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My Summer Holiday Fashion Picks

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

We fly to Greece in 5 weeks. I am so excited. We’re staying at the Sani Resort which is renowned for it’s excellent family facilities and lovely restaurants. (Do let me know if any of you have been in the comments box below).

The thing with Greece in June is it can be really very hot. And at the moment (apart from the odd day here and there) it’s still feeling rather chilly. And I don’t know about you but I always find it difficult to shop for sunshine when it’s anything but in reality. I also don’t want to spend a small fortune on garments that I may literally wear for only a few weeks during the summer months.

I have a few pairs of investment cropped trousers that I’ve worn for years (Tavi by Jbrand – they have a few sizes left at The Outnet – worth every penny for comfort and a flattering cut) so it’s dresses, swimwear and a few mix “n” match separates that I’ve been bashing the plastic on.

Crochet And Kimonos

Firstly the top I’m wearing in the header image – so versatile, and such good value. The stitchy ruffle T is £30 from Topshop. Unfortunately there are not many sizes left in cream but there are loads in navy still available. I wear mine with jeans at the moment but figure it would work over a vest top with a skirt and or/shorts in warmer climates.

I am a big fan of the kimono. I like to wear them as a lighter weight cardigan of sorts anytime from May until October. This year I’ve already worn a H&M pink kimono umpteen times with my skinnies and ankle boots. I’ve just bought this floral design from ASOS that I figure will work both in the UK and as a beach type cover-up. On the subject of cover ups, I’ve also treated myself to this open weave tunic by Noisy May. I love the unusual colour combination.

All The Dresses

The best destination for frocks at the moment? Mango. Seriously – I could have bought loads. Instead I’ve been very strict and only purchased this flirty yet not-too-short dress because the hemline is particularly cute, and a cream Guipure number because it was £35.99 and looks as though it should cost three times as much. I’m still debating whether to bite the bullet and order this stunning maxi (it’s been in my basket for a wee while now) but I don’t really have any where fancy enough to wear it (if you do then buy it! BUY. IT.). I have however splashed out eighteen whole pounds on a blue and white off-the-shoulder maxi from Boohoo.

My other exception to the Mango rule is Warehouse. Admittedly their current collection is all a bit “day at the races” but I’m having a moment with yellow right now and their flippy dress with pleats is satisfyingly demure yet perfect for balmy evenings with a flash of leg and a tan hued sandal.

Australian Swimwear

I am either end of the spend scale when it comes to swimwear and no-where in-between. It’s either cheap and throw away or spendy and keep forever. The former I buy from H&M (this frilly balconette design was delivered last week and is good for the price) and the latter is Seafolly. Or erm… Seafolly. It’s about the only area of my wardrobe where I am brand loyal. They always have the most flattering cut, they wash well and they just seem to have unique designs that neither feel too young or too frumpy. I’ve bought the Havana cold shoulder bikini in a bright Azure blue. It compliments my pale skin rather than emphasises how much of a tan I don’t have. I also have the silk market lace up swimsuit in my virtual basket. I don’t need it but I really really want it.

I already have the secret slimming costume from M&S which is magical for hiding lunchtime bowls of pasta (also looks fab with a maxi skirt) and is excellent value at £29.50.

What have you bought for your summer holidays? Please do leave some links and recommendations in the comments box below (you probably already know this but I find at least half of my make-up and wardrobe staples from the Rock My Style community, you cost me a small bloody fortune!)

  • Seafolly Havana Cold Shoulder Bandeau Bikini Top
  • Secret Slimming™ Floral Print Ruched Swimsuit
  • Silk Market Lace Up Halter Swimsuit
  • Jumper With Pointelle Stitch Detail
  • Floral print dress
  • Noisy May Open Weave Knit Tunic
  • Stitchy Ruffle Crochet T-Shirt
  • Guipure dress
  • Floral print long dress
  • Kimono in Light Floral
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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36 thoughts on “My Summer Holiday Fashion Picks

  1. Ooooo! I hope you have a lovely holiday. I love Greece! We’re going to Menorca on Monday for our first family holiday by plane. I was checking out the RMF archives this weekend for flying with toddler tips!

    Your purchases look amazing. I’ve got some basics from Warehouse in my basket too. Woven vest type numbers. Other purchases I’ve made are a pair of tan sandals from Saltwater following recommendations here and a new pair of heeled sandals from Carvela, via Does anyone shop there? The deals you can get on Carvela shoes are amazing. £30 for shoes they once tried to flog for £120..

    I’ve also bought two new swimsuits from Boden and they are amazing!! My bikini days are 100% behind me but these swimming costumes are so flattering and pretty that I don’t mind.

    Another purchases are these embroidered shorts from M&S A bargain at £12 and they look so lovely on.

    The holiday wardrobe I’ve bought for my daughter is incredible though. I’m super jealous! Happy holidays. Xx

  2. Jennifer these all sounds fab – loving the shorts. I also have some bargains from Carvela, I’m wearing some boots as I type actually! I think they were £140 reduced to £50 or something. I’ll have butchers at the Boden swimsuits – I’ve never really thought to look there for swimwear xx

    1. I actually had a flick through a Boden catalogue at my mum’s over the weekend and was really impressed with the swimsuits! Unfortunately I’ve no reason to buy one but I definitely think everyone else should! 🙂 Lx

  3. Good timing with the post Charlotte as we are off to Tenerife this week and I have been trying to buy summer stuff but it’s so cold! Anyway, with you on the Seafolly bikini’s, I always buy them as well. I also bought this bikini from Hobbs of all places, I just wanted something classic and not too loud as I am not back to pre-baby weight and not feeling like I want to draw attention to myself with bright colours if you know what I mean 🙂
    One of the RMS readers (thank you to whoever that was!) recommended the linen shorts from Boden and I have bought two pairs of these – really flattering if like me you are a bit more curvy!
    Have a lovely holiday!

    1. Oh love that bikini Nicola! what a find. I am definitely appreciating more coverage in the swimsuit department. And I have never really been into these bum flashing bottoms – fair play to those that are mind. x

  4. Hey Charl,

    Friends of ours have visited the Sani Resort a few times now – they have a 4 year old daughter and they said it’s in a different league when it comes to family type luxury accommodation, so think you’re all in for a treat. They mentioned the restaurants as a major highlight!

    I am getting good at this now – I bought the floral dress from Mango last week, it’s lovely and just the right length for me.

    After your post last week, I bought the cream stitchy jumper, but sadly the boyfriend jersey jacket just didn’t hang right on me. Sad, as it looked so good on you!

    Definitely getting that ASOS kimono – looks lovely with a denim skirt and white vest!

    Thank you as always xx

    1. I am so excited Ashu – great to know your friends really rate it. Did you try going down a size in the jacket? I actually have a 4 in the off white version, it fits better than the 6 in the checked if I’m honest. There are lots of other Kimonos on ASOS that are lovely too – happy shopping x

  5. I have been looking for summery things but haven’t found much I like. I’ve just received the Boden catalogue and I could buy a lot of it, but the purse strings are saying no! I’ve also had a pepperberry catalogue (bravissimo clothing range) and they’ve got some lovely summer dresses this year and they fit great if your big busted. I’ve bought this for a wedding we have in August
    You can’t really tell in the picture but it’s got some lovely panelling detail on it. Apart from that my go to holiday shops are primark and Tesco as I know a lot of stuff won’t get worn in rainy Manchester!! And I usually buy Freya swimwear, from a site called leia lingere they have good sales.

    1. Claire that dress is beaut – LOVE the colour and the panelling detail. I actually buy quite a few bits (vests etc) from H&M as they are quite “throw away” in terms of price but surprisingly wash well sometimes – I have a few bits from years ago that I get out every summer x

  6. Ooh enjoy Sani – never been ourselves but our best friends go every year with their 2 daughters and absolutely swear by it, it sounds amazing from their accounts. We’ve just got back from a cheeky week in Gran Canaria, gorgeously hot and our 3 kids spent the entire week in the pool whilst we sipped Sangria. We visited the capital for the day and just ‘happened’ to come across the Mango shop there….which I obviously had to purchase lots in due to the euro prices being better than if purchasing from the UK ;-). It was opposite a Zara, and a Massimo Dutti… so that’s my credit card battered for the foreseeable. Enjoy your hols!

    1. Nicola your holiday sounds wonderful! I wonder if we’ll be able to get away with much Sangria drinking…… 🙂

      And that sounds like an EXCELLENT days shopping, you better book another week away so you can get the best use out of your new purchases x

  7. Amazing, am pregnant so cannot wear any of this pretty! Except the kimonos which are fab. I know it’s food week on RMF but can someone please do a holiday maternity edit assap please! Heading off also in 5 weeks and am at a total loss in the swimwear department particularly and don’t really want to spend a fortune on stuff for a weeks holiday! Thanks x

    1. Rachel and Carly – you guys should check out Lisa’s post on her holiday to Dubai. It mentions a few of her maternity holiday favourites. Though, I too would appreciate a post on this – I’ll be 25 weeks when we head to Majorca next month and I know I’m going to feel mega frumpy! Also, why is maternity swimwear so rubbish? I can’t find anything that accommodates my massive boobs (well, I can buy a giant bikini but would like to cover my belly too). Gap in the market for sure. 🙂

      1. Hi Tracy, yup i read it a while back but is not very beachy, more generic mat wear which helpful as it is wasn;t great for hols. Also she was lucky enough to borrow all her firneds summer mat clothes! Very jealous- an up to date shopping edit would be much appreciated. Totally get you on the mat swimwear, is truly awful xx

  8. Rachel C I am with you on the maternity holiday post. Currently 24 weeks pregnant and going on holiday in 4 weeks. None of my summer clothes fit me except a few stretchy maxi dresses. I need some new holiday wear without breaking the bank – I don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes Ill only wear for a few weeks!

    1. Totally Carly, I will be 24 weeks when we go and is baby no 2 so a lot bigger than last time. is so hard to find stuff without ssplashing a load of cash. I bought some bits for H&M but ended up taking them back as were so over priced and cheap looking it wasn’t worth it but equally don’t want to spend a fortune on stuff I will never wear again! EEK. x

  9. Perfect timing! We are off to Italy for a wedding at the end of the month. THAT mango dress…all the heart eyes, just what I have been after for a Tuscan wedding…off to pop that in my basket! Thanks RMS! Enabling at its best!

    1. Sarah which one?! the long one? I am SO jealous. And yes, perfect for a Tuscan wedding x

  10. Boohoo is my guilty pleasure! And that maxi is jersey to the normal sweaty/yucky polyester/viscose!

    1. Pahahaha Pahahaha mine too Jo – you just have to pick your pieces. Some are admittedly very nylon/questionable x

  11. We’re off to Greece too for a late summer holiday – not till the first week of September so hopefully I’ll be able to pick some things up in the end of season sale but it is tempting to start looking now with all of this! Not really a resort person but the Sani resort does look absolutely beautiful – I could be convinced to stay in one like that! I think the price for a night might be more than we are paying for our entire week of accommodation though! I’ll bet its the kind of place where you can get a little break alone together as a couple as well which will be totally worth it. Right off to browse kimonos and swimwear now and dream of the beach 🙂

    1. Have a wonderful holiday Emma, I bet you will be able to pick up all sorts of bargains. I’ve actually already seen quite a few mid-season sales.

      It will be our first “resort” type holiday but I’ve heard really good things and I know Mabel will appreciate all of the child friendly entertainment/activities etc x

  12. Have a lovely holiday Charlotte! We went to the Sani resort last September and had the best time. We have a one year old daughter and it was just so easy – from buggy friendly walkway to a wide selection of children’s food (even at the pool bar!). The crèche was great and we used baby sitters a couple of times too. The best bit – the babe watch service at the beach which gives you a free 30 minutes of childcare while you go for a swim/have a peaceful G&T. 🙂 xx

    1. Oh Nathalie thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I don’t think James and I have needed a holiday as much as we need this one. It’s been a turbulent/stressful 12 months with one thing and another. A G&T in peace sounds like the dream! x

  13. Sani is simply the best holiday I’ve ever had, excluding honeymoon. We went two years ago with two children 3 &1 and it is absolutely perfect in every way. We stayed at the Sani beach Hotel but visited all the resorts along the coastline. You have all the luxury of grown up life with the children catered for in every possible way. The style and atmosphere is amazing. We arrived and within minutes felt we’d been on holiday for ever! Loved every second and am so envious!

    Loving the holiday purchases-all gorgeous.

    Have a fabulous time xx

    Ps The greek salad is to die for at Sani. xx

    1. Caroline we are staying at Sani beach – in a ground floor apartment with garden. It’s been quite last minute ish so actually there wasn’t a lot to choose from so I’m glad you loved the Sani beach bit. A few people I’ve spoken to said it’s such a great holiday they would never want to go anywhere else again, we’ve only been to Greece once before (Mykonos on our mini-moon) and I loved the food and the people were really friendly so I’m super excited x

    1. ha ha Lynsey love that you throw in a beauty recommendation – I must do a summer beauty post soon, so many lovely things to recommend! x

      1. I’ve been buying all the things, will need to give you a full debrief! I’ve been using a little tube of magic that makes my legs look like Beyoncé’s 🙌🏼👯💃🏻

  14. Hi Charlotte, lovely stuff in this post! I am off to Portugal with the family in 3 weeks and I feel I am missing a maxi dress or two! Can I ask how the sizing is from Boohoo? I have never purchased from them before but I remember you posting about a black floral maxi ages ago which they still have in stock. Would you say they come up small?


    Laura x

    1. Hi Laura, I would say they are true to size – the maxi dresses/skirts do come up rather long though so I have had to have a few taken up x

  15. What a gorgeous selection! Have already ordered the white Mango dress but the Boohoo maxi must have sold out as it’s not online any more! 😢

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