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Stick Around Summer

Author: Lauren Coleman

All this talk about autumn is making me feel uneasy. My instagram feed is filled with folks proclaiming they’re done with summer and can’t wait for the next season.
Ever since I wrote this post about the days racing by I’ve made a conscious effort to appreciate all the things that July and August have to offer. Why do we spend so much of winter wishing the time away, but seem to tire of summer once the longer days come by?

As much as I’ve relished the nights when British summertime has done it’s usual thing and brought a torrential downpour – I mean, who doesn’t love lighting candles and throwing on a boxset rather than running about like a blue arsed fly watering the garden? I have to say I want to enjoy a few more sunny days before I get my sheepskins out. I’ve only sat on my new patio about three times, enjoyed one barbecue and flicked the switch on the festoon lights just a handful of times. Don’t say it’s over yet?!

In meteorological terms, autumn does indeed start on September 1st but astronomically it’s not until September 22nd. That’s a whole 37 days! It’s over 10% of a year! When I put that in to a Google search result it predicted I was asking how long until Christmas. The whole internet is against my plan to live in the moment.
Well I’ve still got a mini break to plan, (if anyone has any spots to recommend around Turin then please let me know as we’re heading to a wedding there in the next few weeks), a bank holiday barbecue to host and several lightweight frocks still to wear.

Don’t get me wrong I love autumn. I love apple crumble, long walks in low sunshine, falling leaves, new jumpers and all that jazz. On the jumper front I wonder if it’s because no knitwear has caught my eye that I have an aversion to fall this year? However this bee jumper from Oasis is mighty cute. Maybe it’s because I have a love/hate relationship with autumn’s hottest hue khaki?

As we head towards the weekend, here’s a little request from me to you. Stop and smell the hydrangeas, have a glass of rosé and throw open the windows. Turn off your phone and enjoy the daylight before those long winter days. Call it mindfulness, call it being present or just call it living life. Just enjoy it. Summer 2017. I’m not done with you yet.

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40 thoughts on “Stick Around Summer

  1. I’m with you Lauren, but Mother Nature needs to be on board too…..she’s the one that’s making me pin pumpkins and pine cone garlands and cosy scenes with throws and candles….!
    Is it me or have the seasons all shifted a month or so forward…? May and June were pretty good here in the North West but July and August…..well they have just been a bit grey and grim with a few nice days thrown in to remind us it is in fact ‘Summer!’
    I’ve been in jeans and jumpers the last few weeks, my floaty frocks stashed away till next year…..when I will be wishing the days away from about February, longing for a bit of sun…..!

    1. Hi Jane, definitely agree things are shifting. Blackberries in July and I’m pretty sure my apples are ready for picking!
      I’ve been wearing a jumper too but worked from our patio in the early evening yesterday and needed the sun lotion on!

  2. I totally agree Lauren summer is still here let’s hang onto it and embrace it….we are wishing our lives away hurrying the seasons on xxx

  3. I’m with you Lauren! I love Autumn but still want to enjoy this last bit of summer first. I don’t like to jinx it but September usually has some lovely sunny days…

  4. Totally agree! You hear so many people saying ‘doesn’t time fly.’ Well it does when we are always looking two or three months ahead! When it’s summer we talk about autumn, when it’s autumn we talk about Christmas. All this projecting forwards takes us totally out of the here and now. Two weeks before the kids broke up for their summer holiday I spotted endless shops selling back to school clothing. They hadn’t even finished! As a very wise friend said to me last week ‘tomorrow is not a promise so be thankful for now.’ 😊

  5. For the first time in my adult life September has no ‘back to school’ vibes and I miss that sense of a fresh start and a new year. It’s getting dark in my drive home from work and a bought a new coat yesterday. I’m happy to embrace autum but still enjoying sitting out in the sun when it does decide to show up

    1. I’ll definitely embrace Autumn – it’s my favourite season – just not yet 😉
      What coat did you buy? There are some really lovely ones about.

  6. Turin is lovely. You are near to Verona as well which is beautiful and you can visit Juliet’s balcony.

    Totally with you on the summer thing. I’m actually not a summer person BUT I have a newborn and toddler and I’m dreading getting up when it’s dark with them, psychologically even if it’s the same time it’s so much harder. I also appreciate being able to spend sunny days in the park. I love crisp autumn walks, but when it’s really pouring it down and blowing a gail… not so fun.

    1. I think that’s one of the things I like least as we head towards the end of year – the long nights. Dark at 4.30? No fun at all!

  7. I am desperate for Summer to stick around longer (always!) not least because I bought some lovely bits in the sales and haven’t had the chance to wear them yet… BUT what is this weather?! I would just quite like it to make its mind up! I’m hoping the dodgy August means we’re going to get another Indian Summer – sunshine drenched lunches in mid-October would suit me perfectly!

    On another note – love those cushions in the header. Where are they from please?! X

  8. Turin has a wonderful collection of Egyptian artefacts! That’s the only attraction I know about… and it’s supposedly the most haunted city in Italy. I’m dying to go, with the mountains on the horizon it looks beautiful.

    And I’m afraid I’m one of the guilty but it’s not my fault! I love summer! Love balmy evenings, love the morning before the heat kicks in. But this grey 17 degrees humid with downpours can do one. We were out on the beach in April so it feels like a straggly end to a long lovely summer. Even though we still have our summer hol to go I’m ready for falling leaves and frost and the hint of woodsmoke in the cold air… sorry not sorry 😘

    1. I didn’t know it was the most haunted Italian city Lucy!
      Rainy days are rubbish whatever the season!

  9. Oh Lauren, how much I enjoy reading your posts! I agree with you, summer is not over yet!I have just started my holidays!Winter is too long to start thinking about it!xx

  10. Love this post Lauren. Summer isn’t actually my favourite month (I do much prefer Spring and Autumn) but I am totally with you on the sentiment behind this post. I think Instagram is particularly guilty for this, there seems to be a trend of wishing for summer, then when it arrives wishing and getting excited for Autumn and then it’s Christmas, and it goes on! We really do need to enjoy the here and now without “wishing our lives away” as the saying goes. Summer always goes by in a flash and I always think- why didn’t I arrange that BBQ, that get together at the beach. You’ve reminded me to embrace those 37 days! x

    1. You’ve got 37 days to get yourself to the beach Tish! Although an out-of-season beach is one of my favourite places to be!

  11. I agree Lauren and lovely to read some of the comments from like minded people – Hannah I echo everything you have said! So important to live in the here and now!

    I’m not done with summer just yet and fingers crossed for an Indian Summer in September – one of my favourite months!

    1. Do you remember that year when it was still baking in October? My friend was still wearing shorts! Let’s hope for a gorgeous September x

      1. Yes that was the year I got married!! 😀
        My guests were wearing short sleeve dresses outside in October…it was featured on the lovely RMW xx

  12. Very much agreeing with all of this! We’ve been having some lovely weather patterns in Scotland though, rainy day followed by sunny day followed by rainy day. I kinda like that swing. I’ve always found on sunny days I have more fun but on rainy days I get more done (it seems I have a little rhyming mantra there).

    Although when it comes to Instagram, I mainly blame content management. It’s like all the big ‘grammers want to get their Autumn shots out before everyone else. It seems that my favourite little social media platform is falling prey to extreme content competitiveness. Sigh.

    1. Naomi, you’re so right about the big ‘grammers. I hadn’t thought of it like that.
      Loving your mantra and couldn’t agree more! x

  13. Ooh I’m in agreement! I moved into my first house with a garden in mid June and haven’t even got garden furniture or a BBQ yet but feel it is too late! Think I will suggest we have a mini disposable one at least. I admit I got a little excited when I opened the kitchen windows this morning and there was just a different smell, the first of the slightly crisp mornings! I grew up in Scotland and their kids go back to school this week, much better timed for the good weather patterns we’ve seen over the past few years.

    1. There’s definitely a bite in the air in the morning Bunny. I really felt it at the weekend.
      Lots of offers on garden furniture at the moment. You should be able to get yourself a good deal!

  14. I agree Lauren! Still plenty of summer to be had. My husband packed away the garden furniture yesterday and said ‘well that’s that then!’ Noooooooooo!

  15. Definitely up for summer staying around longer (or just reappearing please!!). Our summer garden furniture arrives on Friday (better late than never?!) so I would rather like an opportunity to use it before we have to pack it away for the winter! That said I have a September birthday, so Autumn always appeals, and I do rather relish the cooler days, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the crisp mornings. And I love a good scarf and coat combination! Not so much the rain and the dark mornings and evenings though…

      1. We splashed out on some lovely wooden and painted metal furniture, which most excitingly of all (for our tiny London patio) folds up and can be stored in the winter. Woo!

  16. I’m with you also, I’ve hardly used my new patio & garden too & I’m waiting on the sunshine! Fingers crossed x

  17. In an act of defiance, I’ve just painted my toenails turquoise and my fingernails coral, and we put some new lights around a tree in our garden today! I’m not finished with summer yet either!

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