Summer Slogans {To Suit All Budgets}

Author: Lisa Soeno

When I was seventeen my favourite item of clothing was a candyfloss-pink Morgan ‘going out’ top with ‘Morgan’ emblazoned across the front in bubblegum-pink glitter. I like to think that I have come far since those days, but then again maybe I haven’t, ‘cos my love of a slogan tee is still going strong.

There are no glittery tees in today’s round-up of summer slogans, but there ARE a load of lustworthy logo picks, and a fair few are in the sale. Go, go, go!

Slogans On a Shoestring

There are many a slogan-bargain to be had from Next, Mango, Oasis and Boohoo at the moment (the gorge sunshine tee above is from Oasis). I spotted the Boohoo J’adore tee on This Morning recently – it’s a steal at 8 quid – Lisa Snowdon had styled it with red trews which I thought was a genius move. Much preferable to the cycling shorts that the Boohoo models are donning with their slogan apparel.

  • Next Romantic Tee
  • Next Darling Tee
  • Oasis Bonjour Tee
  • Mango Bon Voyage Tee
  • Oasis Ciao Tee
  • Oasis Sunshine Tee

Asos is also a winner when it comes to summer slogans – my favourite find being this Pieces tee (can we talk about Pieces in general and how lovely all their stuff is and also how reasonably priced and how have I not heard of it?). If you’re a mama-to-be, Asos have recently released an updated rainbow version of the Preggers tee that Beyonce wore. It’s the new Baby On Board badge, dontchaknow.

  • Asos Preggers Tee
  • Asos Ciao Jumper
  • Asos Girls Tee

And for cheap-as-chips garms head down to Primark. I saw a beaut ‘SATURDAY’ slogan tee in rainbow font in my local Primarni which I am kicking myself for not buying (why no online shop Primarni? Get with the times!), as well as this No Scrubs T shirt.

Mid-Price Logo Loveliness

Okay. On to the stuff that’s a little bit pricier but you know it will last you for ever. The likes of Whistles, Mint Velvet and Hush.

Whistles is the master of thinking of a cool French phrase/word and turning it into a cool French slogan jumper/tee. All their items are made of lovely soft cotton – I don’t know about you but if the material ain’t comfortable, it ain’t getting worn. This one has gorgeous detailing – the red font is raised and fuzzy – and teams beautifully with the red shoes I raved about in my recent Go-To fashion post. Most of the bits below are in the sale…

  • Whistles C'est La Vie Sweatshirt
  • Whistles A La Mode Tee
  • Mint Velvet Slogan Sweater
  • Hush Slogan Jumper

J Crew caught my eye for slogan tees when I spotted Courtney Adamo sporting this Mama tee on her insta feed. (Which reminds me. A lot of the Selfish Mother stuff is half price in the John Lewis sale at the moment). But back to J Crew. Guys. HOW GOOD is J Crew for not just slogan tees, but T shirts in general? I used to think it might be all smart preppy shirts and Sloane-y skirts, but no, they do the chic-est tees and sweatshirts. Including this cheeky lil ‘Bonjour Sailor’ number which has been reduced from £35.50 to £18 since I started writing this post. I am yet to purchase but I found myself trawling the website the other evening and wishing there was a J Crew near me so I could go and try on all this T shirt loveliness. After all, if it’s good enough for Michelle Obama…

  • J Crew Over Ice Tee
  • J Crew Bonjour Sailor Tee
  • J Crew Mama Tee
  • J Crew Love First Tee

Can we also talk about the fact that Anthropologie do great summer slogans? When we went to shoot my friend Perfect Nat’s house for the blog she was wearing an Anthro logo tee and I was sold.

  • Anthropologie Merci Tee
  • Anthropologie Ciao Tee
  • Anthropologie NYC Tee
  • Anthropologie Round Trip Tee

High End Huns

Finally, the luxe logos that dreams are made of – Bella Freud. I love the Ciao jumpers (they’re half price in the sale at the moment!), the entire Bella Freud cushion collection (#ihavethisthingwithcushions), the iconic 1970 jumpers, and ohmigosh I’ve just noticed there’s a dress version of the 1970 jumper. I’d best start saving.

  • Bella Freud 1970 Jumper
  • Bella Freud Cushion
  • Bella Freud Ciao Jumper

Have you picked up any slogan apparel recently? Please do enable away in the comments box below…

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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17 thoughts on “Summer Slogans {To Suit All Budgets}

  1. Love all of these and I love a slogan. That j’adore boohoo top has been worn to death, along with another with c’est la vie on. However all the amazing IG indie makers who are the queens of the slogan aren’t on the list! Muthahood’s iconic Strong Girls Club tee, Black and Beech’s amazing Deeds not Words and of course the FMLY store tees and sweats. I love all of them, they are all carefully sourced and using proceeds to help others and there’s nothing like shopping small to make someone’s day. Happy slogans!

    1. Lucy I don’t know how I managed to miss off Strong Girls Club and haven’t come across Deeds not Words but will check them out! What’s the quality of the Boohoo top like? X

      1. You’re welcome!!

        i forgot to add my sophisticated slogan tees from back in the day (gotta love the 90s) . I had one I made myself using an iron on transfer I got free with a magazine ( could’ve been from Just 17, Sugar or bliss ) which said something like ‘crazysexycool’ on it (the glamour) and then I had one my dad’s old Royal Mail promotional tshirts from when they introduced postcodes (!!!!) which was a VERY fitted late 70s/early 80s fit and said ‘Pass on Your Postcode’ across the entire front.

        I always wanted one of those French Connection ones but never dared get one!

        I like to think my taste in slogan tshirts has improved! I got a lovely one from new look last year which says ‘Mon Amie’ on it in lovely orangey red flock!

        I feel i need a slogan jumper or sweatshirt for autumn ( says she in the midst of a flipping heatwave!)

        1. I think wearing your dad’s promotion tee’s is pretty cool!

          I used to wear one of my dad’s from when he was at Uni – and worked on his uni radio station – it features the radio logo and is also very 70s! (I still have it stashed away in a box amongst some other sentimental items of clothing from when I was younger). Otherwise I was actively resisting a certain type of slogan tee when I was younger – I did have one that proclaimed ‘goth’ at one point and remember parroting something deeply pretentious about it…

          These days I have a couple of selfish mother sweaters, Winging It and the Merry one from last years Christmas designs, which I do wear a lot – and have to remind myself not to wear when meeting prospective business clients!

    1. Thanks for the tip Vicky – I just ordered a Bella Freud one!! Excellent cause and lovely t-shirt 🙂

  2. I picked up one in Primark yesterday. A soft grey cotton one that says “just peachy” (in peach) on it. I didn’t see the Saturday one but they did have a blush pink one that said Sunday on it which was cute.
    Back in the early naughties my sister had a red crop tee, that said “candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker” she was 14. 🤣 it got some looks!

    1. OMG at your 14 year old sister’s crop top!

      I think I will be incorporating a trip to Primark into my weekend, both those tees sound lovely x

  3. I got the best slogan tee from Primark last month – it is white with red handwriting style embroidery #weekend and I love it! I love prosecco/fizz related tshirts and have one from River Island that says ‘I’ll be there in a prosecco’ but it’s looking rather faded now. Anyone know of any others?

  4. When I first met James he had a baseball tee his friend has found in a charity shop that had ‘Dr Coleman’ as the players name across the back. I bloody loved that top and now I legitimately get to wear it. Well not that I’m a doctor, but you know what I mean.

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