Dress
  • Boohoo Slouchy Amber Cardigan
  • Hobbs Porcelain Dress
  • Warehouse Pleated Skirt
  • Oliver Bonas Twist Back Jumper
  • Rains Waterproof Jacket
  • Scion Lintu Cushion
  • Topshop Midi Wrap Dress
  • Oliver Bonas Jenni Bag
  • Hobbs Yellow Dress

Header Image by M&J Photography

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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29 thoughts on “Sunshine For Spring {Lovely Yellow Fashion}

  1. Hi Charlotte! Great to see you back dirty-enabling! Hope all is good with Team O’Shea.
    Scott & I stayed at the Scarlet Hotel back in December last year, and the Watergate Bay Hotel restaurants were only a short taxi ride away. We absolutely spending our evenings at the Beach Hut, the conservatory at the back, had the most amazing views. We tried to get into Zacry’s one evening, but couldn’t get a time lot that suited us. It looked lovely though.
    You’ll have an amazing time xx

    1. Hi Ashu, thanks so much for the Cornwall tips! I have done a lot of online perusing of late so only fair I share my finds 🙂 x

  2. Congrats on your baby girl Charlotte, we also had our 2nd baby girl, 7 weeks ago.
    I’m still living in leggings and seem to have lost any sense of style so it’s lovely to see some inspiration.
    We have stayed at the watergate bay hotel (pre-kids) and it was amazing. The spa is really good and would be perfect for a post pregnancy treat. The breakfasts are amazing and it has such a lovely relaxed feel to the hotel.
    The beach hut (cafe/restaurant) at the bottom of the slope is perfect for a relaxed lunch or hot chocolate after a day on the beach.
    You’ll have a fantastic time.
    If you fancy a change from the hotel for dinner is lovely and has the most amazing views.
    Enjoy and hope you get some lovely weather

    1. Congratulations Hannah! to be honest all I’m wearing is a pair of old black hipster shorts with tights and a jumper, lots of things are still uncomfortable on my c section scar and I’ve not been that arsed about being stylish for now, I was hoping by the holiday in June I may get some of my mojo back. Thanks so much for the recommendations and the link! Im really excited for the break now x

      1. I was in Primark this morning buying that cheap “Hello Sunshine” straw bag EVERYONE has (£6 – winner) and I saw they had some lovely tighter T-shirt dresses which would be acers after a C-section or pregnancy and they were only £5 each so if they stretch, it doesn’t matter. My standard post C-section outfit was a stretchy pencil skirt over the top of the scar and big knickers and nursing top.

        1. Thanks for the tip, I wore a high waisted pleather skirt at the weekend and that was really comfy – just with a T-shirt and a cardi. I don’t know anything about this Primark £6 bag!? bargain!

  3. We’re in Cornwall too. But July. So a post between when you get back and then would be great. I’ve already perused Fern’s old articles.

    Yellow makes me look like a bumblebee (dark hair, mellow skin tone, constantly not tanned and olive more….you know….jaundice) which is a shame because it does make one feel lighter. And being of the walking boot, zero frippery class of ‘well I can fit everything I need and more in a backpack can’t I?’, I don’t need a bag or other accessory.

    Standard summer attire of navy and white stripe here. I like one’s family to blend in to a windbreaker on the beach. Plus if it’s legit to match your interiors to your arse, Sainsbury’s have a great nautical theme beach set. Have already got the large insulated tote for beach snacks. Am going to look like Cornwall threw up on me.

    1. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to match your interiors to your arse, and Sainsburys do some fab clothes and homeware.

      The shade of yellow can make all the difference, have you tried a soft sherbert lemon? I find it much more flattering with a slightly jaundice complexion (snap)

  4. Watergate Bay is one of my favourites Charlotte, they managed stylish but relaxed so well! It’s so nice though it is one of those places you don’t really want to tell people about if you know what I mean 😉 Enjoy!
    I remember your post a while back about your stay at Bedruthan (just up the road from Watergate) and we were thinking of trying there….
    Congratulations on your new arrival as well 🙂

    1. Bedruthan was great Nicola, we did consider going back there but I’ve always wanted to go to the Watergate Bay hotel and it’s always been booked up, we managed to get a family suite which will work well with both Mabel and Iris to juggle I think x

  5. Love Watergate Bay Charlotte – we had our minimoon there and basically ate our body weight in food. It was amaze.
    I second the view from Lewinnick Lodge as lovely Fern recommended it to us when we went a couple of years ago.
    Also in this post I mentioned Jo and Co – so make sure you go there too!

    1. Do you know I had forgotten all about these articles – blame baby brain 🙂

      I’ll be making a list later of all the places we can go x

    2. Lauren – I love Jo & Co, I went there on your recommendation, literally one of my favourite shops! Thank you 🙂

  6. This has nothing to do with yellow or Cornwall but did you see the peach and grey Napa mirrors in Oliver Bonas? Equal parts bizarre and amazing!

    1. Whilst everyone is doing some online perusing, I need a new laundry hamper. I need two actually – one for whites, one for colours. Anyone seen anything non hideous?

      1. I love the grey chambray 2 compartment ones by John Lewis, I have this one at the end of the bath in the family bathroom:

        and this one in the utility (I tend to use the bathroom one for clothes and the utility one to house bed linen and towels whilst I sort my wash schedule out)

  7. I was thinking of going here for a few days after our wedding, too! Please do another post after your trip! x

  8. Ahhh I’ve missed the Charlotte fashion posts!

    Scott and Babs is meant to be amazing for food and child-friendly x

      1. We stayed at Retorrick Mill campsite where Scott and Babs is- the food is great and a really casual hippy type vibe. If you go don’t feel the need to order a dish each as the portions are enormous, definitely made for sharing!
        The food in Zacary’s at Watergate is really good, and the gin menu…..👌

  9. The husband and I have a long weekend booked into the Watergate Bay hotel next week (a post OU exam/end of year long module mini-celebration!). Very much looking forward to it all whatever the weather. Champagne booked on arrival and there will be a long spa visit 🙂

    Enjoy your trip later in the year!

  10. That yellow rain jacket, Morrisons have one in at the minute that is practically the same jacket for less than half that price 😉
    Ditto on the Lewinnick lodge also, its great for people watching, and the views are something else xx

    1. Laura I actually shopped in Morrisons for the first time at the weekend! We havenever had one near us before – they have a huge one about 2 miles away so we made the trip, not least because my Mum has bought Mabel clothes from there and they are such good quality! That jacket sounds like an excellent find x

  11. Thanks for this Lauren,

    I was googling Lorraine’s dress yesterday trying to find out where it was from! It looked so much better on her than on the Hobbs site!

    1. Doesn’t it Susan – it’s a nicer colour in “real” life as well. Follow Lorraine on instagram – they post all of her outfits and where they were from on there x

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