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A New Bathroom {Finally}

Author: Lauren Coleman

It’s fair to say we’ve both learned a lot doing this bathroom. I’ll save the lessons learned for a post soon and for now let’s get cracking with the finished article.

Our budget for the small bathroom was £2K so with a new bath, basin, loo, towel rail and tiles to buy there wasn’t much left in the pot to pay for labour. You can Visit the Bathrooms & More Store website to see what we got for our bathroom. In November James took a couple of days off either side of a weekend to break the back of the work. Turns out six days is not nearly long enough when you’re a one-man band with a willing yet not particularly helpful wife. We’ve grabbed several hours here and there over evenings and weekends and four months later it’s just about finished.

  • Stripped the room back removing the old suite, shower and skirting boards
  • Positioned the new suite and worked out where any new plumbing would be required. We only needed to adjust the pipes for the sink and the towel radiator. As we were changing to a floating sink the pipes had to relocated into the wall along with a strong wooden frame to support the basin. The sink and radiator were test fitted to ensure their positioning was correct.
  • Next came the floor prep. James screwed down any loose floorboards and then added ‘No More Ply’- a thin water resistant backer board to provide a solid surface for the tiles.
  • Then on to tiling the floor with the Hexagon Floor Tiling (on mesh sheets) using flexible tile adhesive and flexible grout in a light grey finish.
  • Then we constructed what became known as the ‘poo pipe’ A super glamorous name for boxing in the toilet foul waste pipe and added a ledge over the box for display. This was rebuilt due to the dimensions of the new toilet.
  • Next we fitting the skirting boards over the floor tiles. It’s personal preference but I wasn’t keen on the two different types of tiles meeting so I was keen to reinstall the skirting.
  • Then it was time to tile the walls. We used 15×15 gloss square tiles from Walls and Floors. I had originally wanted a matt finish but this meant having to sacrifice the brilliance of the white, so instead we went for a gloss finish.
  • In went the basin (which looks ginormous here due to the angle of the shots!), the radiator, the bath and then the toilet. The shower is still to be fitted.
  • From a faffing perspective, we hung the mirror on french vintage hooks I found on Etsy and then added another few hooks to the back of the door. The pink hammam towel was bought when we were on holiday in Turkey a few years ago. The little round straw bag which is great for storage was from Yonder.
  • The small round shelf was the last one in the Urban Outfitter sale and the two little shelves over the heated towel rail were constructed using offcuts.
  • The mirrored tray on the loo is a perfume tray I bought years ago from a shop in Sheffield. I had custom mounts made for the BigJon Hotel Print and the cheeky minx of a lady getting undressed from Juniqe. They’re framed in thin frames which are just from The Range.

Every single job took far longer than anticipated but we got there in the end. I’ve tried to mention where I bought most of the bits and pieces from but just shout if there’s anything you’d like to get your hands on that isn’t referenced.

  • Waldorf Basin
  • Woodluv Luxury Bamboo Bath Bridge
    Woodluv Luxury Bamboo Bath Bridge
  • Cox and Cox French Mirror
    Cox and Cox French Hanging Mirror
  • H&M Bud Vases
    H&M Bud Vases
  • Walls & Floors Hexagonal Tiles
  • BigJon Hotel Print
    BigJon Hotel Print
  • Brabantia Chalk Pink Bin
    Brabantia Chalk Pink Bin
  • Aesop hand wash
    Aesop Hand Wash
  • Diptyque Candle
    Diptyque Figuier Candle
  • Yonder Tassel Bath Mat
    Yonder Bath Mat

Photography by Adam Crohill

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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24 thoughts on “A New Bathroom {Finally}

  1. Lauren I absolutely love your bathroom.Elegant and beautiful.You and your hubby have done an amazing job. It’s perfect x

    1. Thanks Emma. I’ve added it to the shopping widget thing at the end of the post. It’s really cute and the perfect size too.

  2. I wrote a comment and then my phone lost signal so it’s gone. This, for £2k is chuffing amazing. We’ve just been quoted £10k to move a downstairs bathroom where there is already some plumbing available. We almost died.

    How easy is it to remove radiators and toilets and sinks? And taking off skirting boards? Could we do this ourselves easily and then have the professionals in to do the tricky jobs? And what about putting skirting back on? How do you get the join?

    The problem with our house is that, as I said Monday, it’s had so many bad DIY jobs that I want to sort them out – we are literally peeling back badly painted layers to get a clean finish. I don’t want to compound the problem of crap DIY.

    Some rooms we are doing ourselves. On that, does anyone have the name of a product that I can use to smooth out old picture hooks? And where I’m taking out badly fitting blinds?

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      It probably only took about half a day to remove the old suite. The old bath was free standing too so just James just shut off the taps, removed the pipe connection and unscrewed the waste from below. For the toilet the water was switched off and disconnected, then the waste pipe slid out (keep a plastic bag and elastic band on standby to cover the pipe to stop the whiffs). It’s really satisfying clearing a room and if you can save some money then go for it.
      Skirting boards came off easily with a hammer and chisel – we numbered them on the back and reinstalled them in the same place so he joins were in the same place but also caulked down the join for a smoother finish.

  3. Looks lovely! And super impressive you did this yourselves! Fab ideas for our bathroom renovation – I love the sink but where do you store all your toiletries?! And interested to see what shower you’ve gone for as our renovation will be a shower ensuite! Great inspiration, thank you x

    1. Hey Amy,
      I did a post on storage a while ago – Basically I went through everything I owned and threw out heaps of stuff so all I needed in here was the basket for my make-up and a few other bits and pieces. We do have another shower room though with a medium sized unit in it which you can see here – for the rest of the stuff.
      Oh the shower is a very cheap electric one that was in place before which we’re just going to reinstall. Not glam at all!

    1. Thanks Amy, it was from HomeSense. I bought it in December but they had lots of different versions and sizes so hopefully it”s still in stock.

    1. Thanks Bex. Really pleased with how the floor tiles worked out even if they were a pain in the bum to fit! x

  4. Where did you get your bath? We’re just about to start our bathroom renovation now and I’m completely overwhelmed by the options. Any tips?

  5. Hi, I love your bathroom, please could you tell me where you bought your sink and toilet and what the models are.
    Thank you

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