Skincare Game Changer {£5.90}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Today our book “Your Day Your Way” launches so I was going to do a bit of a behind-the-scenes type feature for you all. Then I figured that after my epically long post on Monday, and the response to my post on Rock My Family on Tuesday, I’m all out of words.

We are so touched by by all of the feedback from our community these last few days, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your on-going support and loyalty to the Rock My brand.

So instead I’m going to tell you about a serum that’s been a game-changer for me. And it only costs £5.90. Yes that’s right. You’ll have enough change from a tenner to also go and buy my favourite make-up remover – Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Lotion (£1.99) a kitkat chunky and a bag of crisps. You’re so so welcome.

The serum in question is Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 by The Ordinary (Available at ASOS) If you haven’t heard of The Ordinary then you will soon, the brand is already gaining a cult following and their products are no-fuss, reasonably priced and deliver results. The Ordinary is the latest genius skincare by Deciem (and if you’re into the science aspects of potions and lotions I can guarantee you will get lost on their website for hours). You might also like to read about their founder Brandon Truaxe because his insight into building a cosmetics brand is fascinating. And not at all because he is terribly handsome.

Hyaluronic Acid has been a favourite ingredient in skincare for a while now, it can attract up to 1000 times it’s weight in water so is therefore excellent for intense hydration. A lot of people are using lightening cream in their skin care regimen, there is also male whitening cream here. There are all sorts of very laboratory-speak information I could include in this feature but instead I’ll just tell you that it’s completely non greasy, fragrance and cruelty free. And it works, it really really works.

The fine lines on my forehead appear noticeably reduced, those weird dry patches I get on the bit where your cheek meets the end of your eye bag (know what I mean?! What is that about?!)…have all but disappeared and my make-up looks fresher for considerably longer.

I apply 3 drops of the serum to my face morning and evening and leave it to sink in for a minute or two before applying moisturiser. I have obviously invested in several other products by the brand as this is so ace (and they are so budget friendly!) and will review once I have tested them thoroughly.

Also worth a mention is my eye cream. I’ve recommended it before on several occasions but as the current weather conditions and central heating means most of us are suffering with an unusually flaky epidermis, I thought it was worth another mention. It’s Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream – in direct comparison to the wonder serum it’s spendy, £45 for 30ml. But a little goes a LONG way. A pot lasts me 6 months and I use it AM and PM.

Do you have any magic serums you would like to recommend? Are you going to try this one? I love a bit a bargain enabling me.

If I don’t respond to your comment in a timely fashion it’s because I’m having afternoon tea in Selfridges today, I felt the need to celebrate the book launch with scones and jam. I’ll be sure to raise a glass and a fancy sandwich to you all, our lovely stylish readers.

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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34 thoughts on “Skincare Game Changer {£5.90}

  1. This looks like a brilliant website to get stuck into, I’m always looking for new skincare. I used to use dr Haushka but the price tag is impossible to keep up with -£20 for a cleanser and especially when all the products run out at the same time your talking £100 to replace it all. I’ve been using glycolic acid wipes from nib and fab since reading numerous recommendation on a post a few weeks ago, but I can’t tell if they are doing me a favour or not? My skin does feel softer and more hydrating since using them but I’ve had a massive breakout of big lumpy spots (tres attractive!!) on my chin. This could be a hormonal coincidence but since I’ve had them for over 2 weeks now I really don’t think it is. I’m going to keep going with them though, until the end of the packet. A post on adult spots would be welcome and I seem to get whoppers now I’m in my thirties – and its leading to scarring.

    1. Hi Claire
      I’ve started introducing acids into my skincare regime after swotting up with Caroline Hirons. I now use Pixi Glow Mud cleanser which has improved my skin no end, followed by a hylauronic acid serum (currently sknceuticals but excited about this new discovery!), then a REN anti redness moisturiser. My skin was looking lots better and feeling super hydrated but I was still suffering with small and large/angry spots on my chin. I read salicylic acids should be part of your routine if you suffer from spots so I am currently trying La Roche Posay, Effeclar Duo instead of my usual moisturiser and it is working wonders!! I ordered it off Essentual and it was 33% off so was £10. Might be worth a try?? Good Luck x

      ps Would also love a post on adult spots, as I find the comments on these articles really informative!

  2. I’m currently using the Deciem Hylamide Sub Q serum, but being on mat leave I’m definitely keen to try The Ordinary, £5.90 is much more affordable than £30 (although that isn’t bad for a serum anyway). I might need to give the Boots cleansing lotion a go too – do you find it gentle on the skin as I do find it hard to find cleansers that don’t dry me out?I’m not sure which step is affecting my skincare routine at the moment, but my face is feeling a bit “tight” at the moment and my skin is not as soft as it usually is.

    1. Try ‘The buffet’ serum from the ordinary. Not quite as many peptides etc as sub q but closest thing in the range. And only about £8

    2. Try ‘The buffet’ serum from the ordinary. Not quite as many peptides etc as sub q but closest thing in the range. And only about £8

    3. I’ve just switched to the sub q serum from the amazing and expensive and bloody hard to locate astalift!
      I’ve used hylamide’s hylauromic acid serum and really liked it! Will def give this a go!

    4. Hi Agnes, I use the cleanser to remove make-up then use another dollop to remove with a warm flannel, it’s very gentle on the skin. x

  3. *Rushes out to buy this….*

    I’ve posted before about how similar our skin types sound, and like you I react to every.damn.thing. Thanks so much for sharing this, I’ve been searching for something to sort those fine lines, so will.give this a whirl.

    Congratulations on the book launch today, I’ve been reading since 2010 and wish you all the success and luck. Enjoy those scones! ?

  4. Damn I need me some eye cream since motherhood hit me in the face.

    Hoping Amazon have their shiz together and deliver the book today… you know, for important business research purposes for Lee. Definitely not for me.

    Congrats doll, you deserve all the success in the world ??xxx

  5. Excited to try this, I’ve been blown away by estee Lauder advanced night repair but it’s very spendy!

  6. Ooh I have just got the moisturiser from this brand in the latest beauty box, so clearly I need this to go with it!!! Congrats again on the book!

  7. Congratulations with the book! I suffer with sensitive dry skin and I shall be rushing out to buy this serum immediately! Xxx

  8. Yes, I have been using this since Christmas and it is the ?! I find the website info super confusing though so look forward to hearing other recommendations from this range.

  9. Oh… I found a huge difference in my skin since using Paula’s Choice Calm redness relief serum. This sounds similar and at a fifth of the price I’m going to give it a go. Thanks

    1. Siobhan – you are absolutely right. I don’t drink very much in the grand scheme of things but we’ve had so many events over Christmas and in January – my skin is the worst it’s been in ages in terms of redness and feeling dry. I swear it’s the alcohol! x

  10. I need this. Also in the market for a new make up remover – micellar water irritates my eyes – so will be checking out your Boots bargain too Charlotte. Can’t wait for the review of other products in the range! x

    1. Hi Tracy! I’m just testing a few eye make-up removers and the like so I’ll be doing a thorough skincare post on here soon x

  11. What an exciting day for you ?

    If this serum works in my skin, you are a lifesaver!

    I used to be able to use any product by Simple but they changed everything and my skin hated it. After spending hundreds of pounds at Clinique, I still couldn’t get my skin under control. Until one day nobody was manning the Clinique counter and a very clever Clarins salesperson asked if I needed any help. Exasperated with my skin, I said yes. I’m loving the results. Their serum is awesome for my skin. It’s so expensive though. It’s about £60 every 6months just for the serum! I’m going to give your suggestion a trial. If it works, my bank balance will thank you! ?

    Have a great day at Selfridges. X

    1. Gem isn’t it so annoying when they change formulations?! If it ain’t broke and all that. I find in general the Boots simply sensitive range pretty good – worth a try as it’s so cheap (and often on 3 for 2) x

  12. I’ve been using the retinoid serum from The Ordinary for about a month now and it’s an absolute game changer – my skin is looking much fresher and brighter in the morning and I’m sure it’s the reason I haven’t had so many spots recently. Also recommend Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair; a bit pricey but worth saving your Boots advantage card points up for if you fancy a treat! xx

    1. Its fabulous stuff but beware getting a wax after using the ordinary retinoid! I was getting an (ahem) lip wax last week after 2 weeks of retinoid use and the wax took a cm sq of skin off above my lip! Ouch!

      Apparently it can thin your skin making it more likely that this can happen and you should wait at least a week between using it and getting a wax.

      Public service announcement over!

  13. I’ve literally just gone and bought this. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m new to serums and as i suffer adult acne, i’ve been reluctant to add too much hydration.

    I use a great little Botanics serum, think it’s their ‘brightening’ one to exfoliate my face. It costs less than a fiver. Really recommend. I can’t wait to use this one and start putting the moisture back in.

  14. I’ve just bought the HA serum, and using it alongside my Aesop Lucent Facial Concentrate which has similar ingredients to The Ordinary Niacinamide serum but was more than 10 x the price. I’ve also got their primer, which I am liking. Certainly kept my foundation from slipping off yesterday.

  15. I haven’t tried anything from the Ordinary yet but it’s definitely on my to do list – especially as ASOS have started stocking it now (very easy to pop a tube or two into the basket along with all the other stuff I shouldn’t be buying!)

  16. Yes!!! I’ve been using this since I read about it! It is brilliant- dehydrated skin be gone! And if your are an ASOS addict you can find it on there. Easy peasy!

  17. Thanks for the recommendation Charlotte! It’s arrived this morning and I can’t wait to get home and try it tonight!

  18. I’ve just bought some products fromThe Ordinary and they are amazing! After the first use my skin felt so much better. The price is also incredible and the packaging makes the products feel much more expensive.

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