Stars (Moons, Hoops & Triangles) In My Ears

Author: Miranda Eason

I realise that coming just the very next day after a post about getting on top of my spending that a shopping post seems more than a little bit counterproductive but, as it’s five weeks since I added three new holes to my ears (which I wrote about here in case you missed it) I’m getting excited about being able to experiment with some new earrings in my lobes (as advised in the comments section below the original post I’m going to leave the cartilage piecing in for a little while longer, certainly longer than I was advised in Claire’s).

Looking around the high street the earrings that appeal to me the most are metal coloured (gold, silver or rose gold, I’m pretty equal opportunities here), stars and moons (I want the whole solar system in my ears!), geometric shapes like triangles and arrows (not strictly speaking a geometric shape, but kind of similar to a triangle), ear crawlers, which I didn’t even know were a thing until I started searching for new ear candy, and hoops from teeny to, well, not so teeny.

From my extensive research I’ve discovered that my favourite ear embellishments are to be found at ASOS (which is where all the earrings in the images above can be found, links in the Shop The Post thingamabob below), Liberty (this pair in silver and gold), Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Warehouse and Whistles. And I’ve fallen hard for Monocrafft earrings, as well as their rings and necklaces too. While most of my finds are fairly inexpensive, a couple are in the add-to-the wish list kind of prices, but that’s ok, having only recently rediscovered my love for earrings, I’m happy to buy myself a couple of cheaper pairs now and for the rest save up, or wait until my birthday or even Christmas. I’ve gathered together some of my current faves below (yes, there are rather a lot, can you tell how excited I am to start styling my ears?!) and, knowing what excellent taste all you Rock My Style readers have, I’m hoping you’ll share some of your favourite sources and recent buys in the comments section. Thanking you in advance!

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11 thoughts on “Stars (Moons, Hoops & Triangles) In My Ears

  1. Ohh Miranda, I love these.
    I must confess wearing earrings scare me, but these look so delicate & pretty, you’ve inspired me to fall back in love with them.


    1. I’m so into all the delicate and pretty earrings that are out there Lorna, , I haven’t worn earrings for years, seriously, it’s time to get back on board! xx

      1. I fear all the money I save on making my brekkie and lunch and cutting back on coffees will be spent on earrings instead Vicky!

  2. I’m just starting to get back into wearing earrings. Thanks for alerting me to ear crawlers (also known as creepers and climbers apparently!) and defo need to get me some. I’m also loving ‘swing’ earrings at the mo where there is a bit at the back of your lobe, and I’ve just got these from Mango

    1. Pleasure Jen, loving crawlers/creepers/climbers right now! Yes, loving earrings that hang down below the lobe too and those Mango earrings – great find!

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