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Spring Capsule Wishlist

Author: Lauren Coleman

I bought a couple of jumpers and a shirt last month to see me through the rest of the cooler days. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s bored senseless of knitwear so I’m planning my Spring capsule spree very soon so I can start off April in something other than a grey jumper.

I’m much more flexible on my approach to having a curated wardrobe than I was when I first jumped on the band wagon a couple of years ago. However I still start the season having a good old rummage through what I already own and then make a list of the items or styles I’d like to be wearing over the coming months.

A Loose Shirt

I bought this H&M spotty shirt recently and it’s an absolute demon. No matter how many times I run the steam iron over it it’s creased within a minute of wearing it. Maybe I’ll have to shift it out for a leopard print one instead.
I’m always coveting the wardrobe of Alex from The Frugality and wonder whether I too should bag myself her Next Embroidered Top which I’m sure would see me all the way through to Autumn. It also comes in red. Hmm decisions.


Although I can’t escape the notion of Doris Day warbling at a window, I am getting on board with gingham and think I may have a place for it in my spring capsule. Zara’s Embroidered Gingham Top could be just the ticket especially with the embroidery
or maybe even this New Look Shirt Dress which is a really nice length as I often find shirt dresses are too short.More than likely I reckon I’ll play it safe with this Asos Midi with just a smidge of the cheeky stuff.

Breton Top

I’m pretty sure I buy a new striped top every season but as they’re so versatile they’re a must-have.
I’m in love with the cute ‘Hello You’ top from Sugar Hill Boutique (via John Lewis) but as it’s an oversized style I’m concerned it might look like it doesn’t fit? If in doubt there’s obviously always Boden.

Flippy Frock

I can’t imagine I’ll be getting my legs out before May but a couple of flippy dresses are always in my warmer weather capsule.
Currently I’m liking the clean lines and easy to throw on nature of this & Other Stories dress.
I wish this Zara embroidered number wasn’t so indecently short. For £60 you’d have thought they could add a few more inches. At only £29 this La Redoute long sleeved dress is a snip and the orange tassels are adorable, plus they always have some form of voucher code offer going on.

Cross Body Bag

I very nearly bought the tan version of the Oasis Monogram Bag as a camera bag but never got round to it. What I’d really like is a squidgy number for when I’m out and about. One that’s sizeable enough to fit all my usual paraphernalia in but not too bulky in a colour other than black. I spied the Cambridge Satchel Company Saddle Bag when I was in Cambridge at the weekend and it’s a real beauty but I fear it’s too rigid to be able to carry all my gubbins, not to mention I don’t have £120 to spend on a bag.

We’ve got so much other stuff to spend our money at the moment and have a deadline of the end of April to get the house looking ship-shape (will explain more very soon) so I can’t imagine I’ll be splashing out on too many things for the Spring season. How’s your wardrobe shaping up? Any new buys you’d like to share? I have to say too that I’m not really feeling the backless loafer trend. Anybody spotting any pairs that will change my mind?

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18 thoughts on “Spring Capsule Wishlist

  1. The model’s height in the Zara pic is 5’10 so that’s prob why it looks so short. How tall are you?x

      1. I bet it’ll be fine on you then. Love Zara – def my fave high street store at the mo. Sizing is good apart from trousers which appear to be made for giants!

  2. Lauren – I love that saddle bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company – oooh going on birthday list!! 🙂 x

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to unpack stuff and find only a few gaps. Filled a couple on eBay (lush vintage Jaegar boyfriend blazer and a silk leopard print maxi dress) but I can’t find what else I’m after at affordable prices so getting the sewing machine out and making a pair of silk culottes, linen maxi skirt and t shirt dress! Wish me luck!

    I do have my eye on a silk shirt from &mother stories but waiting for a sale!

  4. I was also going to say that about the Zara model being 5″10, will probably be a better length on you.
    I love the Cambridge Satchel bags, I have the Cloud Bag but you are right, they are so rigid, it really makes it difficult to use and I don’t reach for it as often because of that. For that reason I don’t think I would invest in one again.
    I love the idea of sorting through your wardrobe now with a view to getting it ready for spring. I think I am going to do this at the weekend. I must say though I’ve loved winter clothes this year, so much pretty knitwear so will be sad to see it go (if only because I don’t feel I’ve got my wear out of it all my purchases yet!)
    I’m with you on the backless loafers, however, my sister was sporting a pointy, faux leather, pink pair with bow at the weekend and now I need them in my life. They were only from Primark – which is ideal as with the trends I know I probably wont be wearing next year it’s always good to go cheaper!
    Love the Zara gingham top – that might be making it’s way into my virtual basket!! xx

    1. I think I need to see these Primarni shoes Sarah.
      Hope all goes well with the spring sort-out. It’s so refreshing to do at this time of year x

  5. Ooh some lovely clothes here! Am SO fed up of knitwear & long sleeves.
    I have that exact Cambridge satchel but in bright yellow, with my initials stamped onto it. I love it for spring / summer, but it is indeed very rigid and I had to buy a new, smaller wallet as none of mine would fit inside it. It doesn’t hold much, but it does get a lot of lovely comments :-). I’ve got an &otherstories order winging its way to me right now – never ordered before and no idea of sizing, but hoping the fit is fine. Happy spring shopping!

  6. I treated myself to a cross body bag from Cambridge a while ago. It was a bit spendy but I had a much cheaper faux leather one which was very similar before it broke and seeing as I used it all I thought it worth spending the money. It is a bit stiff but I’m sure it will soften up. I might also have got my initials embossed in it too.

  7. I love the ikat top in the picture heading your post, but couldn’t see any mention of where it came from….can you help?

    1. Hi Carolyn, it’s the one I mention from Next but unfortunately it looks like it’s out of stock now.

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