I’m having a love/hate relationship with our Christmas tree at the moment. I loved decorating it with Lyra, and the OCD part of me was so impressed that she managed to space the baubles and trinkets out neatly. There’s only one branch with numerous decorations on it. I’m also loving the fact that the tree doubles up as a baby gym – just pop the baby on a changing mat underneath the tree (who needs presents?!) and said baby will be so interested in trying to grab fistfuls of branches and baubles that he will forget to try and roll off the changing mat.

What I’m NOT loving so much is the fact that the Christmas tree lights decided to go kaput mere days before the 25th. There’s nothing sadder than an unlit Christmas tree at night. Although my face, trying to find replacement warm white lights, at this eleventh hour, comes close.

Whilst we are talking trees, is it just Becky and I as sleep-deprived mamas that think this, or is having an actual tree in your house just a bit … well … crazy? I get that it’s tradition but it’s a TREE! In your home!

Anyway. On to the subject of this post … gorgeous Christmassy home tours (complete with that strange tradition that is the real-living-tree), and their accompanying Instagram accounts which you will probably want to follow. Go grab yourself a hot chocolate and a mince pie and curl up under a snuggly blanket as you may be here a while.

1. The Pink House (@pinkhouseliving)

Kitsch pink Christmas theme

Naturally, Emily from The Pink House has gone for a pink Christmas theme in her sitting room. Her tree is decked with roses and kitsch blush baubles (flamingos, ice cream cones, mini battenburgs, pink Cadillac cars) which really pop against the inky walls. And if you love a before and after (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then you’re in for a treat.

2. Miller Grey (@d097)

Call me sexist towards men (is it possible to be sexist towards men?), but I don’t follow many men on Instagram. I do, however, love Dan from Miller Grey’s feed. His stark white walls and clutter free spaces really appeal to my minimalist heart. He’s chosen copper, silver and bronze baubles for his tree, and on one of those perfect white walls I’ve spotted the Ikea shelf that I was harping on about in my last post.

3. Harlowe James (@_harlowejames)

Bay windows are the perfect place to pop a Christmas tree. Chrissy McDonald, founder of Harlowe James, has a bee-you-tiful bay window in her home which usually houses her desk but she’s moved it out to make room for her Christmas tree and mini wreaths. If I were Chrissy, I’d be tempted to keep it up all year.

4. Alaina Kaczmarski (@alainakaz)

Alaina co-founded the Everygirl so you know her Christmas home tour is gonna be super-stylish. The festoon lights that she’s strung above her bed have inspired me to do the same with the retro bulbs that hung in our garden before The Big Freeze last week. (I had been hoping to drape these over a shelf in our lounge but with an eight-month-old scooting around in his walker, nothing draped or hanging within his clutching distance is safe any more).

5. Little Big Bell (@littlebigbell)

As I’m starting to sound like an all-things-American-fangirl, and as this post is looking increasingly monochrome, here’s a tree that could not be more colourful. Geraldine from Little Big Bell is clearly a true creative type – I would never have thought to arrange the baubles by colour to create a rainbow tree.

6. Emily Henderson (@em_henderson)

If you’re the son of interior designer Emily Henderson your bedroom is bound to look epic at Christmas. There are so many gorgeous details in Charlie Henderson’s room that I wondered about writing a similar Christmas nursery tours post over on Rock My Family but alas, this and his sister’s room were the only blog-worthy Christmassy kids’ rooms I could find. (If you’ve seen any I would love to hear about them!). From the candy cane between the teeth of the wall-mounted shark’s head, to the mini stockings advent calendar that would be worthy of a mention in Lottie’s recent advent calendars post, this is surely any kid’s dream.

Which are your favourite Instagram interior accounts to follow?

Any fabulously festive home tours that we need to know about? You know we love a nosey.