Outdoor furniture {Splurge or Steal}

Splurge or Steal {Outdoor Furniture and Finds for the Garden}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Rich and I bought our outdoor wooden dining table and chairs from Ikea absolutely yonks ago. We have had them since we lived in our previous home so they must be at least five years old. Every year Rich suggests we buy new ones and every year I refuse and just give them a fresh lick of paint. However this year they’ve finally given up the ghost and are starting to fall apart. This may be due to a certain terrible-but-loveable toddler who has a tendency to destroy everything within his reach.

Be it because of their age or because of the toddler, the dining set couldn’t have chosen a better time to pack up. Furniture store looking to clear out all of their garden furniture so there are bargains aplenty to be had, and I’ve been spoilt for choice when picking a replacement. Go, go go!

Splurge and Steal {The Picnic Bench}

A picnic style table and bench is never going to go out of fashion. Plus they’re virtually indestructible. This washed grey Cox and Cox one is the DREAM, but Asda have a version that’s excellent value for money and gets good reviews.

  • Cox & Cox Picnic Bench
  • Asda Picnic Table

Splurge and Steal {The Scandi Chairs}

The replacement chairs that I’ve gone for are a couple of these absolute stunners from Cox and Cox. Seriously, I could gaze at them all day. They were £175 a pop but are currently in the sale at £87.50. For once, the supermarket buy is the pricier option! For more Scandi Splurge/Steals, check out my previous post.

  • Asda Bistro Set
  • Cox & Cox Armchair

Splurge and Steal {The Tiled-Top Coffee Table}

This West Elm mosaic coffee table is quite possibly the most stylish item of furniture I’ve ever seen and it’s an absolute bargain. Need, need, NEED!

  • West Elm Coffee Table
  • Made.com Coffee Table

Splurge and Steal {The Cushions}

Okay so these B&Q beauties aren’t specifically for the outdoors, but at that price (£11) I wouldn’t be devastated if they got rained on. These John Lewis cushions ARE suitable for leaving outdoors, as are these absolute bargains from West Elm. I may have just treated myself to a couple.

  • B&Q Cushion
  • John Lewis Cushion

Splurge and Steal {The Industrial Dining Table}

I had a vision in mind of teaming the Cox and Cox chairs with an industrial, scaffolding-style table, and thought I had found The One when I stumbled across this Jysk buy. Unfortunately it just didn’t look rustic enough (I guess I need to find some actual scaffold boards and try my hand at cobbling a table together myself if I want rustic), so back to Jysk it went. Brilliant quality and price though if you’re after a bargain.

  • Jysk Industrial-Style Table
  • La Redoute Industrial Table

Splurge and Steal {The Corded-Weave Sofa}

I’m chuffed with the outdoor sofa we’ve got (it’s the Catania from made.com if you’re asking ), but if I was in the market for a replacement, I’d love one with an eye catching detail such as the woven cording on this West Elm stunner. Next also do a similar version that’s nearly half the price.

  • West Elm Chaise Sofa
  • Next Bali Sofa

Splurge and Steal {The Indoor/Outdoor Bench}

We don’t talk enough on these pages about Rowen and Wren. I spent the best part of the yesterday evening ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the beautiful products on their website. Their Byron bench is on my wish-list, but for an absolute steal head to West Elm.

  • West Elm Bench
  • Rowen and Wren Bench

So there you have it. Do you own any of the bits and pieces above and would you recommend?

Have you bagged yourself a bargain for the garden in the sales?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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14 thoughts on “Splurge or Steal {Outdoor Furniture and Finds for the Garden}

  1. Love those chairs. I currently have 6 scaffolding boards and some legs in my garage but they are for inside and I have zero motivation. I’ve always thought scaffolding boards look better inside than out.

    I need a massive 6-10 person table for outside rather than a small one if anyone has any ideas. I’d also be paranoid about those chairs being outside. B & Q have some metal ones which are a similar style for about £35 each I think.

    My favourite garden stuff is Garden Trading but at £1000 for a table and bench, I think not.

  2. Ooo I love this post!! That Asda picnic bench is such a great option and I think I need it, but the link doesn’t work?

    1. I’ve just had a look for it but can’t find it, they must’ve sold out. Sorry 😞

      It might be worth popping in to a big Asda if you’ve got one near you?

  3. Lisa, you’re so bad!!!
    I basically need a whole new house to fit everything you make me NEED with your shopping posts!
    Omg that West Elm sofa and coffee table 😍😍😍

  4. Love the chairs – I am now frantically trying to work out where I can put them! We’re Inthe process of getting an outdoor table and bench made by https://www.woodrecycling.org.uk in Brighton. They make beautiful furniture from reclaimed and recycled wood. We are also on the hunt for some Tomix style chairs to go on the opposite side of the table from the bench. H&M have some lovely cushions too – http://m2.hm.com/m/en_gb/productpage.0526166001.html is a particular favourite!

    1. I’m wondering the same about the Byron bench and the West Elm coffee table! How nice would that cushion look with the B&Q ones?!

  5. I’d love to know if anyone has the West Elm bench and can vouch for its sturdiness? I have looked at a few online recently that have turned out to be quite flimsy when sitting on them in the flesh (B&Q, I’m looking at you here…). This does look rather stunning though…

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