Ideas to display christmas and holiday cards
Ideas to display christmas and holiday cards
Ideas to display christmas and holiday cards
Ideas to display christmas and holiday cards

Stylish Ways To Show-off Your Christmas Cards

Author: Lauren Coleman

My Christmas cards can usually be found strung across my lounge door fixed into place with mini pegs. I usually take two pieces of grey grosgrain ribbon and four drawing pins and create an ‘x’ shape across the wooden door.

For those of you who’d like to be more experimental with your Christmas mail then here are a few ideas to inspire you.


Okay, so this would have to be a fairly large arrangement if you wanted to display ALL of your Christmas cards, but work with me. Using a variety of ribbons, washi tape and decorations create a tree shape and dot your mail inbetween.

How about creating a glorified memo board in a fancy festive shape? You can then slot your cards behind the tight strings.


Take a mini easel or a domed jar to showcase your favourite cards. Admittedly you’re probably not going to do this with a hallmark multipack but it’s a great way to display some of your more unique cards.

Alternatively affix your post to the wall with washi tape (obviously cut in an extremely nonchalant way).

Add Greenery

An advent calendar managed to sneak its way in here but you could switch the sweet little parcels for your cards instead. Grab a bough from a florist or forage one from your own garden, secure in place and then add strands of ribbon. Either punch a hole in the card and thread through the ribbon or use mini pegs instead.

On the subject of foliage, you could also intersperse some greenery into the usual strings of cards. For a backdrop you could use an old window or a chicken wire frame.

String Them Up

This suggestion comes with a warning – do not use old school fairy lights for this setup, make sure you’re using LED ones as they don’t get hot! Illuminate your Chrimbo cards, photos and postcards by attaching them to the flex of pretty twinkling Christmas lights.

Finally use features you already have in the house as a backdrop. Like I mentioned, I use the back of my door to hold my cards, but you could use an old vintage ladder, fireplace, shelves. Yes I realise yet another advent calendar has made an appearance but there’s no reason you couldn’t use to display cards instead. String ribbons across and secure in place with drawing pins, tacks or removable hooks.

How are you going to display your cards this year? I’d love to hear your ideas.
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6 thoughts on “Stylish Ways To Show-off Your Christmas Cards

  1. Oooh great ideas! I always uses that special sticky felt card holder stuff on the walls and wait for the inevitable plop of cards falling off and re-hanging them every 5 minutes. This will be the 3rd year of the same stuff so it will be even worse.

    So I’m thinking washi tape on doors / walls but will this pull the paintwork off?! Maybe I’d better do a tester somewhere first… it wouldn’t go down well at all! I also string a few across the ceilings from curtain poles on ribbon so will probably keep that look.

    Is it really awful to admit I organise cards to display by how much I like them…. (card snob!)

    1. As washi tape is low-tack your paintwork should hopefully be okay.
      I have a friend who judged all her christmas cards and gave them 1st, 2nd and 3rd place….

  2. There I was thinking that I would hang up our cards by cutting strips of crepe paper, stapling our cards to them and then letting them hang vertically down the wall. Now I’m thinking I might have to up my game.

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