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School Run Mum Fashion {How to Boss the School Run Without Looking Mumsy}

Author: Lisa Soeno

You need practical. You need waterproof. You need pockets (to store those wilting daisies that they’ve picked just for you at lunchtime). You need warm. You need paintproof (for all those still-wet paintings that they rush out of school clutching, and waving like flags). You need snotproof. You need mudproof. You DON’T need sequins. Oh … wait there ….

School Run Mum Fashion {The Parkas}

Every once in a while I spot an item of clothing that really excites me. And usually it’s something Zara. Today’s is this frankly fabulous parka which is a) leopard-print, b) semi-sheer, and c) should totally be worn with sequins. School run or no school run.

Or if semi-sheer leopard ain’t your thing then you can’t go wrong with khaki. I bought a khaki parka from Joules last autumn on the back of a recommendation from a reader (you dirty enabling lot you) and it kept me so warm and snug that I treated Lyra to the mini version. This year’s version is even better as it has a detachable gilet.

  • Zara Raincoat
  • Topshop Rain Mac
  • Joules Parka

School Run Mum Fashion {Trainers}

If you want to be able to pass through puddles on the way to school without having to worry about getting trenchfoot then I highly recommend the white leather Supergas. Simple white trainers are never going to go out of fashion, and as these ones are leather, they’re pretty puddle-proof.

For days when the sun’s out, I wear my Nikes. I’m currently on the hunt for a pair of all-black Nikes and these Epic Reacts have made it on to my birthday wishlist (Asos emailed me a 10% off birthday voucher so I’m allowed to treat myself, right?).

  • Nike Epic Reacts
  • Superga Leather Trainers
  • Adidas Originals

School Run Mum Fashion {Jumpers}

According to Instagram, the only piece of clothing to be seen in this autumn is the mock V-neck varsity stripe. Which is ideal for the school run: wear one and you won’t have to stomp around outside the school gate, breathing into your hands and trying to keep warm. I loved this varsity sweat on Alex @thefrugality, and this & Other Stories version looks like the snuggliest wooly ever.

  • & Other Stories Varsity Sweater
  • Mango Cotton Sweater
  • Asos Colour Block Jumper

School Run Mum Fashion {Wellies}

There are days when not even the supergas will cut it and there’s no option but to don wellies. ‘Cos there’s nothing worse than wet feet. I’ve had a pair of navy Hunter wellies since forever and when they go to welly heaven I may replace them with these studded biker boots.

  • Hunter Original Navy Wellingtons
  • Joules Leopard Chelsea Boots
  • Hunter Studded Biker Boots

Wear all of the above with jeans (mom fit, obvs), and you will nail the school run.

What’s your go-to outfit when it comes to drop off/pick up? Have you seen any macs that we need to know about?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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30 thoughts on “School Run Mum Fashion {How to Boss the School Run Without Looking Mumsy}

  1. Errr my “go to” outfit is what I need to wear to work that day! Plus a cagoul if it’s raining. So chic. Not all of us have the luxury of having specific outfits just for the school run, when we are dashing to drop our kid at school; jump in the car; drive to work; find somewhere to park then run to our 9.15am meeting!

    1. Hi Sophie, if a feature isn’t relevant to you, you are more than welcome to scroll right on by. Hopefully there will be posts in the future that will appeal to you.

      1. I read the article, which asked “What’s your go-to outfit when it comes to drop off/pick up?” and I simply replied based on my current situation! Why should I be scrolling past? Why aren’t my comments valid? You’d think that blogs would want to encourage discussion and debate rather than stifle it. But hey ho, maybe that’s too much to ask for a Monday morning 🙂

  2. ‘…without looking mumsy’

    I’m not sure if it was your intention but the title is not exactly very nice is it. So you want mums to dress for the school run but not look like mums?

    I’m wondering what’s wrong with looking like a mum? And indeed what items of clothing are too ‘mumsy’?

    1. Goodness Roz, its been a long time hasn’t it. I recognise your email and avatar from years ago on RMW – didn’t we feature your wedding? How wonderful to have you back commenting on RMS after all this time.

  3. I seem to have unintentionally streamlined by clothes so that (on days I am not working), all my winter clothes are jeans and a jumper with trainers – my brain is not engaged so at least it’s easy I guess! I love the white leather trainers.

    And that leopard rain coat is a beaut!

  4. I read somewhere the other day that a fabulous coat is all you need for the school run, on the basis that for most of the year, it’s all anyone is going to see of your outfit! I’m using that as justification for buying the leopard print & Other Stories coat featured here a couple of weeks ago…

    1. Kirsty I agree!!!! I invested in a lovely coat a few years ago – couldn’t wear it last winter (6 months pregnant) so I am REALLY looking forward to wearing it this year!

  5. I definitely have two wardrobes now – my ‘mum clothes’ and my ‘work and/or when I’m not around the kids clothes’ (silk shirts and baby snot do not mix). Totally agree that the biggest mumdrobe essential is a waterproof coat with pockets and a hood that stays up. I have a yellow Barbour anorak but am in the market for something cosier for winter – that Joules parka might be just the thing. Underneath the coat, it’s always jeans, a jumper/sweatshirt and trainers or flat boots. Boring but practical. I shall be on the hunt for some jazzy knitwear as the weather gets colder! Love your picks as always Lisa. x

  6. I’ve got two of the Joules parkas, one in navy and one in green. They are both excellent quality and worth every penny. Always wait for a Joules discount code though, sadly we’ve just missed out on the 25% whopper they had on over the weekend.

    I’m not even a mum yet and all of these things are way too trendy for me. Give me a breton top anyday. Finding the RMS fashion posts a wee bit too trendy for me and I’m not even a mum yet! The jackets are nice and the wellies but those jumpers…..

  7. This is exactly what I need! New primary school mum (first day was today!) so looking for the perfect hooded/pocketed but not frumpy coat. My uniform is usually jeans, trainers and tee, or knitwear when it’s colder. Definitely loving me some animal print and have been wearing my snuggly H&M leopard hoody non stop since I bought it!

  8. I always thought RMS were good at providing a range of budget options but this one misses the mark. My school run fashion? Trainers from Primark £10, jumper from Primark £7, jeans from Matalan £12 and my pocket parka from Primark £12. Which probably amounts to one of the recommended items. I think this budget mummy might need to find a different forum (insert sad face).

  9. Primary school first week observations… some essentials seem to be black leggings and furry sliders, big buns and very full faces of make up. Way out of my depth fashion wise with the younger mum’s 😂

    1. Just wanted to report back on the coat I linked above… mums/ladies/nanas… it’s bloody amazing!!!! The perfect cut, perfect good (that doesn’t flop too low… requiring a 5th hand to hold it up so you can see where you’re going), covers the bum (toasty!) and feels so luxurious for how practical it is (also doesn’t feel plastic-ey) it’s a winner winner chicken dinner 😍😍😍😍

  10. Love the tip for going for a cracking coat!! I tend to go with the same anorak year in, year out. Might invest this year! X

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