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Shopping Addict {Lisa’s New Wardrobe}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Hi, my name’s Lisa and I’m a shopping addict.

I had my little boy a couple of months ago and since then I have been buying ALL the clothes. Towards the end of the pregnancy I was wearing the same old leggings and maternity tees and hoodies on repeat. (And my beloved LBD on the rare occasion that I had to look remotely smart). It’s been so nice to be able to buy clothes that I know I can get more than just a couple of months’ wear out of. I thought I would share with you the fruits of my 3am online shopping sprees.

My requirements when looking for new clothes have been:

  • They’ve got to be flattering on my post-baby tum but ideally something I can also wear when I have (hopefully) lost a bit more baby weight.
  • I’ve got to be able to breastfeed in them so any tops and dresses must have buttons/poppers/be easy to pull up or down. Whilst preferably not flashing my boob to all and sundry.
  • I try to go for classic and simple shapes and colours which can be worn year on year and with other items in my wardrobe.
    They’ve got to be vaguely practical and as I’m lazy, preferably no need to iron. 

Marks & Spencer

Let’s start off with this pom pom dress from Marks and Spencer. It’s navy and white, the crispest and classic-est colour combination in my view, and a lovely flowy stretchy material. If you’re jetting off on your holidays then you probably need the palm print version too. Both are under twenty quid. 

In my maternity fashion post over on Rock My Family I asked if there was such thing as a pretty breastfeeding bra. Turns out there is. The M&S bralet draped over my cushion of dreams in the header image above is EVERYTHING. And it’s a mere £9.50. It’s not specifically for breastfeeding but the material is super stretchy and I actually like the fact that it’s not a breastfeeding bra because I will definitely still be donning it when those days are over. As it’s just lace it’s never going to be the most supportive bra, so I won’t be wearing it when Lyra drags me on to the trampoline or through soft play hell, but will nonetheless be perfect for the odd date night/meal with the girls.


This is the perfect summer top. It’s bang on the Bardot trend and is made of a floaty light material so you won’t be sweating even on the balmiest of days. However Rich shrunk mine in the tumble dryer. (What are the rules when your boyfriend shrinks the perfect summer top? Can I ask him nicely to replace it?!)


My love affair with Topshop is still going strong. Unfortunately it seems that a whole load of other people are also having the same love affair as the dress in the header image above which I bought for my little brother’s wedding is now only available in a couple of sizes. Luckily there’s a plethora of gorgeous Topshop tea dresses at the moment – this ditsy one is very similar and this one has a bit of a retro seventies vibe going on.

I have also treated myself to a new denim pinafore dress. Wear with a slogan tee (and tights or leggings if you don’t want to bare your arse to a million strangers whilst chasing your three your old through a shopping centre, pushchair and baby in tow. True story).

And currently on my wishlist are these pom pom sandals. Because, you know, POM POMS.

& Other Stories

I’m also having a love affair with & Other Stories, in particular their rik rak pieces. My favourite being this linen dress. Unfortunately when I tried it on it just wasn’t flattering on me but if you are a skinny minnie then no doubt it would look beaut. (Speaking of rik rak, how cute is this Asos dress?).

Well that’s quite enough from me and my post pregnancy spending spree. I would love to know about any fashion purchases you guys have made recently. Extra points if it’s breastfeeding friendly. x

  • M&S Dress
  • Topshop Sandals
  • Urban Outfitters Tee
  • Asos Dress
  • & Other Stores Dress
  • Oasis Bardot Top
  • Topshop Dress
  • Topshop Dress
  • M&S Bralet
  • Topshop Dress
  • Topshop Pinafore
  • M&S Dress
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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28 thoughts on “Shopping Addict {Lisa’s New Wardrobe}

  1. I love this post. I have a five month old baby and was SO looking forward to buying new clothes post maternity. I’m sure no one who makes maternity clothes actually measures a 35+ week bump so most things were stretched to the max over the bump and I ended up in the same leggings / giant maternity hoodie (gifted to me by my manager) for weeks!
    Anyway, It got to the time to start shopping again, body mostly resembled what it was before (?!) so I was so ready to start shopping. Cue scanning shops / online and buying nothing but a hoodie for five months (reminiscent of maternity much?!). I just liked nothing.
    I’m really eager to know what everyone else’s bra situation is post pregnancy / breast feeding. I see loads of gorgeous tops on sale and they are cold shoulder / thin straps / BACKLESS- and I don’t really want to be wearing a strapless bra 24/7- unless someone here has got a recommendation for an amazing one?!
    Sorry this has turned into a huge rant- I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have enjoyed reading about your post maternity style – I’m still desperately trying to find mine!!

    1. I had the exact same conversation yesterday with Rich’s mum about the bra situation. The M&S one I mentioned in the post is great for some tops as its straps and back are pretty enough to be on show. It also comes in white and nude pink and this really pretty navy/coral/white colour combination:

      As for strapless bras, I’ve heard good things about this one:

      I think you could just pull it down to feed x

      P.S. What a great manager you have! 😉

  2. The problem for me in summer is that I’ve got awful legs, I’m terribly pale, I can’t be doing with the faff of fake tan and everything is too darn short!

      1. Ha ha! This is my worst nightmare! That, or getting my maxi dress caught in a lift. Did it actually happen Rachel?! X

  3. I’m in exactly the same position Lisa. I can’t seem to re-find my style since Little Man was born. I’m so sick of wearing basic vests and maternity jeans which at six weeks out are now too loose but don’t irritate my c-section scar. Now, can I possibly find my wallet without disturbing a feeding baby??

    1. And it’s just too hot for jeans. Sounds like you need some nice stretchy floaty dresses like the M&S one? Congratulations on your little bundle of joy x

  4. I’m in love with the rik rak dress from and other stories. I was wondering if you have any advice on how it fits. Is it quite loose on the waist like it looks on the model or have they just put it on a really small model. Would you say it’s true to size? Thanks!

    1. It is true to size and yes quite loose on the waist, gutted it didn’t suit me. Hope you have more luck! X

      1. Yay thank you. I’m going to order it and keep my fingers crossed. My baby is over a year and I’m still having to hide the mum tum so great post!!!

        1. To be honest I was still having to hide the mum tum two years after Lyra! 🙉 Let us know how you get on x

  5. Thank goodness for kind post baby style advice! Our daughter is one month old today (how all that time has gone is beyond me!) and I would quite like to feel a little more jazzy! That slogan top is the BEST!
    However, my long old legs and I would feel a tad uncomfortable in some of those gorgeous short dresses. Do you know of any longer length maxi dresses or skirts?

    1. I have the same issue with dresses Charlie! New Look have some brilliant maxi’s in at the moment and this one has buttons which are handy if you are breastfeeding. . I also recently bought this cute floral skirt from H&M which has had a lot of wear with vest tops and sandals but also dressed it up for a wedding. xx

    2. Happy one month to your little girl 🙂

      Yes check out Lottie’s picks and maybe see if Topshop do tall versions of the dresses? The one in the header is from the tall range. M&S is worth checking out for long maxis and skirts (I sound like I’m sponsored by Marks! I’m not 😂).

      The slogan tee is my favourite xx

  6. Those 3am night feeds are dangerous! I’m still feeding my 18 month old and massively recommend the Silk Fred Genie jumpsuit So comfy and easy to feed in and can be dressed up or down. I might have to invest in a few other prints! Last summer I was struggling to feed in any of my wardrobe and invested in some lovely skirts from chicwish, great with a tshirt in this weather! Love this flamingo one!

    1. What a gorgeous print on the jumpsuit. Looks nice and breezy and cool as well, thanks for the tip. Off to google Silk Fred jumpsuits now. And well done on feeding for so long x

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